Chapter 453: Each Person’s Luck

In the hijacked police car, Wang Xingdong leaned back on the back seat, splayed out, and pointed a gun at the back of the two police officers’ heads in front of him. He said, "I heard that the anti-narcotics team just seized five kilograms of heroin. Use that in exchange for the lives of these two policemen."

In Lin Qiupu's car, Captain Zhang roared, "We can't do that!"

"Don't talk!" Lin Qiupu made a gesture for him to stop talking and then quickly typed on his phone. "Don’t talk to him without my command!"

He showed the line of text to the people in the car and sent it to everyone present.

Wang Xingdong's laughter came from the radio. "I'm kidding. I was planning to commit suicide next month anyway. I don't know why, but this gun suddenly appeared in front of my door. I haven’t felt a gun in so long. I think this may be God's will. Some people want me to do something."

Lin Qiupu replied sternly, "Wang Xingdong, that man is just using you."

"It's okay if I’m used. It’s fine no matter what. It’s not the first time I’ve been used… Captain Zhang, let’s talk about the shameless transactions you’ve made!"

Captain Zhang countered, "I don't know what you’re talking about!"

"You really don't know?!"

"I don’t know anything."

A scream suddenly broke out through the radio and the car in front of them slipped on the road. Then, a policeman was thrown out from the passenger seat and rolled a few times on the road. The police cars behind them almost rear-ended each other.

Lin Qiupu directed on the radio, "Old Zhang, take a few people, stay here, and take that person to the hospital."

"No need!" Wang Xingdong interrupted him. "He’s dead. It was a headshot."

"What the hell do you want to do?!" Lin Qiupu questioned. He didn't expect this guy to act so quickly.

The cry of the officer driving came through on the radio. "I don't want to die! Captain, I don't want to die!"

"Shut up!" A scream was accompanied by the sounds of beating.

Everyone who heard the sounds broke out in cold sweat. Wang Xingdong continued, "Captain Zhang, you’re still not going to talk? I’ll count to three. One... Two..."

"I’ll talk! I’ll talk!" Captain Zhang was sweating heavily. "After you left the anti-narcotics team, you were engaged in drugs everywhere. I sympathized with you, but I am a policeman, so I couldn’t violate the regulations to help you. I proposed to let you continue to go undercover. After all, your identity still hadn’t been exposed and you had a lot of contacts with drug dealers. And at the same time... At the same time, it could also meet your drug demands."

"But you lied to me!" They could imagine Wang Xingdong gritting his teeth even through the radio. "You told me that as long as I complete the task again, you’d let me return to the team. I waited for years and years as I helped you get rid of drug trafficking strongholds one after the other. I was almost buried alive by the triads and cut down by knives. However, in the end, you told me that I was a policeman who had been addicted to drugs and that it was impossible for me to go back to the team. You told me to continue to go undercover! My heart always thought I was a policeman, but you would casually tell me to go undercover since I could continue taking drugs that way. You have no idea how painful it is to be an undercover agent. You have to act every day, just like walking on the tip of a knife. This is simply a road you can never return from! I’m not even a policeman anymore, so why should I continue to help you?! There were so many times I really wanted to betray you to help the drug dealers once, but I couldn’t do it because I was deeply hurt before and I know the pain of it… You never thought about why I still kept providing information even though I didn’t have any hope of rejoining the team. It’s because I held an illusion in my heart that I could continue to make contributions to get the bureau to accept me again. But, the credit went to you in the end! You didn’t even fight for me once. To you, I was a depraved person who was unworthy of rescue. You couldn’t wait for me to be identified by a drug dealer and be killed quietly one day, thrown into a river, and disappear from the world. I don’t even amount to a fart to you!"

Captain Zhang looked as though he was raining sweat. "Sor... Sorry, I didn't know you had so many hardships. I really just wanted to help you at first."

"And then?!"


"Hurry up and spit it out!!!" Wang Xingdong shouted.

"Later, I was too busy and didn't contact you often. I asked the higher ups about your return to the team. They said that if you didn’t stop taking drugs, you wouldn’t be able to return to the team. Only if you’d stopped taking drugs first, but you clearly went to get rehab a few times and never succeeded.”

"That kind of thing can't be stopped. It doesn’t just go into your body, but into your heart. That’s why there’s the anti-narcotics police." Wang Xingdong's tone held endless sadness.

At this time, Chen Shi ’s voice came from the radio. “Officer Wang, I am the negotiating expert. I can hear that you’re a just person. I also sympathize with you. It’s too troublesome to talk while chasing after you in a car like this. Can we stop first?”

Lin Qiupu was furious. Why did this guy suddenly chime in?

Wang Xingdong said contemptuously, "Negotiation expert? Who do you think you are? Why would you be the one to speak to me?"

Chen Shi replied, "I’m here to solve the problem."

"What problem can you solve? I have destroyed a policeman and killed another. As soon as I stop the car, I will be shot down by countless bullets immediately. I have no means of turning back now, just like my life. A little syringe ruined my whole life."

"That's not your fault!" Chen Shi said.

"Haha, whose fault is it then?! The drug dealers? Police? Society?"

"Listen, your occupation is a profession that protects the law and justice. The police never ask the criminal’s origin. Just like a drug dealer that appears in front of you. You don’t care how miserable his past was. In your eyes, they’re just a virus to society that needs to be eliminated or quarantined. The police are in such a sunny profession[1], but are they really that sunny? There’s still corruption within. Is there corruption in the police force? Yes! Do they seek out prostitutes? Yes! Do they take drugs? Also, yes. That is, the iron fist is ruthless. Once such outliers are found, they will be ruled out immediately. All their private feelings will be put aside because this is their job. To exclude the virus of society! This is for anyone, including the police with no exceptions."

"Don't say anything more!" Lin Qiupu interrupted, fearing that Chen Shi would provoke him.

Wang Xingdong actually said, "Shut up and let him talk."

Lin Qiupu was shocked. This kind of talk actually worked on a gunman? Chen Shi continued, "That unfortunate thing happened to you. Whose fault was it? I think no one was at fault. It’s just that you had bad luck, that’s all! Actually, thinking about it carefully, the criminals we are fighting are also the way that they are because of bad luck. They cry about their tragic past, but no matter how much they cry, they won’t get a trace of sympathy. If they were born into a happy family, obtained a good education, and met the right people, would they have come to this step? Of course not! Everyone with bad luck always asks why it had to be them. The world is like this. It arranges different luck and fates for everyone. Some people are extremely unlucky and step by step, they get to the point of destruction... As for you, you unluckily drew the extremely short straw!"

1. Sunny in that they are just and walk the path of light. 


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