Chapter 556: The Buried Secret

When the handcuffs were suddenly placed on Liu Qin's hands, he widened his eyes in surprise. Chen Shi said, "Xiaodong, take off your coat and cover them up for him."

Liu Qin said angrily, "No need! Let everyone see how you police treat the lives of citizens with disregard. If you can't catch the real murderer, just find one to blame it on!"

Chen Shi stared at his eyes and asked aggressively, "Do you think that my deduction is wrong?"

"I don't know what shit deduction you have. I’m the victim, so why did I suddenly become a suspect?"

"Liu Qin, I actually sympathize with you, but the law is the law. If you kill someone, you have to pay the price. Come back to the bureau with us for a talk.”

On the way back to the bureau, Lin Dongxue kept thinking about it. It must absolutely be a mistake. Or this might be one of Chen Shi’s tricks again. However, Chen Shi’s eyes were filled with certainty. He only showed that kind expression when the real murderer is caught.

A computer had been placed in the interrogation room. Chen Shi asked Lin Dongxue to sit beside him. After sitting down, he looked at Liu Qin. "Let's talk about what you did on September 25th!"

Liu Qin's face tensed up. "What did I do? You personally bailed me out that day. After talking to you, I went home and slept that night. The next day..."

"I didn't ask you what happened the next day, I just asked you where you went after you left this place on September 25th?!"

"I went home!"

"You should think about it properly before answering."

"I’ve already thought about it properly!"

"Okay, then I’ll ask someone to retrieve the surveillance footage at your residence to see if it can be verified." Chen Shi phoned Xu Xiaodong and then said to Liu Qin, "I have something to show you before the surveillance footage arrives."

He turned on the computer and started playing a snippet of surveillance footage. Surprisingly, it was actually the internal surveillance monitoring within the city bureau. Within the screen, Liu Qin was sitting in the detention room. He stood up and paced around for a while and then sat back on the bed.

Liu Qin's expression was a little nervous. On the screen, at about 4:00 in the afternoon, Liu Qin lay down facing the wall, took something out of his pocket, and manipulated it with his right hand using his body and the wall to cover it up.

Chen Shi pressed the pause button. "What were you doing?"

"Picking out boogers."

"Picking out boogers? Okay, let's repeat that now!"

Chen Shi sent a policeman to the same detention room to lie on the bed with a curved back and dig his nostrils while facing the wall. The image appeared on the computer synchronously. The young policeman who had been assigned this task was very confused at that moment.

Chen Shi asked, "This is what the act of picking your nose actually looks like. Your hand was in front of your chest, and a light illuminated your face. What do you think you were doing at the time?"

Liu Qin pursed his lips tightly and his eyes were wary.

Chen Shi answered for him, "You were using a mobile phone!"

"Nonsense. When I was caught, my phone, keys, and wallet were all taken away."

"But there was a small accident. At first, you were sent to the detention room at the criminal police department. Old Zhang returned from the scene and found that you were in the wrong place, so he transferred you to the traffic police department. The person who escorted you over was a rookie. Look, it was this officer who just picked his nose. He was holding a cardboard box with your personal belongings and detention documents in it. I have asked him repeatedly. At first, he was afraid of taking responsibility and he dared not admit it. Later, he told me that on the way to the traffic police department, he had answered a phone call and lost sight of you and the box on the table. He didn’t check it afterwards and sent you directly to the detention room."

Liu Qin started to be a bit uncomfortable.

"When I bailed you out that day, you retrieved your personal belongings and pulled out your phone as soon as possible. I later recalled this detail and found that there was something wrong with it. You were just acting for me. You had hid your phone in your sleeve at the time, slid it into your palm while putting your hand into the box and pretended to take it out. In fact, this phone has been on you all the time and accidentally escaped the police's notice!"

At this time, a police officer came in through the door, handed a document to Chen Shi, and whispered some words to Chen Shi. Chen Shi nodded.

After the officer left, Liu Qin said, "I admit that I had stolen my phone back, but what can this explain? At that time, I was just bored and playing games!"

"Really? Anything can be done when a modern person has a phone in their hands!"

Liu Qin gulped. Chen Shi took a piece of paper, pointing the back of it at Liu Qin. "A colleague at the information department just checked yours. Although the social software that you used had been deleted, you can re-download and log in using the registration information. There is a chat record between you and someone on this paper. When I turn it over, you won’t have a chance any longer!"

Liu Qin's eyes widened, and a drop of cold sweat dripped down from his forehead. Lin Dongxue glanced at it and found that the paper was not actually that of the chat history. Chen Shi was deliberately bluffing, but fearing that she would give him away, Lin Dongxue pretended to nod as if she had seen it.

This hint made Liu Qin even more nervous. He closed his legs and bit his lip, posing defensively.

"Shall I say this person's name? He’s..." Chen Shi said slowly.

"Sun Jun!" Liu Qin's psychological defense had finally collapsed.

"What did you say to Sun Jun?"

"I... I got him to kill Ah Qiang for me!"

"After you were released on bail on September 25th?"


"You went to find Sun Jun immediately and killed him!"

"It wasn’t like this. It wasn’t like this!" Liu Qin said in a panic.

Chen Shi knew that instigating murder and murder were two different things. Liu Qin only admitted the former, not the latter. He was still struggling in the face of death.

Chen Shi said, "Why did Sun Jun kill Ah Qiang? I have a document here. It is a confession from a tattoo artist. I just got it! The tattoo artist confirmed that Gu Daqiang had dragged an unconscious Sun Jun to the shop about half a year ago. He asked the tattoo artist to tattoo a dick on his forehead, and later gave the tattoo artist a sum of money to seal his lips! Sun Jun and you guys weren’t friends. He had just cheated you two out of your money. When the lie was exposed, Ah Qiang flew into a rage out of shame and used this means to humiliate him and got him to write down the IOU at the same time. Therefore, Sun Jun hated him very much. You took advantage of this. The condition of the murder was that you’d write off the 200,000 yuan of debt between you two. For Sun Jun, when Ah Qiang died, he not only had his revenge for being humiliated, but he wouldn’t have to pay the 300,000 back. That would mean that he earned 500,000. He was already in a desperate situation, and was cornered by his creditors, so he agreed to this opportunity!"

Liu Qin lowered his head and clasped his hands together tightly.

Chen Shi stood up. "As for your motivation, of course, it was to avenge Ah Zhen. However, there is another matter here that I have to mention. Why were you so intimate with Ah Zhen? Was it because you were best friends? Or maybe she was the only person who knew your secret. That secret is..."

"Stop talking! Stop talking!" Liu Qin begged.

Chen Shi stared at his eyes and said coldly. "You’re not Mr. Liu, but Miss Liu!"


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