Chapter 566: Weird Toxin


Chen Shi broke open the door and saw kk had fallen to the ground, groaning. "It's hot! It's so hot!"

kk's skin was pale like paper. Unexpected urticaria[1] had appeared on his fingers and the back of his hand. When he touched his hands, he was as cold as a dead man. Chen Shi quickly dialed 120 and woke up kk. When kk woke up, he started tearing at his clothes frantically and shouted, "Ah, my body is like it’s on fire. I'm about to burn to death. It's so uncomfortable! Even the air inhaled into my throat is hot. Brother Chen, save me!"

A needle tube without a needle was thrown on the ground. Chen Shi guessed that Li Xiang must have given kk the poison.

"Don't move!"

Chen Shi took a cup, washed it with water, shattered a piece of soap into it, poured water into it, and stirred it with his fingers.

At this time, kk was tearing his clothes apart and scratching his chest, causing streaks of bloodstains. Chen Shi lifted him up and let him drink soapy water. kk tried a sip and yelled, "It’s hot. It’s so hot! I can’t swallow it!”

"Drink it!" Chen Shi ordered.

After some struggle, the soapy water was poured into the belly. kk vomited a lot and all the things in the stomach were emptied. However, the hot and cold feeling wasn’t relieved.

At this time, the sound of an ambulance came from below. Chen Shi picked up kk and brought him downstairs. There was also a police car with the ambulance. It turned out that the police met the ambulance on the road and found that they were going in the same direction.

Chen Shi told the doctor that kk might have been poisoned and had already washed his stomach with soap. The doctor nodded intently and took kk into the ambulance.

Lin Dongxue ran over and asked, "What happened?"

"We’ll talk as we walk!"

Arriving at the door of the community, Chen Shi asked the security guard to describe the characteristics of Li Xiang before his disappearance. The security guard said that he wore glasses, a white T-shirt, and a blue jacket. He was a thin and had an open 3-7 hairstyle[2]. He carried a black bag, and most importantly, he was carrying a female corpse.

Many policemen had already seen the two bodies in the Bluebird and there was a lot of discussion. Lin Dongxue said, "You’ve been silent over the past two days, but you were actually looking for a necrophiliac? Why not inform us earlier?"

"I didn't expect him to be exposed so quickly. It’s a little unexpected."

"Did he kill someone?"

"According to my judgment, he probably killed a person. What’s more dangerous is that he has a virus that can amplify people's sense of heat and cold."

"Amplify people's sense of heat and cold?" Lin Dongxue was surprised. This poison was unheard of.

The crowd began to search around the community. Tao Yueyue said, "Uncle Chen, the bodies in the car are like dolls. You can disassemble their arms and legs."


Chen Shi went to the car and took a look. The limbs of the corpses were fitted with doll-like joints, which could be disassembled freely and moved. At the same time, he also noticed that the clothes on the corpses were worn layer by layer, and they were dressed very carefully. In Li Xiang's eyes, they were like living people.

Taking a female corpse with him to escape, this kind of feeling was one normal people couldn't imagine.

At the same time, Li Xiang carried Peipei in a bag, whose arms and legs had been removed, and squatted in the bushes on the side of the road. He heard the sound of the sirens and hid like a wounded bird.

Amidst his delusions, Peipei, who was in the bag, wailed, "My dear, I'm so hurt. It’s so boring inside here!"

Li Xiang comforted, "I'm sorry. Bear with it for now. I’ll take you to a safe place soon."

"I blame that police officer. How hateful. Why did he bother us?"

"No one can understand our love. They’re all ordinary people. I will protect you!"

"You're so kind. When we get to a safe place, I want to do that with you."

"Okay, let's do that. We’ll do that all night!"

The solace of his "lover" made Li Xiang feel a little courage. He took a sharp pocket knife from his pocket and opened it. At this time, it was the last night of the holiday, and many people were still out on the streets. From his angle, he could see the long legs of women passing by. There were those that were slender, full, healthy, fat, and various other ones, causing his eyes to blur. It was like looking at a cabinet of dazzling jewelry.

But he only looked at them with the eyes of a craftsman who examined his accessories. These legs did not evoke his desire because they had a fatal flaw - They all grew on living people. Those who ate and went to the bathroom were as dirty as pigs. They were moody and uninteresting living people!

Li Xiang targeted a pair of slender and fair legs. His gaze followed accordingly. He rubbed the blade in his hand and said, "My dear, I will pick you a beautiful body!"

The police’s scope of search had been expanded to the few streets around them, but there was no trace of Li Xiang. There were many people on the streets today, and nothing was gained from questioning passersby. Lin Dongxue stood on the side of the road with her hands on her hips, looking at the flow of people. She exhaled and blew away the hair on her forehead that blocked her eyes. She decided to call for reinforcements. She called the bureau and the traffic police department successively, and then other police calls came from the walkie-talkie, "Captain Lin, we found something on the west side of Buxing Street!"

"I'll be there soon!"

Lin Dongxue rushed away. Chen Shi also was also there at the time. The police found two pairs of discarded arms and feet in a trash bin. Their joints were equipped with doll-like ball joints. Chen Shi said, "It seems that Li Xiang took the dead body’s torso and escaped. As a result, the mobility is much higher. He’s probably no longer around these streets."

"I’ll ask the traffic police to take a look at the surveillance footage at the intersection." Lin Dongxue looked at her phone. "Li Xiang's photos and materials were sent over by the bureau. I’ll pass them on to you."

Chen Shi glanced at it. It turned out that his job was as a researcher at an algae research institute. Sure enough, this kid had lied to him.

Lin Dongxue said, "Why did you investigate alone? Now you’ve alerted him.”

"What happened today was really an accident. I was planning to inform you once we had more information."

"It doesn't matter. We were working overtime on the holiday anyway. We’re just handling this since it came up." Lin Dongxue smiled bitterly, "Maybe this is a big case again!"

"Where would this guy go..." Chen Shi pondered. "As a necrophiliac, what does he need the most right now?"

"A hiding place!"

Chen Shi glanced at the trash can, "In addition to a hiding place, he also needs a pair of arms and legs to replace his beloved doll’s. He treats them like people, and even brings one to escape with him. He must not be able to bear his lover lacking arms and legs... Ah yes, check the source of these bodies!"

So, Lin Dongxue sent several people to take the bodies back to the bureau.

Chen Shi drove the car with Tao Yueyue and went to the hospital first. He was worried about the safety of kk.

When they got to the hospital, kk was anesthetized and fell asleep under observation. The doctor said that fortunately he emptied his stomach contents in time, otherwise the situation would have been even more dangerous. He didn’t know what the toxin was. kk’s arms and legs had frostbite and the blood on him no longer flowed. They could only inject large amounts of artificial hormones and anesthetics to stabilize him. 

"So is this going to be fatal?" Chen Shi asked.

"It's not fatal. According to my feelings, this toxin will deceive the body and make the body feel particularly cold. The central nervous system will forcibly start its secondary blood supply, and all the blood of the arms and legs would be distributed to the torso. The worst result may be that the epidermis on his arms and legs will turn completely necrotic. The symptom is the same as frostbite. Human frostbite is like this. Your body is afraid of blood flowing to the surface, getting frozen, so it won’t be distributed there, and the surface cells will enter necrosis."

Chen Shi thought of Li Xiang's corpse dolls that could have their arms and legs dismantled. Is this where they came from...?

1. AKA winter bumps. 

2. It can be various lengths, but it’s generally short-ish hair parted in a way where one side has 30% of your hair and the other 70%. 


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