Chapter 578: Minimal Hope

After listening, Lin Dongxue was shocked. She said, "Would my brother and the others believe this?"

"This is just speculation. It will be really difficult to convince them, and people are most confident about their own memories. Those three unrelated witnesses will also solemnly vow that they’ve seen the deceased on October 1st when they are in court. Compared with this, our hypothesis seems feeble." Chen Shi paused. "Thus, it's best to do an experiment and film it."

Gu You looked at the agency across the street. "Did you plan this from the beginning?"

Chen Shi sent a text message to kk, asking him to come down first, and then explained about the plan. kk smacked his legs, laughed loudly and raised his hands in favor. He said, "Little Worm takes a nap at noon every day. Wait for him to fall asleep before we do it!"

At 12:00, the four went upstairs quietly. kk peeked through the crack in the door and whispered, "He’s asleep."

They went in quietly. Sun Zhen was lying on the sofa and wearing an eye mask, snoring evenly. Gu Yu approached him and began to speak some guiding suggestions. Lin Dongxue whispered, "Unbelievable. Can you hypnotize people by talking in the ear of a sleeping person?"

"Yes, it is possible because the human subconscious is still active. The principle of hypnosis is actually not complicated, but there’s also a metaphysical element in it. If an average person guides the hypnotized person, the effect isn’t as good as with a professional."

Gu You soon brought Sun Zhen into a deep hypnotic state and took off his blindfold. Sun Zhen opened his eyes. It looked a little horrifying, but he was still asleep. Lin Dongxue took out her mobile phone to start recording the whole process.

"Look at my face. From now on, when you see this face, think of it as kk’s. I am kk and kk is me. Repeat it after me!"

Sun Zhen said in a daze, "You’re kk. kk is you."

Gu You made a gesture and got kk to hide first. Then Gu You woke Sun Zhen up directly. Sun Zhen jolted awake, looked around in confusion and asked, "Brother Chen, why are you here?"

"I came to look for you two regarding a matter." Chen Shi said. "Let me borrow kk for a day."

"Okay, take him!" Sun Zhen nudged Gu You's arm.

Gu You said, "I still have something to do in the afternoon!"

Sun Zhen said, "I know you. You’re going out to have fun again. Hurry up and go. I still have to sleep!"

"All right, I'm going with Brother Chen."

Sun Zhen lay down to sleep and waved his hand, "Go, go, I have to sleep a little longer."

Lin Dongxue was secretly surprised that there was something so miraculous. Sun Zhen totally didn't recognize that the "kk" in his eyes was another person.

The test was not over yet. In order to test the intensity of the reflex adjustment, Gu You put her face in front of him and asked, "Do you think that my facial hair has been shaved clean?"

Sun Zhen looked at her for a long time and answered, "It's pretty clean."

"Do you not find me looking a bit different?"

"No, do you have a fever? You’re spouting nonsense!"

Gu You slapped him gently and Sun Zhen said angrily, "kk, do you have something wrong with you?!"

"Idiot, I’m Gu You."

Sun Zhen stared at her face suspiciously, and after a while, he said, "Get lost!"

"Okay, I'm leaving then."

The four of them left the office, and kk exclaimed, "Sister Gu is too amazing. She is even able to do something like this. I was sweating and afraid that Little Worm would suddenly discover that you’re not me."

Lin Dongxue said, "It’s too easy for people who master this kind of skill to commit crimes.”

"No, it's not that easy." Chen Shi said. "Each person's ability to receive suggestions is different. This method can only deceive a certain type of person, but not many people at the same time."

kk said, "I'll head back if you don’t need me for anything."

Chen Shi said, “No, I’m going to hire you to help me keep an eye on Yan Ke. Report to me any recent unusual activity of his. I will pay you after the case is resolved.”

"What payment? Just take it as my contribution!"

Gu You wanted to participate in this case, and Chen Shi was also willing to let her participate. After all, she was the only one who could fight against the psychologist Ling Shuang.

Back at the bureau, Lin Dongxue summoned everyone in the second team and showed everyone the video of the experiment. After watching it, many people were shocked and rendered speechless. Some people said on the spot, "This must be an act. How can it be possible to keep your eyes open and recognize one person as another?"

Lin Qiupu said, "I can't believe it either unless I saw it with my own eyes."

Gu You said, "Reflex regulation is a kind of superb deception. You already know this principle. There will be instinctive resistance, and it won’t work on you. I don’t mind trying it again, but I must find a person that’s vulnerable to suggestions and doesn’t know about this.”

She looked around the scene. Everyone was discussing spiritedly. Peng Sijue was also present, but the two didn’t spend additional time looking at each other compared to the others. Chen Shi thought, are these two really dating?

Lin Qiupu coughed. "Then forget it, the police officers from other teams are working, and it's not good to hastily disturb them... This matter can be explained in principle, but it’s only a hypothesis after all. How can we prove it?"

Chen Shi said, "This hypothesis can perfectly explain the whole case. It’s the missing piece in the whole puzzle."

Lin Qiupu thought about it but still shook his head, "If our country has a jury system, this may be able to persuade the court, but the reality is that there is no persuasion without evidence."

Lin Dongxue said, "As long as we can prove that an outsider visited each of the three witnesses’ houses, won’t that work?”

Chen Shi said, "That won’t work either. We have no direct evidence of the connection between the murder and Yan Ke. In court, there may still be insufficient evidence. This case can almost be concluded to have multiple perpetrators involved in the crime. There’s a top-notch criminal helping Yan Ke to deal with the aftermath and fabricating a truth that doesn’t exist.”

Everyone fell into silence. Lin Qiupu asked Peng Sijue, "How is the result of the site reexamination?"

"There were blood stains on the floor, but the floor had been wiped clean. No fingerprints or footprints were found. The cordon around the office has been lifted."

"The blood of the victim?"

"Yes, but with the amount of bleeding, it is difficult to determine whether it was murder. Moreover, everyone’s seen the body. It’s been burned thoroughly. Even the cause of death and the specific time of death couldn’t be determined."

Old Zhang said, "This reminds me of several corpses in sacks that were salvaged from the bottom of the river a few years ago. We finally found out that they were members of a criminal gang, and we knew who did it, but there was no evidence. These matters cause the most headaches for the police."

Chen Shi said, "Our job is to recreate the case. Just like this cup. It can still be put together if it’s broken. However if it is broken, ground into powder, and mixed into soil, it cannot be restored even if you have the best skill."

"The conclusion is... This case can’t be solved?" Lin Qiupu said.

Chen Shi thumped the table. "What if... What if the witness testimonies can be overturned? The three did not see Lin Xiaoxiao. Some detail must be off, so we just need them to realize this!"

Peng Sijue said, "The residences of the three witnesses can be investigated once through. If there are traces of the same person in all three places, we can determine that an accomplice was involved."

Although he knew the hope was slim, Lin Qiupu stood up and announced, "Let’s investigate it like that! This is the long-awaited confrontation between us and Zhou Tiannan. We must never let him succeed!"

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