Chapter 519: A Storm

At the entrance of Zhangji Soup Noodle House, a white banner was hung between two electric poles. On it was written: "Unscrupulous Noodle House, killing father and family, selling human flesh, losing all conscience!"

Zhang Farong shouted using a microphone, "Fathers and brothers, come and take a look at what a filial son looks like. He killed his father, minced him into meat, and sold it to customers to eat. He even cut his second uncle up like this!”

Zhang Farong was shirtless and wrapped in thick bandages. The bandage was leaking blood. He deliberately went to the clinic to re-bandage himself and the blood was dripped on using red ink for a bloody effect.

His son, Zhang Kui, held sticks with a group of his brothers, driving away the guests in the store. "You’re still eating! Does human meat taste nice? After eating human flesh, aren’t you afraid that you’ll become livestock in your next life?"

The customers were driven away one by one. Zhang Farong became more and more energetic. "Come and see a great filial son who killed his father and sold human flesh to make money! The police have already filed a case to investigate. It’s retribution, retribution!" He smacked his chest. “If I didn’t run so fast that night, I would’ve already been turned into beef balls today!”

Zhang Hao was standing behind the bench and his cheeks twitched with anger while the rest of his face contorted. The rolling pin in his hand made a cracking noise in his hands.

"Don't believe this old hooligan. I’ve already called the police and they will be here in a moment." The wife persuaded him.

Zhang Hao couldn't stand it anymore and rushed out. Zhang Kui and the others immediately stopped and shoved him back. "What are you doing? Do you want to kill us to prevent us from talking? What can you do to us alone?”

Zhang Hao glared at him, almost breathing fire in his eyes.

Fortunately, the police arrived at this time and the scene finally stopped. After half an hour, when Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue arrived, Zhang Farong and his gang of troublemakers were squatting down on the ground with their hands on their heads. Zhang Farong still persistently said, "You don't catch the murderer, but you came to arrest me, a law-abiding citizen? Did you receive this kid's black money?! Are the police now turning black and white upside down?"

"Zhang Farong, have you caused enough trouble?" Lin Dongxue said sternly.

Seeing these "acquaintances", Zhang Farong stood up with a smile, and the local police reprimanded him, "Squat down."

Zhang Farong squatted back down again. "Beauty, you should control your subordinates. Why aren’t you discerning right from wrong? I’m clearly the victim!"

Lin Dongxue was about to say something when Chen Shi said, "There is nothing to talk about with these hooligans. Let our colleagues take them away first."

The people were taken away, the banners were taken down, and the crowds gradually dispersed. The scene finally calmed down. Chen Shi walked to the store and said, "Boss, it seems that there won’t be business today."

Zhang Hao threw down his rolling pin and said angrily, "Stop acting like a good person. You think I don't know? You guys deliberately let this guy out to harm me. You can't find out the truth because of your incompetence and used this kind of low trick?"

"Your words are too radical. Your second uncle didn't break the law at all. Why should we arrest him?"

Zhang Hao Yu's anger didn’t disappear. His wife came out and mediated, "Talk to the police properly. Let’s not cause trouble."

"Don't get involved! Get lost back inside!" Zhang Hao angrily flicked his wife's hand away. He had anger welling up inside of him and needed someone to vent on.

Lin Dongxue couldn't stand it any longer. "What are you doing?! Do you want to be arrested again?"

"She’s my own wife. What does it have to do with you if I beat her or not?”

"So much for a university student. Do you not have any common sense regarding the law?"

Chen Shi said, "I have something to inform you today. We found your father's remains."

Zhang Hao raised his eyebrows slightly. "Where?"

This reaction exposed his heart. He already knew that his father wasn’t alive. Chen Shi said, "Your father died an unnatural death. We have a few questions to ask you. I hope you can cooperate."

Zhang Hao sat down and took out a cigarette. "I have nothing to answer. I don't know anything about his disappearance."

"I know you have a car. Can you drive it to the bureau for us to check?”

Zhang Hao rolled his eyes back. "What right do you have?"

The wife said, "My father-in-law has a bad temper and he has quite a few enemies outside. You can’t doubt my husband as soon as you come over!"

"This is not suspicion. It's just an investigation. It’s the citizen's duty to cooperate with the police investigation." Chen Shi said.

Zhang Hao took a deep breath and exhaled deeply. Then, he threw the cigarette on the ground to stamp it out. "I’ll take you to get the car."

Chen Shi left with Zhang Hao, and the shop was completely deserted. His wife took out her handkerchief and wiped her tears away. "One thing after another. How can we survive now? Do you police have to hold on to my husband like this?”

"Elder sister, don't be sad. If your husband really isn’t suspicious, it will be fine after it’s investigated thoroughly."

"Really isn’t suspicious? So that means you still suspect him? He has a bad temper, but I trust that he wouldn’t murder anyone.”

"Grandpa was killed by Dad!" A small but shrill voice shouted out.

The wife was startled and looked towards the stairs, only to see her son standing there. The wife ran over and said, "Little Chi, hurry back up. Please don't intervene when adults speak!"

"No, I'm going to talk! Take dad away! Then, he will never beat me and my mom again."

“Hurry and go back!!!"

"I won’t!"

The son jumped down the stairs, circled around Lin Dongxue with his mother. Lin Dongxue pulled him. "Child, do you know anything?"

"You can’t speak nonsense!" The mother shouted.

The child was too scared to speak and was dragged upstairs by his mother. Lin Dongxue suddenly found something in her pocket. It was a piece of paper stuffed inside by the child.

She went to a corner where no one was around and looked at it. It was a child’s drawing. There was a man holding a sharp knife walking into the door. The body was covered with blood. Lin Dongxue felt a chill down her spine. The son of Zhang Hao might be a witness.

She wanted to go upstairs to ask the child right then, but she was afraid of leaking the news and instead waited for Chen Shi to come back.

After a while, Chen Shi drove Zhang Hao's car back and said to Zhang Hao, "We’ll take this car back to check and we will return it to you if there’s no problems with it."

Zhang Hao frowned. "I hope you can do it as soon as possible. Business has been delayed each day, and the family will soon eat the northwest wind."

After returning to the bureau, Lin Dongxue showed the drawing to Chen Shi. Chen Shi's reaction was the same as Lin Dongxue's. "This child witnessed the case? But, he’s a minor and he was less than ten years old two years ago. It would be hard for his words to be accepted by the courts."

"Maybe he knows where the weapon is!"

Chen Shi thought for a while. "It's been two years and Zhang Hao is so cautious. It’s unlikely that he’s left the weapon at his side… The longer we wait, the more variables there will be. Make the preparations. We’ll go and ask now. Bring a few more people over!"


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