Chapter 452: Fallen Police

The interrogation continued until 8:00 PM. Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were anxiously waiting outside. Lin Dongxue asked, "Are they really going to jail?"

"It's hard to say. They just didn't report something they knew. They neither sheltered the criminals nor destroyed evidence. It depends on how the courts sentence them."

"I’m guessing that the courts will also have a headache when that time comes." Lin Dongxue smiled.

At this time, Lin Qiupu came out of the interrogation room. He was very tired, but his eyes were shining. "These two guys confessed. Let’s go to their company to arrest people!”

The police soon brought back all the people from this company. After the interrogations the next morning, they finally got some key clues. As Chen Shi had expected, when Ji Xingyao bribed them, she promised to give them some heavy news.

The list this time was just one of them. They didn't expect the mess left by the previous case to only be resolved now.

With this list, Ji Xingyao could be arrested.

After going through twists and turns, this list finally reached the hands of the police. There were fifteen names on it. The police arrested the remaining people in sequence according to the list. The bureau was extremely busy on this day and the guns on the whiteboard were retrieved one by one. They were found before the guns had been used.

Until evening, there were two spots left unfilled. Lin Qiupu summoned everyone and said, "There are only fifteen people on the list that we’ve gotten. The last one on the list is Wang Xingdong. We went to his house but we couldn’t find anyone. I suspect he has already started taking action."

Chen Shi asked, "What's the background of this person?"

"It's not a small one!" Lin Qiupu said, "He was originally an anti-narcotics officer that had made a lot of achievements. Later, when he went undercover, he was injected with drugs by drug dealers resulting in a drug addiction. After returning to the team, he was sent to get mandatory rehab. He went back to the team after half a year of rehab, but colleagues soon discovered that he was still secretly taking drugs. After each drug sweep, he would secretly leave a portion. After the incident was exposed he was of course severely punished. He was suspended and expelled from the communist party[1]... This is information from the anti-narcotics team so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the information we’ve obtained! In addition, his marksmanship is very accurate. He used to be an accurate shooter in the team."

Everyone was in an uproar. They didn't expect that one of the last ones left would be such a hard bone[2]. Lin Qiupu said, "We’ve recovered 14 guns so far. There’s no more need to worry. From tomorrow onwards, we will try our best to find Wang Xingdong. We must find him before he kills someone!"

Chen Shi said, "I don’t want to attack your enthusiasm, but he used to be a policeman and the most dangerous kind of policeman at that. If he isn’t at home right now, there is a high probability that he has already begun to act... I remember that there are three silencers that were lost with these guns. Have you found them yet?"

Lin Qiupu shook his head sadly. "We’ve only found one, which means that Wang Xingdong must have a silencer."

"That would be too difficult!"

Lin Dongxue asked, "There’s a person missing from the list. Who could it be?"

Xu Xiaodong said, "Could it be that the murderer took one for himself?"

"We can’t rule out that possibility... Right, who do you think Wang Xingdong would kill?" Lin Qiupu asked.

"His colleagues or the drug dealer who harmed him back then." Chen Shi speculated.

Lin Qiupu looked around. "Everyone has been busy today, so you’re all tired, right?"

Everyone heard the implication within his words and unanimously replied, "Not tired!"

"Okay, we’ll go to the anti-narcotics team now."

The city’s anti-narcotics team was built together with a branch office. The police rushed there to find the current captain of the anti-narcotics team to explain the situation. The captain was a little surprised and a bit in disbelief. “Wang Xingdong has left for almost five years. Back then, we were comrades! His drug abuse was initially caused by the drug dealers. After returning to the team, we sent him to get forced rehab. He had been sober, but then we learned that he had been secretly taking them. Everyone was very sad. We can only say that it’s regrettable and a pity that he couldn’t fight for himself... I heard that this kid may still be taking drugs even now. His house and car were both sold and he’s in a lot of debt with loan sharks. He’s been taking drugs for five years, so I think he doesn’t have much power to retaliate against anyone.”

Lin Qiupu said, "We can’t let our guards down during this breakthrough point. In the previous cases we’ve dealt with, there were weak women and old, meek people. They all took the guns to kill people. Wang Xingdong has now been determined to be armed with a pistol and silencer. He’s likely to commit murder. I hope you can contact all the members again, especially those who’ve worked with Wang Xingdong previously."

The captain said, "Okay, I'll contact them now."

He took out his mobile phone, turned on the speaker, and made calls one by one. When one of the numbers was reached, it took a long time for the other party to answer. Then, there was a tapping sound with a beat over the phone before they hung up.

The captain said to the phone, “Little Long, Little Long, why won't you answer the phone?!"

He was ready to redial when Chen Shi said, "Wait!"

He tapped on the table with his fingers, repeating the rhythm he had heard just then. "Is this a code?"

"Morse code... SOS... He’s calling for help!" Lin Qiupu said in surprise. "Where does that member live?!"

The captain replied in shock, "I’ll take you there."

They sped all the way to Officer Xu Guolong's home and the anxious captain broke through the door immediately. He saw a man wearing a black hood raising a gun. The captain was frightened and immediately raised his own gun.

"Don't shoot!"

Chen Shi quickly pushed away the captain's hand and the bullet shot into a lamp. The captain shouted, "What are you doing?!"

Chen Shi pressed the man’s chest with one hand and uncovered the black hood with the other. It turned out that it was the policeman who had just called for help. He had a toy gun tied with adhesive tape to his hand. If Chen Shi hadn’t stopped the captain in time, the captain would have killed his own subordinate by accident.

Xu Guolong had drool coming out of his mouth and his eyes were in a daze. His hands fluttered around like he was drunk and he said some gibberish that nobody could understand.

The captain opened his eyelids and cursed, "Fuck! He was injected with drugs. This guy wants to destroy even his colleagues’ futures!"

At this time, the captain's cell phone rang. He answered and turned the speaker mode on. There was a gloomy voice that came from within the phone. "Captain Zhang, long time no see. Let's have a talk!"

The phone immediately hung up. Lin Qiupu said, "Call him back."

The captain looked at the number in a daze. "The number he used is my colleague’s. It’s the colleague on standby downstairs."

"Oh no, he led us here and hid himself downstairs in ambush!" Chen Shi realized.

The crowd hurried downstairs, leaving a police officer here to take care of Xu Guolong.

They went downstairs and found a car was missing. Captain Zhang asked Lin Qiupu's subordinates impatiently, "Which car?"

The officer said blankly, "It just drove away. I thought there was something they had to do, so I didn't question it."

Lin Qiupu said, "Catch him!"

Everyone got in the cars in a hurry and left the community. On the empty road at night, the police cars were speeding away and soon enough, the team had caught up. However, considering the suspect in the car was armed and had a hostage, they could only follow from a distance. 

At this time, there was some static coming from the radio. Someone was connecting to the radio. The voice was heard again, echoing in all the police cars. "Who is responsible for leading this team?"

Lin Qiupu said, "I’m Lin Qiupu, the captain of the second criminal police team."

"Oh, I remember you. You were still a kid back then and you followed Song Lang's butt around all day long."

"If I remember correctly, there are two policemen in the car. Judging from your voice, you should be sitting in the back and pointing a gun at them, right?"

"Sure enough, Song Lang taught you a lot." The voice praised.

"Tell us about your conditions!"

1. There are lots of benefits if you’re in the party, like better job opportunities. Some jobs that are higher up in the chain only consider communist party members. Supposedly, they pay a fee to be a member and they have to take some political classes in order to enter. 

2. An expression people use to describe a difficult task. 


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