Chapter 560: A Sign Of A Felony

After listening, Chen Shi questioned, "Do you want us to help you treat the disease or investigate this matter?"

Wei Yi replied, "Of course it's to investigate it properly! I think this is a problem of my heart. I can't sleep well unless everything is made clear."

"When did you see the zombie?"

Wei Yi took his pants, found the phone from inside, and flipped through it. "September 4th."

"There are photos on your phone?"

"No, I was so scared that I was about to piss my pants. How would I dare take a photo? I was just paid a bonus that day, so I remember it."

"Do you remember what car it was? Where was the location?"

Wei Yi described it for a long time. Chen Shi guessed that it should be a Nissan Bluebird located diagonally opposite a place called Fumanduo Supermarket on Sanmin Road. Chen Shi nodded. "We will start the investigation right now and visit you later at your house. Don’t go anywhere today, okay? By the way, how do you usually solve your meals?"

"Home-made instant noodles at home or dumplings."

"Okay, we will call in advance when we come. Otherwise, don't open the door no matter who comes."

Wei Yi nodded in agreement, painfully put on his clothes, and left.

As soon as he left, Sun Zhen asked, "He’s unemployed. Can he afford the commission money? The commission money here isn’t cheap."

kk said, "Relax, I asked. He used to be an investment broker. He’s rich and currently has over one million in savings!"

"In that case... Do we need to find Miss Gu to see if she can help?"

"Manshow[1]. You only think about Elder Sister Gu all day and night. Brother Chen is here, so how can we not handle it?!"

Sun Zhen didn’t speak and continued to type up some code on the computer. Chen Shi asked Tao Yueyue, "What do you think of this matter?"

Tao Yueyue considered for a while. "The zombie must be fake. I think he suddenly got sick due to someone pulling the strings. It was probably a group of robbery gangs, wearing a zombie mask. They were seen by him, and then this gang wanted to get rid of him."

Chen Shi nodded. "From his narrative, I also smell the signs of a felony. Little Worm, check if there was a criminal case during this time near that location."

Sun Zhen conducted a thorough investigation and spread his palms. "There wasn’t a robbery, but there was a fire on September 3rd. The news said that it was controlled in time. One middle-aged aunt living alone was burned to death, but there were no other casualties. "


"Tonghua Community, about three hundred meters away from where the zombie was seen."

"It's a coincidence in time! Let's go to his house to have a look.”

kk said with a smile, "Brother Chen, business is business. This time, we will divide the reward into a third for each of us!"

"Save it. Yueyue, do you want to get a little reward?"

"Um... I'll take a thousand yuan to buy clothes and books."

"That's it then. The rest is yours."

kk smiled. "Yueyue is really the decision-maker in your household."

Sun Zhen whispered, "Brother Chen, Brother Chen!"

Chen Shi noticed that he had something to say and asked Yueyue to go down to wait for him first. Sun Zhen said, "I have something to tell you. Have you recently seen Zhou Tiannan?"

"No, I've been very busy lately with one case after another. I was only free today."

"Ahem, don't be surprised when I tell you!"

"Stop acting so mysterious."

"Zhou Tiannan transferred to another school. The sixth middle school in Long'an City, teaching physics in the third year of junior high."

Chen Shi was suddenly shocked. This bastard actually moved to Yueyue's school and maybe he was the teacher of her class. Was he deliberately being so slick?

"Are you sure?"

"We’ve been monitoring Zhou Tiannan the whole time and we know his every move. After all, the existence of this agency is to guard against him and his people."

kk sat on the table. "We also know that every three to five days, a pretty girl will spend the night at his house. We don’t know what they’re doing. We’re serious people, so we can't imagine it. The girl is different every time. A junior high physics teacher is living the life of fucking nourishment!”

"Is the frequency high?"

"Once a week. Sometimes twice a week."

Zhou Tiannan and his men should have made a lot of money by relying on various dirty activities, but Zhou Tiannan was on the cusp of the police's suspicion and had to act low-key. He didn’t have the opportunity to spend money.

These women who "visit" his house may be filial piety from his men.

"Monitor this. One day, when Zhou Tiannan suddenly stops getting these prostitutes, you must tell me. You must remember!" Chen Shi instructed.

Getting into the car, Chen Shi didn’t drive immediately. He said, "Yueyue, your school..."

"Ah?" Tao Yueyue froze.

After a second thought, Yueyue didn't know the person Zhou Tiannan. It was his capable men who had killed her mother and framed Song Lang under the name "Zhou Xiao". Chen Shi didn't know where to start.

Transferring schools wasn’t very realistic. After all, that group of people were omnipresent. Perhaps they had already understood the basic situation around Chen Shi.

Now, Black Honey was very quiet. They made a lot of money in the last case of posting the handguns[2]. What was Zhou Tiannan doing this for? To nauseate Chen Shi, or to find Tao Yueyue? Or, perhaps they’re brewing a scheme.

Thinking about it, Chen Shi didn't have a good countermeasure. The topic changed. "It's okay, let's go to Wei Yi’s house to have a look!”

After driving to Wei Yi's residence, Wei Yi opened the door, exposing two nervous eyes as he let them in. There was a smell of sandalwood in the dark room and there were a few yellow charms at the foot of the bed. Chen Shi asked, "Did you pray for these from the mountain?"

"I asked my friend to pray for the guardian spirit mantra from Wutai Mountain, as it’s said that it will make me sleep more peacefully."

"Does it work?"

"It worked at first, but it gradually became useless. I still get the nightmares at night and feel like I have ants crawling on my body."

Chen Shi looked at the house. The house of a man living alone was naturally messy. Unwashed clothes were thrown randomly on the sofa. On the table were leftover noodles and dumplings. There were many cigarette butts in the instant noodle bowl.

"It's a mess at home. Please sit down as you please!" Wei Yi cleaned up the sofa. He was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts.

Chen Shi reached out to him. "I'm sorry, I’m just testing your temperature." Then, he put his palm on Wei Yi’s forehead. Wei Yi's body temperature was normal, but Wei Yi screamed aloud. He ran to the sink to wash his forehead endlessly. Chen Shi asked, "What's wrong?"

"You... Your hands are as hot as a soldering iron, sorry!"

"Let me check what you eat every day."

Wei Yi asked him to wait a moment and took out instant noodles, frozen dumplings, instant buns, yogurt, and the like from the refrigerator. He said, "I don’t like takeaways and street stalls. I think they’re unhygienic. I ate in the cafeteria when I worked but now that I’m unemployed, I go to the supermarket to buy these things.”

"Apart from these? What do you drink?"

"Water, beer, yogurts."

"Let me see."

Chen Shi inspected them with the naked eye and poured some into cups to smell. They were bought from supermarkets and there was nothing unusual. He asked Wei Yi if he often went out. Wei Yi shook his head. "I can't stand the heat outside. I usually just play games and watch TV at home. The thing I’m most afraid of is going to bed. I have nightmares as soon as I sleep."

"Do you cover yourself with a blanket while you’re sleeping?"

"Uncovered. Just bare."

"It's a miracle that you haven’t caught a cold."

1. Men Sao in Chinese. Used to describe people who are mild mannered on the outside but wild on the inside. 

2. The author wrote cell phones here, but I’m pretty sure they were talking about the 16 guns from previous volumes. 


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