Chapter 46: Wolf-like Company

Seeing that Chen Shi didn’t answer, Lin Dongxue further prompted, “What special day is today? Did you have a friend who died today?”

“Let me keep a little privacy.” Chen Shi regained his usual expression.

The two watched a variety show for a while. Lin Dongxue said, “Oh hey, have you heard of Song Lang?”

Chen Shi, who was cutting an apple, paused and asked, “Your ex-boyfriend?”

“Go die! This person is a genius detective. I heard that he is particularly powerful. There is no unsolvable case if it is overseen by him. I think if you are a person in Long'An City, you should have heard of him!”

“No, I only came here two years ago.”

“Oh, I can’t tell by your accent.”

“I learned quickly. I chat all day with the passengers, so I gradually changed my accent... Why did you suddenly ask me this?”

“Nothing, really. I just heard about it from my brother a few days ago, and I just suddenly thought about it, that’s all.”

On the TV, the advertisement was broadcasting. Lin Dongxue got up and packed the dishes. She was a little hesitant in her heart. Should I chase him away? But looking at him, it seems he just wants to stay here for a while without any ulterior motives. 

Hesitant for a long time, she finally said, “I have to take a shower.”

“Oh! Then you go.” Chen Shi's eyes stared at the TV and replied casually.

Lin Dongxue was so angry in her heart. Is this person pretending to be stupid? Wasn’t it a very obvious way to get rid of him?

She went into the bathroom, locked the door and started taking a shower. She kept an ear out to listen out for any motions happening outside. Her heart was a little uneasy. At the end of the day, there was a man in her house. 

At this time, she heard the sound of water as well as pots and pans.

She was very curious and wanted to open the door a little to see what the guy was up to, but she held herself back.

After the shower, she came out to no one in the room. Lin Dongxue found that the dishes in the kitchen had been cleaned and inserted on the shelf. The TV in the living room was still on. There was a plate of peeled apples on the coffee table. Next to it, there was a note that read, “I am leaving. Take an early rest. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Lin Dongxue smiled, picked up a slice of apple and put it in her mouth.

The next morning, the three people met at the station. Chen Shi was back to his usual vibrant look, carrying a bag of breakfast in his hand. Xu Xiaodong said, “Hey, brother Chen, are you treating us to breakfast?”

“Sorry, this is not for you.”

“Surely you didn’t buy it for Captain Peng again?” Lin Dongxue said.

“If I’m asking for something of someone, of course I have to bring some goods!”

“Psh, you only know to buy it for him, never buying anything for us. We count as temporary partners!” Lin Dongxue said unhappily.

“Okay, okay, I’ll treat you guys later.”

As he said this, Chen Shi arrived at the forensics department. As soon as he entered the room, he saw several researchers lying on the tables and chairs sleeping soundly. The paper basket at the foot of Peng Sijue’s feet were full of used coffee cups. It seems that they had pulled another all-nighter. Lin Dongxue couldn’t help but think that Captain Peng was too strong being able to pull two all-nighters in a row.

Hearing the footsteps, Peng Sijue turned around in his chair. His eyes were surrounded by two dark circles and his skin color was paler than usual. He said, “You guys sure are running around a lot!”

“I want to ask for a favor. I want to borrow something.” Chen Shi said as he put the breakfast on the table.

Peng Sijue glanced at the things in the bag and sneered. “I knew that you wouldn’t visit the Sanbao Temple unless you wanted something. When you have a use for me, you always try to act nice and all.”

“You make me sound so shallow. How about I buy you breakfast every day? I pass by here every time I start my orders for the day anyway.”

“Save the act. Don’t appear in front of me all the time... What do you want to borrow?”

“I need a set of equipment for investigating blood stains.”

This time, Peng Sijue was surprisingly accepting of the request. He stood up and went to the back room, and then came back carrying a silver-white forensic investigation box and said, “Do you know how to use it?”

“You teach me!” Chen Shi smiled.

“Xiaodong should understand this, you ask him to teach you. Don't break it, come back after you finish work.”


Chen Shi took the investigation box and said his goodbyes. Lin Dongxue said on the way out, “You seem to have a pretty good relationship with Captain Peng now.”

“This is your illusion. This kind of person is actually very easy to deal with. I think it is much better than your brother.”

“Hey, why are you saying things to insult my brother all of a sudden?”

“Is this called insulting? I just said that your brother is not very easy to make relations with.”

Chen Shi fulfilled the promise and treated the two to breakfast. Then, they drove to Kang Xing Electronics Company. On the way, he circled around and parked next to a car. The driver in the car had a bald head. He complained, “Why were you so slow? I missed three orders because of this, ya know?”

“Sorry, I’ll shout you drinks later.”

“This is the stuff you wanted!”

The bald man handed over a paper bag and drove away. Lin Dongxue curiously extended her head to peek. “What is this?”

“Secret weapon!” Chen Shi had a mysterious smile.

They went to Kang Xing Electronics Company and stood at the foot of the building. Chen Shi said to Xu Xiaodong, “Xiaodong, I’ll give you a task. You turn your phone to vibrate. Later, I will give you a look and you will have to leave immediately. Try to not let people see you and go to the security department to draw the attention of the people inside.”

“Are we doing a bad thing?” Xu Xiaodong asked.

“You’re thinking too much. We are just looking for evidence. I noticed that there was security monitoring yesterday. It is not good to be seen by people. You can help me to take care of the security guards until I call you. Then, your job is done.”

“Yes sir!” Xu Xiaodong saluted.

The three people walked into the company and found that there was no one at the front desk. There were various voices coming from a room in the corridor. Although they couldn’t hear what was being said, but the tone was like that of a headmaster telling off the students.

“Perfect timing, they are in their morning meeting.” Chen Shi said, “Go, let’s go! Xiaodong...”

Xu Xiaodong understood and left immediately to go to the security room. 

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue quietly went outside the door, which was left slightly ajar. Chen Shi pushed it open a little and saw a row of employees standing with their hands on their backs. The fat manager walked around saying his speech.

“...Don't always think about what the company can do for you, think about what you can do for the company! You are part of the company, you should have a sense of collective honor and teamwork. Don't think about the immediate benefits, that is short-sighted. You came here to create a career, do you understand?”

“Full of useless quotes!” Lin Dongxue reproved.

After the manager ended his long speech, he asked the employees to memorize several classic sales quotes. The scene was like military training, full of the smell of chicken blood.

Then the manager said, “Okay, today's morning meeting is over.”

“Let's go!” Lin Dongxue tugged Chen Shi's sleeves.


The employees did not leave immediately. They saw the female employees standing in a row one by one. They looked like they were very embarrassed, while others wore numb expressions.

The female employees passed by the fat manager one by one and kissed him. Lin Dongxue was so scared that she put her hand over her mouth. What kind of ceremony was this?!

The fat manager seemed to enjoy the process very much. Every time he kissed a female employee, he nodded. When a few pretty female employees walked by him, he squeezed or pinched their buttocks.

When encountering a female employee who just did it quickly to get it over and done with, he would order the other party to come back and re-complete this “ceremony” of theirs.

The male staff next to them mostly dipped their heads low, seemingly reluctant to see this scene.

“What a good embodiment of wolf-like culture. Pretending that the company is his own small kingdom. The employees are all domesticated into slaves.” Chen Shi smiled bitterly.

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