Chapter 535: New Reasoning

An hour later, Chen Shi was sitting up on the bed holding a mobile phone and watching a video. Lin Dongxue leaned her head over. "What are you watching? Isn’t that the surveillance footage?"

"Yeah, I want to see if there are any suspicious points."

"I find that you’re a workaholic just like Captain Peng. Don't you feel tired?" Lin Dongxue asked curiously.

"Things I don't understand will cause me to feel uncomfortable."

"Well, I won’t bother you then... Sleep! Sleep!" Lin Dongxue lay down wrapped in the blanket.

Waking up the next morning, Lin Dongxue found that Chen Shi was still watching the surveillance video in that posture. She asked, "You didn’t watch that for the whole night, right?"

"No, I fell asleep in the middle of it and got up early... I had a dream. I dreamed that there was another possibility for this case. Lin Hui was the murderer."

Lin Dongxue smiled. "Isn’t that too exaggerated?"

"No, dreaming is also a way to integrate information. There are no realistic logical constraints in dreams and bold ideas often come up. Many scientists are inspired by dreams."

Lin Dongxue changed her posture and looked at Chen Shi with her hand on her cheek. "According to your bold guess, what does the whole case look like?"

Chen Shi put down his mobile phone. "One of Lu Hao's and Zhang Rui's statements are different. Lu Hao said that those wigs and women's clothes were worn when he was depositing money. However, according to Zhang Rui, Lu Hao wore these clothes to pretend to be Lin Hui and draw him away."

Lin Dongxue nodded. "Actually, I was a bit skeptical about this at the time. Lu Hao pretended to be Lin Hui and took the fake money to lead the people tracking her away. Lin Hui then took the real money to leave. This is the safest plan.

"Assuming that Zhang Rui's words were true, then Lu Hao was lying. At that time, Zhang Rui was successfully led away. Lin Hui took the real money away and an accident happened on the way out. That is, my appearance. I drove the exact same car as Zhang Rui. Lin Hui thought Zhang Rui was chasing after her so she left the car and money and pretended to disappear."

"But is she willing to lose 10 million?"

"One possibility is that she had already left a part of it for herself. She gave up on the large sum but left a small amount for herself. This small amount would still be a huge sum for an ordinary person. Another possibility is that her motive was not money at all. We always assumed that everyone was fighting for the ten million but ignored all other possibilities."

"What other possibility?"


"Lin Hui's revenge on her husband?"

"Think about it. If you were in her shoes, what would be your mood?”

"Uh..." Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi. "I loved you very much. If one day I found out you were gay, I might be extremely shocked! But would I kill you over it? I don’t think I could do it."

"Betrayal is not the whole of motivation, but it may be one of the catalysts. The increasingly intensified contradictions, the problem of property division, and her ruined youth."

"Okay, let's assume she has this motive!"

"Assuming she has this motive, the hair in the car was naturally prepared in advance. The purpose was to frame him."

"Wait, she saw your car and thought that Zhang Rui was chasing after her. Does she still need to frame him?"

"I said it was unplanned. According to her original script, there should be another method she would use to frame him. We won’t analyze this right now. From the perspective of Lin Hui when she went missing, she thought that Zhang Rui was the one who was following her. Therefore to her, it’s likely that the money was now in Zhang Rui’s hands. If she committed the murder during this time, it would solidify Zhang Rui’s motive in killing for wealth.”

"Killing two birds with one stone. She had her revenge on both people at the same time? What about the gun wielding man in gray?"

"That was self-produced and directed. She knew that Zhang Rui liked model guns and was engaged in a job creating auto parts. The police would think that Zhang Rui made a gun himself and used it to kill people. However, poison was found in Zhang Rui's apartment. This indicates that his original murder plan was to poison her, which is more subtle than shooting. Why did he give up the most insured plan and openly wound her with a gun in the housing district? That would be illogical.”

Lin Dongxue leaned against Chen Shi and pondered for a long time before saying, "It seems to make sense, but..."

"I know. Lin Hui hasn't been found yet, so everything isn’t tenable yet!" Chen Shi changed to a more comfortable position. "Right, I watched a video last night and found a truck staying at the gas station for a few minutes. If Lin Hui crawled into the truck, she could disappear perfectly from the security cameras."


Chen Shi rewound it to that section and showed Lin Dongxue that the rear of the heavy truck was indeed a blind spot for the security cameras. The direction it was travelling towards was that of Lieyang. 

"Let’s investigate!"

"Then we’re not going home today?"

"Change the ticket."

"I really don’t know what to do with you!" Lin Dongxue smiled bitterly.

Xu Xiaodong was surprised to hear that the two weren’t leaving again, but if Chen Shi didn’t solve the case thoroughly, he wouldn’t let it go. He could only follow along.

Zhang Rui was still undergoing rounds of interrogation today. The two went through the traffic control bureau’s surveillance footage to check the truck. From footage to footage, they saw a woman crawling out from behind the truck at a certain intersection in Lieyang and walking towards the sidewalk.

Although the pictures were blurry, they could faintly discern that it was Lin Hui. From the movement of her walking, it seemed that she wasn’t injured at all.

Lin Dongxue was very excited. "Old Chen, you guessed it right! She really disappeared in this way... Then, she’s now in Lieyang City."

"Think who she would go to."

"Lu Hao?"

"It is possible, but not necessarily the case. She will probably remain ‘missing’ during this time."

"But she must have a place to live and eat."

"I think she would have prepared a hiding place in advance!"

In the afternoon, the two went to the local public security bureau to investigate Lin Hui’s ID card. However, Lin Hui had never used her ID card recently, and several bank cards under her name weren’t touched as well. She was really very cautious.

A small detail was found during the investigation. Lin Hui's bank card had a large amount of money withdrawn shortly before her disappearance. The destination was unknown. She should have transferred the savings in advance for use when she went in hiding.

Chen Shi said, "It seems that the only breakthrough point is Lu Hao."

Lin Dongxue said, "We don't have any evidence right now. This isn’t our home court. We don’t have the power to forcefully summon him.”

"Lu Hao can only be investigated in all directions."

Through the police in Lieyang City, the two of them carefully investigated Lu Hao and found that the kid was hiding his secrets deep. Nothing was exposed.

However, it was interesting to find that Lu Hao worked in a mechanical processing plant for two years before becoming a barber. Lu Hao was capable or had connections in making homemade pistols.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed. The two have been staying in Lieyang for almost a week, and the case was in a stalled state. Lin Qiupu phoned them every day to urge them to return, as there were still a lot of things waiting for them to be done.

On the afternoon of September 16th, Lin Dongxue sighed at the pile of materials on the table while holding her head. "It seems that this case can't progress on. Lin Hui will never show up now. As long as she’s in the ‘missing’ state, Zhang Rui will be greatly suspected.”

"Are you going to stay in Lieyang forever?" A voice came and the two turned around. They said in shock, "Captain Peng?"


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