Chapter 479: Who Is The Accomplice?

Lin Dongxue gritted her teeth. This death row criminal actually dared to play chess with the police. Chen Shi said, "Slow down. The matter you’ve asked for isn’t so easily done. We’ll go to the women’s prison and communicate with them. Then, we’ll inform you.”

"Hey!" Lin Dongxue desperately whispered, hinting that he shouldn’t be fooled.

Shen sat back down again and said, "You have to do it as soon as possible. Her period will come the day after tomorrow. If we meet then, you really think we’ll just have a catch-up?"

"Okay, I will do it as soon as I go out."

Shen smiled and rubbed his hands excitedly. "This officer is easier to talk to. I wish you a smooth case."

Chen Shi also smiled, put the things on the table in a plastic bag, and pushed it in front of him. "You should also hold onto these. But, there is a condition. You have to disclose at least a little information, so we know that you really have the information."

"When I see my girl..."

"I’ll only ask one question!"

Shen's eyes darted around. He weighed the proposal in his mind. "If the question is too much, I won't answer it."

"Okay! Let me ask you this: When you were arrested, you knew that the accomplice would still commit crimes, right?"

Shen's eyes changed. He was about to nod, but suddenly started shaking his head again.

Chen Shi seemed to get a satisfactory answer. He pushed the bag in his hands and said, "Take it!"

"As soon as possible. As soon as possible, government!"

After leaving the prison, Lin Dongxue said, "You’ve always been very smart. How can you get fooled so easily? It’s a scam. He’s a death row prisoner who isn’t afraid of anything. He definitely just wants to scam some more benefits at once.”

"I know that there’s a high probability this is a scam, but from the perspective of income revenue and expenditure, even if he scammed us, we wouldn’t have sustained much of a loss. If he isn’t scamming us, we would make a big profit."

Lin Dongxue furrowed her brows and thought about it. Allowing the two death row prisoners to meet was just a matter of putting in some effort.

"Moreover, he even knows the other's physiological period clearly, indicating that he has long planned to make this transaction. He will talk. Believe me just this once!"

Lin Dongxue smiled bitterly. "I really hope that you’ll be cheated one day. You’re still so confident."

"Ah, which side are you standing on! Call your brother! No, your brother’s words may not work. Ask the chief."

"I... I haven't spoken with the chief before. How can I make this kind of request?"

"Let me do it!"

The two returned to the bureau. Lin Dongxue brought Chen Shi into the chief’s office. Chen Shi greeted the chief politely, and then said he hoped for a favor. The chief thought for a while before saying, “Little Lin, you should go out first.”

"Oh… Okay!"

Lin Dongxue waited anxiously outside. Chen Shi came out twenty minutes later, and she asked nervously, "How was it?"

"He agreed. Your chief is easy to talk to."

"No way, this... He agreed to this?"

"The chief said that I’ve solved many cases in the team. They owe me a favor. It doesn't matter even if they help me a little. Besides, my original intention was to investigate the case."

Lin Dongxue both admired and suspected him. Chen Shi and the chief wouldn’t know each other right? It was the first time he asked the chief for help, but it went so smoothly!

At the meeting the next morning, Peng Sijue said that he went to the community where Little Li went missing yesterday. After careful investigation, female DNA was found at the scene. Little Li’s parents weren’t from the city, so there was no way to compare them. The house was probably the place where the murderer stayed.

Along with the second scene, it meant that there are more eyewitnesses. After the real estate agent pieced together a face with the software and the neighbors’ confirmation, the sketch artist was able to redo and create an official portrait. Now the suspect’s sketch had come out.

Ponytail said that a lady from XX Foot Care Club had disappeared for a week, and the characteristics basically matched the first body. She was named Little Feng.

The police checked the bank cards of the two missing women and found that they withdrew all the money in their cards at the end of May and the end of July. 300,000 and 250,000 were withdrawn respectively.

This kind of tactic to gain income by targeting women who had strayed was determined by the police to be a copy of the 714 case two years ago. The suspect was most likely the accomplice who escaped justice.

Today's task was mainly to investigate Little Feng and Little Li to see if there was any connection between the murderer and them. Of course, considering the particularity of their workplace, they may have to take a cautious approach.

Chen Shi greeted the others and left with Lin Dongxue first. The two went to the women’s prison with the document signed by the chief and brought the person out to the prison.

In order to prevent Shen from playing any tricks, Chen Shi planned a two-handed approach and asked Lin Dongxue to question Zhou in the reception room first. Zhou didn’t care about anything Lin Dongxue said, saying that she wouldn’t say anything if she couldn’t see her boyfriend.

At 10:00 in the morning, Shen was taken by the prison guard to a visitation room. They let him glance from the window. When he saw that Zhou was sitting inside, Shen jumped excitedly towards the window. "You really kept your word. I give. I give. Rest assured, I’ll tell you everything when we’re done.”

Chen Shi said, "I didn't say you could meet now."


"When you tell me about the accomplice, I will let you in immediately. Don’t worry, your girlfriend came from the women's prison miles away. We won’t trick you guys." As he said this, Chen Shi handed a condom to Shen.

It could be seen that Shen was really impatient. He looked like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. "Master officer, don't play with me. How many times have I dealt with you guys? I know how sly you guys are. We’ll talk after I’ve had my reunion. Didn’t we agree to this?”

"I don't remember saying that to you. I promised you that you and your girlfriend could have a reunion, but you have to tell me the intelligence I require."

"Reunion first!"

"This is our bottom line. If you don’t talk, then don’t think you can enter this door.”

Shen was so anxious that he couldn’t handle it. At this time, his IQ was discounted[1]. Seeing Chen Shi standing so firm, he almost wanted to kneel and kowtow. Finally, under the impact of hormones, the sad male instinct made him admit defeat.

"Okay, okay, I’ll talk. I’ll talk. But if you play me, may you be struck by the Gods and lightning!"

"I won't fool you. Just talk."

"Actually... Actually, there’s no accomplice at all. It’s because you checked in the wrong direction."

"Huh? Are you playing with me?"

"Aiya!" Shen stomped on the ground anxiously. "Would I tell a lie at this time? There is no accomplice. The reason why you think this is because of another person’s set of fingerprints found on the scene and the 200,000 missing from our stash. I’ll tell you the truth. It’s because it was stolen from me! It sounds like nonsense, but it’s true. I killed five[2] prostitutes. When I was done, a thief pried the safe and stole 200,000 from me. After prying, they called the police and told them that I was murdering people. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I knew I shouldn’t have rented a house in a poorly secured area. After I was arrested, I repeatedly told you that there was no accomplice. No accomplice. But you all just didn’t believe me! Since you all insisted there was an accomplice, I followed along with your accusations to see if I could get some benefits!”

1. Popular phrase. Commonly used to express that something (in this case, IQ), was lowered/has dissipated 

2. I’m pretty sure they initially said six. But the last two times it was mentioned, the author said five… 


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