Chapter 478: Conditions From a Prisoner With a Death Sentence

Chen Shi got Little Li's information, glanced at it roughly, and asked Ponytail, "Are you familiar with your peers in the same industry in this city?"

Ponytail hesitated, "Uh... There are a few people I know."

"Please do me a favor and help me ask which young ladies of theirs have disappeared recently. They need to be about 25 years old, slightly fat, and have a hobby of smoking and drinking. They also had syphilis in its incubation stages.”

"Officer, it’s not that I don’t want to help. I don't have that ability. I'm also a worker and I don't have many connections in the circle."

"If you do me this favor, I’ll give you more connections from the police. It will only benefit you. Besides, I'm not getting you to do anything illegal. This group of criminals specializes in harming women who’ve strayed and gone into prostitution, breaking your financial path while also challenging the prestige of the police. I will now give you a chance to make a contribution. If you don’t help, I’ll ask others."

Ponytail changed his attitude immediately. He said with a smile, "Officer, I’ll help you with this. Then if I help you with this, would you let this brother know in advance if there are any sweeping yellow and anti-vice activities in the future?"

Chen Shi laughed. "Talking about the conditions so quickly? How smart! Rest assured, we will meet again."

Ponytail thought it was a hint as well as a promise, and the two parties exchanged contact information.

When Chen Shi returned to the car, Lin Dongxue asked curiously, "What was inside?"

"Looks like an ordinary massage parlor. I got Little Li's information."

"I just called the bureau and asked the brothers to help me check. Shen, the principal offender in the 714 case, was arrested two years ago. There was also an accomplice, Zhou, who was a female. The relationship between the two is boyfriend and girlfriend. Zhou was also a sex worker before, but because of a conflict with a colleague, she called her boyfriend, Shen[1] to vent her anger. Shen[2] kidnapped the first victim, tortured her, and forced her to spit out her bank card password before they killed and dismembered her. The two made a fortune of 400,000 and found that this was a fast way to make money. Then, they continued to find sex workers and ran around committing crimes everywhere until they were arrested."

"Using this as a way to make money... These two people are inhumane. Are there any others?"

"The police investigated at the time and found that there might be another accomplice, but Shen and Zhou were very tight-lipped. Both of them were sentenced to death and they shouldered everything. They didn’t disclose the whereabouts of the accomplice. They may still be roaming free even now. Old Chen, I think this case may be committed by the other offender. It’s too similar in all aspects!"

Chen Shi pondered for a moment. "To explain this, we must find the person. Why don’t we pay a visit to Shen?"

"Will he say anything now that he’s a death row prisoner? Nothing can be used to bluff him."

"Let’s try it. He’s been squatting in prison for a long time now. Maybe his mentality has changed!"

The two bought some roast chicken, beer, peanuts and the like along the way. They went to the reform and correctional facility in the suburbs. After explaining the situation with the prison officers, they waited in the reception room. Chen Shi said, "It's good to be a policeman. Being able to see the legendary thief when you want to, it’s an opportunity most people wouldn’t be able to have."

"Tch, they aren’t stars. Most people wouldn’t want to see them, except for weird people like you."

The death row prisoner who killed five[3] people looked very common. He was wearing a numbered shirt, had close-cropped hair, and looked very wretched. He was brought in by hand from the other door by the prison guard while in handcuffs. The guard handcuffed him to the ring on the edge of the table. Shen was very honest throughout the entire time.

Shen glanced at the two of them. His eyes stayed on Lin Dongxue's face for a while, but he didn’t act out of line. Instead, he said with a smile, "Government[4], I’m going to be shot next month. If you’ve come to question me now, has something happened outside?"

"Your sense of smell is very sharp." Chen Shi said, "I'm not afraid to tell you the truth. Someone is paying tribute to the case you committed a few years back. It may be that accomplice of yours who escaped back then.”

"Hasn’t my accomplice already been arrested? She’s locked in the female cells right now!"

Chen Shi opened the food on the table. Smelling the delicious roasted chicken, Shen gulped down his saliva and licked his lips constantly. Chen Shi asked as if he was luring a small animal, "Want to eat it?"

Shen nodded desperately.

"If you want to eat it, then be honest. This may be the last chance you can have a beautiful meal before you’re shot. I won't fool you. As long as you talk, this roast chicken, peanuts, braised vegetables, and sausages can be eaten at your will. I also have a carton of Hongtashan. You can take it back to smoke in your cell."

Shen laughed.

"Want to eat it?"

"I do!"

"Are you going to talk?"

Shen smiled and shook his head.

"Then I think you still don't want to eat it."

Shen shook his head again. "No, government, I certainly want to eat it."

"Talk then!"

Shen laughed in a vague manner again, making what he wanted unpredictable. Lin Dongxue warned, "Don't play Tai Chi with us[5]. If you don’t want to talk, then it’s fine. We don’t have time to waste with you.”

Chen Shi cooperated with her and acted out the rest of the performance. "Since he doesn’t want to confess, I’ll ask the prison guard to take him away!"

"Aiya!" Shen held out a hand. "I... I haven't been exposed to oil[6] for a long time. When I see these things, even if you put poison inside, I want to eat them! But, I’m not stupid. I know that if it’s food from the police, I wouldn’t be able to eat it for nothing.”

"What's the point of your loyalty right now? You’re about to die. We checked. You don't have brothers or children. That partner can't be your relative, so why don't you give him up for a good meal? Even if you tell us now, he will go through the legal process for at least a few months and won’t meet you in prison. For you, he’s a non-existent person. "

"I understand! I understand!" Shen laughed. "In order to find this lead, you police have spared much effort. But, I know that you won’t care about me once I tell you. I’ll die soon and it doesn’t make sense to bear it. Since it’ll be forced out sooner or later, it’s better to ask for a bigger reward. I have one request. If you are willing to satisfy me, I’ll talk. If not, then forget it.”

"What's the requirement?" Chen Shi had already vaguely guessed that if it wasn't food, it would probably be sex.

"Get my girl over. I’ll have a reunion with her. I’ll tell you when it’s done.” Shen continued to smile.

Lin Dongxue's cheeks twitched. "Will you really just have a catch up?"

"Oh, it’s embarrassing to say it so explicitly in front of this female officer, but you should know what we’re doing when we meet... Right, she should have her period on the 7th. If you want to bring her over, you need to take advantage of these next two days. After that, we can only wait for after the 10th.”

Lin Dongxue frowned. "Don’t turn your nose up. Who would satisfy you with this requirement? You really think that we can't solve the case without you."

Shen said with a grin, "Then, forget it. Take the food and drinks away. I’m a person who’s going to die, so there’s not much difference in having a meal or not.” Then, Shen stood up ready to go.

1. Pretty sure the author means to say Shen, because he calls him “Shen” going forward. But here, the author wrote that her boy was called “Xu”. It will only happen once more. 

2. Pretty sure the author means to say Shen, because he calls him “Shen” going forward. But here, the author wrote that her boy was called “Xu”. This is the second and last time “Xu” is mentioned. 

3. I’m pretty sure the author wrote six women earlier. 

4. Some people address anyone who makes or enforces the law as “government”. 

5. Don’t play games with us. Usually used to address people talking in circles. 

6. As in, he’s only been able to have bland food in prison. 


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