Chapter 502: The Hero Saves The Beauty

Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue and Yue Chao went to a meeting room in the company. Yue Chao lit a cigarette, threw the cigarette packet on the table, exhaled towards the ceiling, and said lazily, "Hurry up, I’m busy."

His attitude annoyed Lin Dongxue . "Do you want to go to the bureau to drink tea again?"

"Drink tea? Haha, forget it. Your water tastes really bad."

"Did you send the banner scolding the police?"

Yue Chao chuckled. "What banner? Beauty, what are you talking about?"

"You still want to deny it? It clearly has your fingerprints on it."

Chen Shi took out the appraisal report and placed it on the table while Lin Dongxue was talking. Yue Chao's expression changed. He quickly put out his cigarette, sat upright, and said with a smile, "I was just kidding. Just kidding. Don’t you police have a sense of humor?"

"What a good excuse!" Lin Dongxue scoffed.

Chen Shi said, "We’re looking for you again to inquire about Yan Qilin. We heard something from Zhang Jinlei's father and Xiao Ran. You once helped the Zhang family to break them up and used a very despicable method. Is this true?"


"You don't need to pretend in front of me. When you attacked the police, they didn't see your face because you were wearing a helmet, but it was still recorded at the police station. This matter hasn't passed the period of prosecution. Do you want to go to jail?"

Yue Chao was very scared. "If I tell the truth, can I avoid going to jail?"

"Yes, but as long as a single word of yours is a lie, we’ll have a word with our colleagues at the police station."

"I’ll talk, I’ll talk. In fact, the person who Yan Qilin really liked was me!"

This surprised Lin Dongxue and she asked, "How can you be sure?"

"Although she got together with Zhang Jinlei, she could never forget me. Every time I called and sent text messages, she’d always say that I was annoying and told me not to call again, but I could hear her inner struggle. For example, whenever I waited for her in front of her house, she would tell me not to do this kind of thing again, but she’d go with me. I could see that she had always held me in her heart, but that Zhang guy was too much of a control-freak. She just couldn’t say it out loud. Isn’t it true that when women say no, they actually mean yes? She was like that. What is the name of that word? Right, acting coy!"

Lin Dongxue thought that Yue Chao was quite narcissistic. The other party had obviously refused him, but he made it out like she had feelings for him.

"I heard about the matter between her and Zhang Jinlei. The Zhang family disagreed with their being together and used countless means to break them up. Zhang Jinlei's father even went to her house and negotiated with her father. During that time, she often complained tearfully to me. I always comforted her like a big brother. There are thousands of fishes in the sea. What was so good about Zhang Jinlei? Then one day, a middle-aged woman found me and claimed to be Zhang Jinlei’s mother. She said that she hoped that I could break them up and that there would be a reward after the deed. I didn’t care about the reward. I was happy to break them up. After some thinking, I thought of this plan-“

"Did you actually try to stain the reputation of the girl you like? Are you still human?”

"If we didn’t do this, Zhang Jinlei wouldn't take the initiative to break up with her. You know how stubborn that kid is. And I didn't do this alone. Xiao Ran also took part in it."

"She also had a hand in it?"

"Yeah, what did she say to you? Xiao Ran asked her to go out and left her on that street that day. The police came a few minutes later and arrested Yan Qilin and those prostitutes. I was hiding and watching from the side. I saw her crying so badly that I couldn't bear it. I rushed over to save her and we sped off on my motorcycle! Haha, the police were dumbfounded at the time."

The version that Yue Chao told was completely different from what Xiao Ran had said. Chen Shi asked, "Didn’t you want the 200,000 yuan in benefits?"

"I really couldn’t bear to see her crying." Yue Chao looked infatuated.

"Do you know what I think? You had planned this from the beginning. You pushed the boat along the current and created a scenario where the hero saved the beauty in order to capture her heart. You could also conveniently break them up and receive the reward as promised. It was killing two birds with one stone. Otherwise, why would you ride a motorcycle while wearing a helmet and hiding nearby?"

"Hey, why didn't I think of this? Brother, you’re really smart!" Yue Chao smiled to cover up his panic. Chen Shi thought that this guy looked crude and careless, but he was actually very smart. It could be seen just now from how he fooled those old people into buying healthcare products.

"What did I just say? If you dared to lie with even a single word-"

Yue Chao panicked and waved his hand desperately. "No, no, no. I’m begging you. It was hard for me to get this job. If I get a criminal record, how can I work in the future?”

"It depends on your attitude."

Yue Chao bit his lip and looked as though he was weighing his options internally. Finally, he said, "I need to report a situation. Can you spare me? This is absolutely related to the case!"

"Really? Let’s look at how weighty the information is."

"Um... That... She..."

"Stop stammering!"

When Chen Shi yelled, Yue Chao was so frightened that he broke into a cold sweat. "Wasn't there a string of numbers and letters on Yan Qilin when she died?"

"You know what that string of code means?"

"It was... It was... the identification code on the ticket of the theater company that I worked for. Even if the ticket is lost, you can use those numbers as a ticket as long as you have them."

Lin Dongxue was shocked. They had unexpectedly found the answer to the mysterious string of code here. Chen Shi asked, "Why didn't you tell us back then?"

"How would I dare? When I saw the writing on her hand, I was terrified. If I told you, you would definitely suspect me."

"Do you really think that the police are as stupid as you? If the murderer is you,  why would you write a string of numbers related to yourself on her arm? That would be the same as writing your name on her... Tell us about the situation regarding this ticket."

"I gave it to her. I rescued her from the police that day. She was frightened and cried endlessly. I took her to the riverside on the motorcycle, accompanied her to forget her worries and comforted her. After that, I gave her the ticket and told her to come to the show two days later. I was playing a supporting role in that show."

"She accepted it?"

"She accepted it. In fact, the day she was killed was the day of the performance. The seat reserved  for her was left empty the entire time. My mind wandered during the entire performance. I went backstage and found that there were many missed calls on my phone. Xiao Ran had called. She said that Yan Qilin had met with a mishap. I rushed to the scene and was shocked. How could she..." Recalling the sad past, Yue Chao covered his face in pain. From Chen Shi's point of view, this reaction wasn’t an act.

"So what time did Xiao Ran call?"

"How could I remember? How many years have passed by now? I don’t even know how many phones I’ve changed since.”

"Yan Qilin was originally going on a date with Zhang Jinlei that day, but you said that she was going to  see your performance. This sounds like a contradiction."

"Don’t listen to Zhang Jinlei’s bullshit. She was going to see me that day. Ever since she was almost taken away by the police as a prostitute, she had seen clearly the ugly face of the Zhang family. She knew that even if she was with Zhang Jinlei, she wouldn’t be happy. I took advantage of this opportunity to confess to her. She agreed to date me. After that, we went window-shopping together several times. Even if she had wanted to see Zhang Jinlei that day, it would be to break up with him!"


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