Chapter 511: Hooligan Father and Son

When he heard that he had to go to the Public Security Bureau, the second uncle seemed a little flustered and loosened his grip on the boss's collar. "I won’t be going to the Public Security Bureau. We won’t bother you guys with these little things. They’re just family affairs. Family affairs. I’m going back first. You guys should eat slowly. Everyone should eat slowly!”

The two of them left without looking back and the storm seemed to be over. The boss said to the customers in the store, "Sorry everyone. We’ve disturbed you."

Soon, the shop returned to peace. Chen Shi said, "Fortunately, they didn’t go to the bureau. Otherwise, today’s holiday would have been wasted.”

"It feels like a mess, but the second uncle doesn't look like a serious person."

"Let’s go!"


"Please wait." The boss came over and sat down. He looked at the cups and bowls on the table. "Thank you for just then. I won't charge any money for this meal."

Chen Shi said, "It's okay, if we didn't speak out, then it's negligence!"

The boss was skinny, wearing a pair of black-framed glasses, and looked very polite. If he weren’t wearing a uniform in the store with the brand on his chest, they wouldn’t have made him out to be the noodle shop owner.

He said, "Can I take up five minutes of your time to talk about my family’s situation?"

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue looked at each other, and then Chen Shi said, "Go ahead!"

"Actually, the situation isn’t like what he said at all. I didn't take away any real estate. This store was previously owned by my grandfather. My grandfather passed away suddenly and didn’t have a will. The real estate was divided by the two sons by law, but this is a shop with a living area above. There was no way to divide it, so my father proposed that the shop should be his. He paid half of the money to my second uncle according to the market price, which was 600,000! That was not a small expenditure for our family. We didn’t finish paying it off until the previous year, but my second uncle was greedy and said that the real estate price has risen now. This shop is at least worth 30,000 yuan per square meter. I still needed to give another 600,000 yuan to him. How’s that reasonable?"

Chen Shi laughed. "According to this rogue logic, if the property price drops one day, does he have to refund the money?"

"I think that would be impossible." The boss smiled. "This shop is an old shop. It’s been in business for decades. When my father took over from my grandfather, my second uncle was messing around outside all day. He hasn't had a serious job since the 80s. His name is Zhang Farong. You can check how many bad things he’s done. When he grew old, he turned into an old bastard. If the upper beam isn’t straight, the bottom will be crooked too. I heard that his son, Zhang Kui, is also muddled in with the underground society. He caused trouble outside and ran back to his home to avoid the storm. That group of people are still looking for him everywhere, threatening to kill his whole family after finding him."

"It can be seen that neither the father nor the son are good people." Lin Dongxue said. "Do I need to go to the police station to prepare a case? I can help you contact them."

"No need. I can handle this matter. There’s a police station on the other side of the street, so they won’t do anything rash.”

"Let me remind you to not be impulsive. Leave evidence behind when things happen and take the legal route." Chen Shi said.

"I know. No matter what I won't do anything violent."

Chen Shi looked at the empty bowl. "It tasted good. I’ll come again."

"If you guys come, I’ll give you a free order. Thank you for today!" The boss smiled.

After leaving this store, Lin Dongxue spoke sentimentally, "Having these kinds of relatives is really unlucky."

"Don't trust one side of the story too much. These kinds of family disputes often have different sides to the story. Otherwise, why would he refuse when we suggested filing a case?”

"Okay, this matter shouldn’t be under our jurisdiction... Where are we going to play today?"

"Shall we go watch a movie?"

"Okay!" Lin Dongxue readily agreed.

While Zhang Farong was returning home after failing, he felt anger welling within him. He stood on the corner of the street and smoked, staring at the bustling store gloomily. His son, Zhang Kui, asked, "Should I find some brothers and smash his damn store apart?"

"How thoughtless. If the store is smashed apart, we’d be in the wrong. Would we still be able to get that money?”

"Then let's kidnap Zhang Hao's son!"

Zhang Farong poked his head with his finger. "Pig brain[1], the only thing you can come up with are bad ideas. What would we do if he calls the police? We wouldn’t get a single cent."

"Would he dare to call the police? Grandpa passed away dubiously and big uncle[2] also went missing in the past two years. I think Zhang Hao must have a problem!"

"That’s why we have to utilize this point. But, we can't force him too much or alert the police, understood? What exactly have you learned in the past two years since you’ve been in the underground society?”

Zhang Kui laughed. "The older the ginger is, the spicier it gets[3]. Let's find a restaurant to eat?"

"You only know how to eat!" Zhang Farong stomped out his cigarette ruthlessly.

The two went to another street and found a wonton shop to eat at. Zhang Kui suddenly wolf-whistled towards a woman and asked, "On holiday today?"

The woman frowned as if she saw a maggot and left her breakfast unfinished. She immediately settled her bill and left. Zhang Kui said towards her back, "Hey, help us to settle the bill as well. Prostitutes are really heartless!”

"Who was that?" Zhang Farong asked.

"A girl who I’ve played with before. Her ass is particularly perky. Pinching it is particularly pleasurable!”

Zhang Farong narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman who had gone out. "You don't know how to honor or respect your dad."

"Then, should I find one for you?"

Zhang Farong shook his head. "Don't spend money on it. I find it dirty."

"What money do I spend? I never use money to play with women. This is inherited from my father."

"Go and fucking find me one. I haven't touched a woman in the years since your mother passed."



"No problem!"

So, after eating, the father and son started to move to one of the most prosperous streets. Zhang Kui went back and forth like a salesman on the street to talk to single women passing by. Zhang Farong was sitting and smoking on the railings at the side of the road. He watched his son as if he was watching a movie and he felt proud of his son.

Zhang Kui wasn’t a pick-up artist. He only knew a few lines like: "Ah, have we met each other before?", "You’re a bit like my ex-girlfriend." And “Are you happy to exchange contact details?”

Because of his thick skin, he was able to try again and again after failing. Finally, he met someone who was willing to take the bait. The two of them walked and talked. Zhang Kui invited her for a drink, and then happily ran back and said, “I got her WeChat! Dad, aren’t I awesome?"

"Awesome? You only got one in four hours. Back in the day, I-"

"Okay, okay, I know you were amazing back then."

"I still am!"

"Yes, yes, the golden gun hasn’t fallen and the sword is not old[4]."

The father and the son laughed for a while before Zhang Farong made a serious expression. "That girl looks okay. Can you call her out?"

"Let me try!"

1. Stupid. 

2. The older brother of “second uncle”. There’s really only two brothers in this generation… 

3. Experience counts. 

4. His skills haven’t gone rusty. 


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