Chapter 530: Man in Gray

Chen Shi asked Lu Hao, "Where did Lin Hui get the money from?"

Lu Hao shook his head again and again. "I really don't know. Of course, I asked her many times, but she just assured me that it was definitely not stolen, and the person who lost the money wouldn’t dare to speak up. I wondered if she would have taken it from the company. After all, she was an accountant and can usually access the company's money."

"When was the earliest time she mentioned the money?"

Lu Hao recalled for a long time, "Mid-August?"

"Did you notice who was tracking her?"

"Once, we were walking on the streets. She suddenly became very nervous and dragged me away. When I looked back, I saw two men wearing sunglasses. I forgot what they looked like though."

"When was this?"

"Earlier this month!"

They couldn’t get much more out of interrogating Lu Hao, so Chen Shi released him. After "regaining his freedom," he asked Lin Dongxue for her contact information with thick-skin. Lin Dongxue scolded him.

The two went out of the public security bureau and were about to fill up their bellies. Lin Dongxue suddenly said, "It's unbelievable. He actually put ten million in the wrong bag. Even if it were a few thousand, people would usually check it carefully. Isn’t this kid lying?”

"I don't think he lied. When the amount of money is too much, it's not money. It's just a number... In fact, Lu Hao was on the edge of the whole thing. He doesn't know the core information."

"Two men with sunglasses. It seems that the other party is a small organization. Perhaps the triad? But Lin Hui is just an accountant. How can she be related to the triad?"

"Don't think about that anymore. Let's eat first. I'm exhausted today."

Early next morning, they woke up on the hotel bed and Chen Shi sneezed a few times. After all, the hotel wasn’t as clean as his own home, and he couldn’t sleep comfortably.

In the morning, the two took a leisurely walk on Lieyang Street to find a place to have breakfast. Chen Shi asked, "Is there any progress from the team?"

"Nothing. By the way, Xiaodong compressed and sent me the surveillance video. Do you want to see it?"

"Bring it here."

He grabbed the phone and watched for a while. Lin Hui's missing location wasn’t monitored. There was one at each end. The camera on the east side clearly photographed Lin Hui and Chen Shi’s cars passing by one after the other. Nothing was unusual after that.

Chen Shi thought that if he wasn’t familiar with the police, he would probably be the first to be suspected.

Chen Shi called Peng Sijue. "Old Peng, can you check the money and see what clues you can find? We urgently need a breakthrough point."

"What can we test from the money? Fingerprints?"

"Try it, please."

Peng Sijue's sigh could be heard over the phone. His workload had increased again. He said, "I really can't deal with you. Okay!"

"Thank you, I’ll treat you to breakfast. Listen..." Chen Shi picked up a fried dumpling and bit into it, making some crunching noises. Peng Sijue hung up the phone before he finished listening.

"A guy who doesn't understand humor!" Chen Shi put down the phone with a smile.

Lin Dongxue was also on a call. "The police in Lieyang said a shooting occurred somewhere. I don't know if it has anything to do with the case. Do you want to go and have a look?"

"Let's see!"

After eating, the two went to the branch office. The police said the shooting occurred on the evening of September 10th and was located in a housing district called Lvyi. The district was about to be demolished. Many residents had already moved out. That evening, two shots were heard, and it wasn’t as loud as in the movies. At first, the residents thought someone was setting off firecrackers.

A bullet hit a cigarette and alcohol store on the first floor. The owner said that he saw a man wearing a gray windbreaker holding a gun-shaped object. His shooting target was a woman in red carrying a bag.

The sound of the gun alarmed the property managers. The man in the windbreaker hurried away and the woman disappeared.

The police showed Chen Shi a bullet found at the scene. The bullet was actually a steel bead with gunpowder residue on it. Chen Shi said, "This is a homemade pistol!"

"The firearms experts in the bureau also analyzed it this way, but from the perspective of the impact, the rate of fire isn’t worse than that of a real gun. If it hits the person, they’ll probably die."

"Is there any surveillance footage?"

The police showed them the footage on the scene. Around 6:00PM, a woman in red wearing sunglasses came in, and a man in a windbreaker followed. Chen Shi paused and zoomed in. "This may be Lin Hui."

He fast-forwarded the footage until 6:20PM, when the woman in red came out hurriedly carrying a sack. Five minutes later, the man in the windbreaker followed.

Lin Dongxue asked, "Is Lin Hui holding the money? Judging from the time, she should be finding Lu Hao at this time."

"Then this area is where she temporarily hid the treasure. Check the renting information in the area and see if the surrounding security cameras captured the shooter's car."

Both of these were investigated by the branch office. They were also investigating the shooting. Fortunately, no one was injured in the shooting.

Chen Shi thought to himself, if the bullet they didn’t find had hit Lin Hui. However, if she was injured, Lu Hao wouldn’t have omitted it. After Lin Hui left Lu Hao, she might have encountered another gangster somewhere, which is why there was blood in the car.

But there was also a possibility that the blood doesn’t belong to Lin Hui.

It was hard to wait there, so Chen Shi said, “It’s better to investigate around Lin Hui’s house and find some clues.”

However, the two were very disappointed. Lin Hui’s neighbor didn’t even know that her name was Lin Hui. The couple had just moved in. The wife was working in Long’an, and the husband was a homebody. The neighbor knew almost nothing about them.

After a lap of investigations, it was already afternoon. When the two came out from the housing district, Lin Dongxue poked Chen Shi's arm and gestured in a direction with her eyes.

They saw a suspicious man in sunglasses hiding in the flowers and bushes of the community with a cigarette in his mouth. He was holding a walkie-talkie in his hand. When the two noticed him, the man in sunglasses immediately turned and left.

Chen Shi chased after him immediately and the man in sunglasses figured the situation wasn’t good. He ran away at full speed, rushed into a car, and drove away.

Chen Shi gasped with his hands on his knees. Lin Dongxue caught up with him as he said, "Asshole. He got away, but I noted down the license plate number."

He took out his mobile phone and sent the license plate number to the Long’an police for help. Lin Dongxue asked, "Are these people also looking for money? Are they the triad?"

"If it’s really the triad, the means they use may be a bit more radical, so I don’t think so."

After a while, the query result was sent over. The owner of the license plate was a college student who had just turned twenty years old. They had absolutely no relation to the case. Lin Dongxue asked if they should go find this person. Chen Shi shook his head, "No, this must be a fake license plate. The other party has a strong sense of anti-reconnaissance. They’re in this industry. Could it be... Private investigators?!"


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