Chapter 49: Attacking the Defence

Lin Qiupu interrupted the young woman and asked, “You and Jia did not divorce and then married the current gentleman. Then that means this is a bigamous...” He was afraid that the crime of bigamous marriage was much too grave, so he did not finish the sentence.

The young woman said, “When I eloped with Jia Zhenhua, my family kept my passport, so I wasn’t able to obtain a marriage certificate. It is legally just regarded as cohabitation.”

Lin Qiupu nodded and motioned her to continue talking.

The young woman went on to say that when she went out to buy food a few days ago. She didn’t know where Jia came from but he jumped out of nowhere holding a knife in his hand and said evilly, “If it weren't for you, I would not become like this!”

In the dispute, the young woman’s arm was sliced. Fortunately, there were passers-by passing by, and so Jia fled. The young woman did not want her husband to know about it, so she didn’t report it to the police.

“This guy is simply scum. Whoever is with him will be unlucky. Please be sure to give him an indefinite period so that he will never come out to harm others,” the young woman begged.

“Jia has a few lives on his hands, so he won’t be able to escape the death penalty.” Lin Dongxue said.

Lin Qiupu frowned and muttered for a moment. He said, “If it is convenient, I would like to take some samples of your DNA and compare it with the blood on the murder knife.”


Lin Qiupu asked Lin Dongxue to take a cotton swab and take some samples from the young woman's mouth, and then they left.

After returning, he threw Jia to other people for interrogation. He first went to the forensics department. Peng Sijue said, “Captain Lin, you came? The DNA on the weapon has been tested and does not match the deceased.”

Lin Dongxue on the side saw Lin Qiupu seemed to be about to faint. He took out the DNA sample of the young woman. “Compare it with this sample, as soon as possible!”

In the next two hours, Lin Qiupu had been pacing back and forth at the door of the lab. No matter what Lin Dongxue said, she could not persuade him to stop and calm down.

The result finally came out. Peng Sijue came out with two copies in his hand. He said, “The DNA of the two is exactly the same. They are the same person.”

“Is there no other DNA on the weapon?”

“No, only this one!”

Lin Qiupu looked up at the sky and sighed as he said, “It was wrong in the end!”

A policeman ran over and said, “Captain Lin, the interrogation is over. Jia refused to admit that he was related to the headless female body.”

“People were not killed by him. First, hold him in the holding cell prison!” Lin Qiupu slammed his hand.

Lin Qiupu went back to the office and sat at the table with his hands on his temples. Lin Dongxue knew that he must be frustrated now. She whispered, “Brother, our clues are not completely interrupted. Chen Shi over there...”

“Where am I going wrong?! Why am I always inferior to this driver?!” Lin Qiupu spread his hands in question.

Lin Dongxue smiled and said, “Doesn’t matter. When the case is broken, the credit belongs to the task force and you anyway.”

“Hey, the year is not good!” Lin Qiupu patted his cheek and resumed his normal state. “How is it going over on Chen Shi’s side?”

Lin Dongxue roughly summarized their findings, saying that they could officially search the company tomorrow. Lin Qiupu nodded and said, “Tell him that the bet this time, I lost again. If the case is broken, I will treat him to go to Dong Laishun[1] to eat mutton stew. No, I will treat everyone in the task force. If there is any need for help, just directly let me know.”

“Brother, how is your attitude so good after admitting your loss?” Lin Dongxue looked at him curiously.

“Stupid sister, how can you talk like that? I am only admitting my defeat. I’m not a sore loser. Although Jia is really not involved in this case, I am glad that I have not put all my eggs in one basket. At least we still have the clues from your end.”

“Thinking positively, you can both crack the headless female corpse case and catch a cross-provincial wanted murderer.”

Lin Qiupu broke his icy poker face with a smile. He said, “Go, go. The character strokes are still missing, there isn’t even a single stroke drawn out of the 10. Don’t miss the winning shot!”

When they got out of the door, Lin Dongxue told Chen Shi the news. Chen Shi responded with a text message saying, “Good disciple. You have been taught well, you have potential. Your brother is not so annoying now, see how lucky we are tomorrow!”

Early the next morning, Chen Shi sent a message to Lin Dongxue and told her to look at her email inbox.

There was a leaked video from an “Anonymous Citizen” in the mailbox. The contents were of the morning meeting of the Kang Xing Electronics Company where the manager publicly sexually harasses his female employees. Lin Dongxue immediately took the video to the station director and applied for an arrest warrant.

Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong brought several policemen to KangXing Company. Chen Shi arrived here early and was waiting for them downstairs. He said, “Is the arrest warrant done?”

“Take a look!”

“Attack the defence! Go, go ahead!”

When the fat manager saw a group of policemen coming in, his face paled from fear, and he stood up and smiled, “Officers, what is happening this time?”

Lin Dongxue showed the arrest warrant and deliberately acted mysterious. “What happened? You know it full well in your heart!”

A cold drop of sweat fell down the fat manager’s face and his eyes fluttered. When Xu Xiaodong came forward to cuff him, he actually wanted to jump out of the window. However, he was pressed on the table by several policemen. Lin Dongxue said, “You publicly sexually harassed female employees in the company. We have solid evidence. Come back to the station with us!”

“Oh, this thing?” The face of the fat manager revealed a glimmer of joy.

“Is there anything else?” Chen Shi asked with a smile.

“No! No!” He shook his head like a wave drum, and the fat on his cheeks shook.

“So the sexual harassment is true then?”

“That is also fake, I have not done anything. Haha, you have to believe me, government!”

Lin Dongxue waved her hand and dismissed him. “Take him away!”

Chen Shi whispered next to Lin Dongxue's ear, “Find two talkative trainers to accompany him slowly, and leave a few people to search here.”

After using this tactic[2], now the entire KangXing Company can be searched at random. Lin Dongxue asked the two police officers go down and look for blood stains in the parking lot and the entrance and exit of the building. She, Xu Xiaodong, Chen Shi, and two other police officers gathered the staff and prepared for the interrogation.

The employees were concentrated in the conference room and everyone looked puzzled. Some of their eyes were darting back and forth and they all looked overwhelmed. Chen Shi took the employee’s list and asked, “All the workers are here?”

“All here, our company has seventeen people.”

“Who is an accountant?”

A woman came out and Chen Shi said, “Let's talk over here in the corner.”

Chen Shi asked the accountant to show him the salary payslips. The salary list for several years showed that there were only 17 people. Chen Shi did not believe it. He looked at the document labels and said, “Why were the 2015 and 2016 documents revised recently?”

The accountant smiled nervously and said, “The manager asked me to make a report, so I recently opened it.”


“A few days ago!”

“Day of the week?”

“Uh… Monday!”

“How much is your monthly salary?” Chen Shi pressed on with his questioning.

“Six thousand four hundred.”[3]

Chen Shi smiled. He glanced at the name card on the front of the accountant and pointed to a column on the form and said, “But on this, your salary is over seven thousand!”[4]

1. Real place. Hot pot with a chimney in the middle. Lamb and mutton there taste really nice apparently. 

2. Actual war tactic in the past. To summarize, in a war, they first utilized A to eliminate B. After all was said and done, they eliminated A as well. 

3. Around $900 USD. 

4. Around $980 USD. 

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