Chapter 565: The Real Murderer Escaped

After leaving Wei Yi's house, kk was still worried about whether the guy could afford to pay the commission fee. Chen Shi said, "Don't worry about it. You and Little Worm won’t lose money. We’ll talk about it again after you’ve investigated what I’ve asked."

"Brother Chen, what about you?"

Chen Shi glanced at Tao Yueyue. "Tomorrow, Yueyue goes to school, so we won’t go running around today. I’ll take her back first." Then, he said to Tao Yueyue, "Shall we go back and play that game?"

Tao Yueyue said, "I don’t mind."

Chen Shi said to kk, "See you tomorrow!"

These two days of running around blindly, plus the crowd, were exhausting. They could finally relax at home.

In the evening, the two called for takeaway of some barbecued meat on rice. Thinking that he wouldn’t have much to do today, Chen Shi planned to drink some alcohol. After breaking off his smoking addiction, occasionally having a glass of whiskey was his only fun.

At this time, Sun Zhen sent a message. "Brother Chen, I checked the situation regarding the fire victim again. She has a car in her name and it’s a Bluebird."

Chen Shi immediately messaged back. "Are you sure?"

"It can't be wrong."

"What about kk?"

"After dinner, he said that while there’s nobody around at night, he’d check the rest of the units and he hasn't returned yet."

Chen Shi hung up the phone and called kk, but he couldn't get through. He hoped that kk hadn’t encountered any problems. He hurriedly called Yueyue to put on clothes in preparation to go out.

Half an hour ago, kk returned to the housing district again and used the same methods of knocking on the door to make sure there was nobody inside before he picked the lock and slipped in. When he entered the unit that suffered from the fire that Chen Shi had additionally asked him to check, he saw the walls were all black and hadn’t been painted yet. When he walked to the bedroom, he was shocked by what he saw.

A beautifully dressed zombie lay on a double bed. Her dry skin had already turned dark brown, attached to the bone like someone who was extremely skinny. She was wearing a dress and a wig like a doll.

A table and two chairs were placed against the wall. Two dried-out zombies were also sitting on it. One was dressed like a French noble lady, and the other was shorter, wearing a gothic loli costume.

The air conditioner in the room was very cold, and the air was filled with the smell of disinfectant water. In addition, there were some jars on the innermost shelf, where various human organs were soaked like they were being brought to life.

kk was so scared that he turned and was about to leave. However, behind him stood a motionless man. His eyes were like that of dead fish. He lifted his wrench and smashed it on kk’s head. kk felt like his head was spinning and immediately fell unconscious on the ground.

After knocking down kk, the man walked into the bedroom and stroked the corpse on the bed lovingly. "Peipei, it didn’t scare you, did it?”

"My dear, thank you for coming back in time. Otherwise, I really don't know what this guy was going to do to me! I was really scared just now!" He squeezed his throat, imitating the woman's voice, and replied to himself.

"It seems that someone has found us. I’ll take you to a safe place now. Don't be afraid, I’m here."

"You’re so nice!"

The man kissed the zombie's lips affectionately, then carefully picked her up and down the stairs to the underground garage, before running back up again to do the same to the other two corpses.

Finally, he went back and looked at kk who was lying on the ground, groaning. He squatted down and took out the mobile phone from kk’s body. There were a few missed calls, but kk hadn’t made a call nor answered.

After contemplating again and again, the man took out a needle-free needle tube from the drawer, which was filled with light yellow liquid medicine. He put the needle tube into kk's mouth and sent all the liquid medicine into kk's throat in one breath before leaving.

When he left, he broke the key in the keyhole.

Sitting in the car, the two corpses behind him "opened their mouths" and said, "I told you to watch out for the police who came in the morning, but you didn’t listen. Now it’s exposed, right?”

"You usually only know how to take care of Peipei and put all of your attention on her. You didn’t make any security measures. Let’s see what you’re going to do now!"

The man shouted behind him, "Shut up! Do you want to be found?"

The corpse wearing the noble lady costume "asked", "Have you found a good hiding place?"

The man said, "I have my own arrangements. Qiqi, don't talk and just sit there."

"Hmph, I hope that we won’t get found out this time. I'm worried every day while being with you. My skin will get bad."

Li Xiang started the car and drove to the west gate of the housing community. The security guard made a call in the duty room. His eyes kept looking out. When he saw the car coming, the security guard rushed out and shouted with a plastic baton, "Stop the car! Stop the car!"

The electric retractable door didn't open, so Li Xiang had to stop the car. The security guard glanced into the car, and immediately shouted with widened eyes, "Come out. Come the fuck out you damn pervert!”

Li Xiang began to sweat a lot. He reached out and picked up the dead body from the passenger seat and ran away from the other side door. The security guard went around to block him. Li Xiang kicked the door on the side of the cab and hugged the corpse as he ran away.

"Stay there!"

The security guard chased for a while with his fat body, but Li Xiang eventually got away. The security guard returned while gasping and held his knees for a long time. Then, he glanced into the car, cursing in his heart that the man was really a perverted person.

He suddenly remembered to call Chen Shi back, who had just called him. He said, "Officer, I saw the pervert you talked about."

"Very well, control him. I'll be there soon!" Listening to the sounds in the background, Chen Shi was on the way.

"Uh, he ran away..."


"He didn't run too far away. He left behind the car and he’s holding a corpse in his arms.

Chen Shi sighed towards the sky and could only say "Understood". He originally hoped that the security guard would hold the guy down, but he wasn’t a police officer after all. It was his miscalculation. He dialed Lin Dongxue's number while driving...

Ten minutes later, Chen Shi arrived. The security guard chattered non-stop about the "terror" he encountered as soon as he saw him. Chen Shi glanced into the car. Thinking that kk might be in trouble right now, he hurried inside the housing community.

After losing his audience, the security guard said to Tao Yueyue, "It really opened my eyes. I didn't expect a pervert like this to live in the community. This kid ran really fast and I couldn't catch up... That's right, was that big brother your father?"

"Yes!" Tao Yueyue said, looking at the Bluebird curiously. Then, she sat inside.

Two elaborately dressed corpses sat side by side in the back seat. Staring at their empty eye sockets would normally cause a shudder, but Tao Yueyue’s heart didn’t fluctuate much. She reached out and touched the skin of the corpse. It was dry and cold, as if it was rubber.

So, this was a zombie!

She noticed a seam at the shoulder joint of the zombie. She tried to lift the arm of the zombie. She didn’t expect that the arm could turn just like a doll, but when she gently pulled outward, the arm turned from the body and fell down.


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