Chapter 48: Jia’s Secret

The two vehicles of police rushed to the hospital. After getting out of the cars, Lin Qiupu yelled at the two officers who were waiting by the hospital door. "What the hell happened? How did he escape even though you guys were keeping watch?"

Police officer A said, "We just smoked a cigarette in the corridor. It was only around 5 minutes, but by the time we got back he was gone."

Police officer B said, "The guy was long awake. He stole the nurse's ballpoint pen and opened his handcuffs using it. The hospital said that he might be in a coma for a few weeks, so we just... Took it a bit lightly."

Lin Qiupu waved their excuses off and said, "Okay, okay, now is not the time to reflect. Find him immediately! Everyone put your walkie talkies on the same channel. We need to split up to cover every neighborhood, parking lot, shopping mall and even every manhole cover!"

The police officers dispersed quickly. Lin Qiupu stood in the same place to act as a control centre. He constantly heard the subordinates from the radio saying, "I haven't found him here!", "I asked the surrounding residents, and they did not see anyone with a hospital gown come by."

Lin Qiupu got more and more impatient and annoyed. This wanted man has escaped twice in the past. We should have increased the number of police monitoring him.

At this time, Lin Dongxue’s voice came from the radio, "Brother, near the Rose Garden Community! Hurry up, I found him."

Lin Qiupu quickly rushed the nearby officers to head on over, and he jumped into the police car and rushed there well beyond the speed limit.

When they got to the community, they heard an announcement from inside. "Residents of the Block 4, please close your doors. There is a wanted man who has fled into the building’s corridors, everyone must be careful! If necessary, take self-defense measures!"

The sound came from Lin Dongxue. Lin Qiupu followed the sound and saw her holding a microphone in her hand. She was shouting towards a unit building.

It turned out that after she found Jia, she fired a warning shot and Jia fled into a residential building. As she feared that it would become a hostage situation, she immediately borrowed a microphone from the neighborhood committee members[1] to warn the residents of the building to be cautious.

Lin Qiupu patted Lin Dongxue’s shoulder and praised, "Good job!"

He gestured for one group of police officers to go upstairs to catch the criminal and for another group of officers to go up to the roof of the building next door to attack him from top and bottom.[2]

Jia was hurt and there wasn’t much strength left in him. Two police officers finally found him on the seventh floor. He was madly hitting the door of an apartment with his body with a woman’s screams coming from inside the door.

"Do not move!"

"Hands up!"

Under the encirclement of the pistol, Jia had to raise his hands and was handcuffed again.

Seeing that Jia was taken down, Lin Qiupu’s anxiety levels settled back down to his stomach. He turned to Lin Dongxue. "This time your contributions were first class. The credit is all yours."

"The credit is not important. It is good to have no residents injured." Lin Dongxue smiled in satisfaction.

Lin Qiupu was stunned and thought, My sister seems to be very capable now. Is it the influence of that guy?

A police officer came over to report the situation. When Lin Qiupu learned that Jia was madly hitting the door of an apartment in panic when he had nowhere to go, Lin Qiupu said, "I see, this guy is a dog jumping over the wall[3]. I will go up to appease the resident. You all escort him back to the station first."

"I will go too!" Lin Dongxue jumped in.

The two went upstairs. The residents understood that the danger was lifted and began opening their doors curiously as they looked at Lin Qiupu. They asked him what the situation was, and he answered in a way that would appease them without giving away any critical information.

On the seventh floor, the apartment was still closed. Lin Qiupu looked at the door and commented, "Hey, this guy was strong enough to make a dent in the door."

He knocked on the door. "Hello, we are the police. We came to see if you needed anything."

The woman in the house replied, "Nothing, it was just frightening."

"The person has been apprehended."

"Oh, that's great. Thank you officers."

After that, a young woman opened the door, and Lin Dongxue noticed that she was pregnant. She looked into the room and asked, "Big sister, are you alone?"

"Yeah, my husband is still at work. Suddenly this happened… It really frightened me."

"I am very sorry it made you so scared. Oh, right. This door has been damaged. We can reimburse the repair costs afterwards." Lin Qiupu said.

"No need! As long as you’ve caught the person, it’s fine. This kind of person should be shot!"

After they said their goodbyes to the pregnant woman, the two walked down the stairs. Lin Dongxue suddenly stopped and said, "Brother, why do I get the feeling that this young woman knows Jia?"

"Why do you say that?"

"Look at the layout of this floor. There are eight doors on each floor. Jia didn’t pick the nearest one from the stairs, but picked the one furthest from him in the west wing... The young woman said, 'This kind of person should be shot.’ Does she know what crimes Jia has committed? His wanted order did not seem to have been publicly published in the city... And when I chased him before, he seemed to run into this building with a purpose."

Lin Qiupu muttered for a while and felt that Lin Dongxue’s reasoning was very reasonable. He said, "Go back and check it out!"

The two knocked on the door again, and the young woman opened the door and questioned, "Is there something wrong?"

"With all due respect, do you know the man who just got caught?" Lin Qiupu said directly.

"No... Don't know!" The young woman's eyes fluttered around anxiously.

"Then why did he run into this unit and madly hit your door at the moment of arrest?"

"You are joking, how would I know? You ask him!" said the young woman as she stroked her hair.

Lin Dongxue noticed a recent knife wound on her arm. She said, "Have you been attacked recently?"

"Uh..." The young woman looked at the wound on her arm. "This is... This is because I accidentally scratched myself."

Lin Qiupu said, "The person has already been caught. You can tell us any hidden information!"

"Really, there’s nothing. Please excuse me!"

The other party asked for them to leave and so they felt forced to do so. However, just when they turned around, the young woman suddenly shouted, "Wait, I have something to say. Please, won’t you come in?"

Lin Qiupu and Lin Dongxue exchanged a look before turning back into the house.

When they entered the room, the two sat down at the table in the living room. The young woman made small talk for a while and asked if they would drink tea. The two said they didn't need it.

The young woman sighed and said, "To be honest, the guy who was caught is my ex-husband!"

"Huh!?" Lin Dongxue looked surprised.

The young woman said that she and Jia were married in 2012. At the time in Li Tong City, Jia was a laborer. They got together because he was very funny and handsome. The young woman’s family was very opposed to them being together. However, she disregarded her family and eloped with Jia.

After the two married, the bad nature of Jia was gradually revealed. He was a lazy and grumpy person. There wasn’t a single month that he properly went to work, and he would always try to come up with tricks to make some fast cash. As a result, the two had a large debt to shoulder. When Jia wasn’t in a good mood or when things didn’t go his way, he would take it out on her.

At the time, she believed she would regret even upon her deathbed. She regretted not listening to her family's words and washed her face in tears all day. Later, she forged her heart into iron and decided that she didn't want to go through this kind of life anymore. She waited for Jia to go on a business trip and stole some money before fleeing back to Long'an City.

Later, she got to know her current husband. Although he was introduced to her by her family, the two lived very well and she soon got pregnant with this crystallization of love.

Unexpectedly, she saw Jia’s murder in the news and saw that he was wanted. At that time, her emotions were very complicated. She felt shock, pity and happiness all at the same time. It wasn’t surprising for this disappointing guy to stoop to this level.

1. In China, there are some self-proclaimed reps that neighbors may go to for help or advice. 

2. I can only assume that he means that you can access the roof from another building because they are connected at the top, which isn’t uncommon in Asia. The author specifically mentions that the other group was to go up the stairs of the building next to the current one so they can swarm the criminal from all sides. 

3. An expression where a dog would even jump over a wall if they were cornered enough.  

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