Chapter 564: Hapless Genius

Chen Shi asked kk how his investigation was going. kk showed him the list that still needed to be checked, and many of them had been crossed out. "There are still over a dozen of them because there were people in and they couldn’t be checked. So, I could only investigate so many."

"Add one more!" Chen Shi asked kk to check Aunt Li Xiang's apartment.

Seeing that it was almost noon, the three went to Pizza Hut outside to eat. kk casually sat down in a chair. "Only children like to eat these! Brother Chen, I find that you really love Yueyue and always ask her for her opinions.”

"Isn't kk's father like this?" Tao Yueyue asked.

"My dad?" kk smiled. "He only promised to take me out to play after he’s done some drinking. Once he’s sober, it’ll all be forgotten. The old man also died in a funny way. He had no money to drink and went out to steal a manhole cover. The day after, he stumbled into the manhole from which he stole the cover from a day ago. I’ve told this joke for ten years!" kk smiled and laughed, and then burst into tears. "I often think that if my family background was better, I might have become Jack Ma[1]!"

Chen Shi looked at his pitted face. "In some ways, you are on par with Jack Ma."

"Yes, I regret everything I did when I was young!"

Tao Yueyue asked, "How do you two know each other?"

"Haha, that process was wonderful..."

"Don't say it!" Chen Shi interrupted.

"Do you want to hear about it?" kk asked with raised eyebrows.

"Get lost. Shut up!"

Fortunately, Chen Shi was rescued by a phone call from Sun Zhen. He turned on the speaker mode and placed it on the table. Sun Zhen said, "I just checked Wei Yi's information. This kid lied to us. He wasn’t an investment broker at all. He’s completely unemployed."

"Fuck, can he afford the commission?" kk was agitated.

Chen Shi said, "I already wondered why his house was so messy. I thought he loved saving money, but it turned out that he has no money."

"That bastard, let’s go find him now!"

"After food!"

The fooled kk was scolding the whole time in between some cursing, saying that he had pushed away several cases of investigating mistresses to investigate this damn case, but he was fooled.

After eating, the three went to Wei Yi’s house. The light was on in the room, so they knocked at the door. kk said, "Yueyue, don't come in. There may be scenes unfit for children."

"You’re not going to beat him up, right?" Chen Shi asked.

"Lying to us to get us busy in vain? Of course I have to teach this bastard a lesson!" kk was filled with rage.

"Come on, listen. Whether he can afford it or not, this case still has to be investigated. I think there’s a criminal case behind this. If he can't pay for it, let’s say I hired you guys."

kk calmed down and politely said, "How can I ask for Brother Chen's money? This agency wouldn’t be here without you.”

"Go in and speak politely... Forget it, I’ll talk and you shut up for me!"

Knocking on the door, Wei Yi was wearing a small undershirt. He said happily, "Mr. Chen, since I didn't drink that milk, my symptoms seem to have been relieved a lot. Thank you very much. How is the case progressing?"

"Wei Yi, I have something to ask you!" kk said with a tense his face.

Chen Shi continued, "You lied to us, right? You’re actually unemployed and have no income."

Wei Yi panicked for a while. "I... I have a serious job. I can definitely afford the commission."

kk shouted, "Look at the days you’re living. Can you afford a commission of 20,000 yuan? Don’t lie to us!"

"Don't talk!" Chen Shi said. "Wei Yi, what is your real occupation?"

"Eh... supermarket salesman, leaflet distributor, drug tester, freelance creator, Internet navy." These were all unserious and unstable jobs. Having a job was equal to not having a job. Wei Yi added one more sentence. "Actually, I do have a serious source of income. Come in and sit down!"

After letting the three people enter the house, Wei Yi took out a low-quality booklet and said, "I print these things and sell them. I can feed myself every month."

Chen Shi opened it and looked at it. kk beside him issued various interjections, "Woah... Fuck... My God!"

"Uncle Chen, show me!" Tao Yueyue was also curious.

Chen Shi closed it quickly and said seriously, "You can only look at the contents of these once you’re 20 years old!" Then, he said to Wei Yi, "You sell the publications privately. Does anyone buy them?"

"Yes, there are a group of regular customers who will come to buy them every three to five days."

kk shook his head and commented, "Only people with water in their brains[2] would look at this and the people who painted them are also people with water in their brains."

Wei Yi said in shame, "Even those kinds of websites are scared of buying these contents, so I can only sell them in private. Don't talk nonsense when you go out. This is my source of food and clothing. If you tell the police, I will have no money to eat."

kk laughed. "I think that if I told the police, you wouldn’t have to worry about eating and sleeping in the future."

Chen Shi said, "I don't care about this. By the way, what else have you hidden from us?"

Wei Yi scratched his head. "I didn't see the zombie in the passenger seat that day. I saw it in the front."

"Is there any difference?" KK asked.

"The car was actually covered with lots of heat-insulating films. You couldn't see what was inside if you didn't get close. I leaned in and suddenly saw a terrifying face. I was so scared that I started sweating all over. Then, a man who bought cigarettes in the supermarket turned around and his eyes were very fierce."

"Why didn't you say this detail at the time?"

"Because if I saw it from the passenger window, logically, I couldn't see the supermarket."

"Ha, you lied so carefully!"

kk asked, "What were you doing at the front of someone's car?"

Wei Yi bowed his head in shame. "Pulling... pulling the car logo ornament off."

"Pulling the car ornament?"

"It’s a little hobby of mine! Wait a moment." Wei Yi took out a little box from his drawers, which was filled with various car ornaments from domestic to imported. "Whenever I see those about as old as I am, but driving luxury cars with girls in them, I get unhappy. Why should they live better than me?! So, I take their car logo back home for collection and create some business opportunities for the 4S shop. To make a meager contribution to the growth of the society’s GDP. I also get some balance in my heart and the loss for these people doesn’t amount to much.”

Chen Shi and kk were dumbfounded. kk nodded. "I'm starting to like this guy a little bit."

Wei Yi took the opportunity to promote. "Would you like one? It’s ten yuan for one. Look at this red flag. It’ll look very cool when you install it on your car.”

"Put it away! Put it away!" Chen Shi waved his hands again and again. "Right, you sell these... Ahem, little booklets to earn money, and someone comes to you every three to five days. Do you know those people?"

"I know some and I don’t know some."

"Do you know most of them, or do you not know most of them?"

"I know most of them. If I don't, when they come to my door, I’ll ask..." He lowered his voice and raised his eyebrows to imitate a sales expression. “‘Do you want that?’ If the other party said yes or tells me who introduced them, I will sell it to them."

"Did the person you met at the supermarket come and find you afterwards?"

Wei Yi recalled, "No... I don’t think so! Maybe he changed his clothes. Anyway, a stranger came to the door the next day. I sold one to them, and they left without saying anything. Could they have been that person?” Wei Yi covered his mouth in shock.

Chen Shi secretly thought that maybe the man was going to go to the door to kill Wei Yi, but Wei Yi looked eccentric and didn’t look like a serious person, so the man decided to turn Wei Yi into a madman!

"Do you remember his appearance?"

"I don’t. His collar was high and he was wearing a hat."

Chen Shi turned over the booklet in his hand, looked at the shocking content, and asked, "One last question. Do you have any mental illnesses from creating these things?"

"No, I'm just a hapless genius!" Wei Yi smiled confidently, showing his yellow teeth.

1. Chinese business magnate worth around 43 billion. 

2. Slang from Shanghai for people who are stupid. 


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