Chapter 446: Wife, Your Majesty

Chapter 446: Wife, Your Majesty[1]

Chen Shi asked, "How did she use you?"

"Actually, I used to have a good family background and I was considered a rich second generation. This woman met me during a social occasion and we soon got married. With the help of my father, her company gradually improved! Then, she showed her true nature. After using my family, she immediately kicked us away. When my father's company was on the verge of bankruptcy, she was reluctant to reach out and help. As a result, my family fell into disrepute, and her own company rose to greater heights… Our relationship was only sweet for the first few months. That woman just faked it so she could use me. Then, when she was busy with her career, she gradually distanced herself from me. I could only stick my warm face to her cold ass every day[2]. Later, I realized that something wasn’t quite right. I hired a private investigator and it was only after investigating that I found out she was having such a good time at the company! This ho. This bitch!"

"What do you do for a living?"

"What does it mean to you?!" Brother Fei yelled back.

Chen Shi figured that this man probably didn't hold a serious job. He was dressed very gaudily from head to toe. Upon a closer look, they were all designer clothes.

The crux of the problem was not just because he was wearing green hats for so long. This man was supported by his wife. He was someone who ate soft rice[3] for a long time. He held no dominant position in the family, so his self-esteem has always been attacked. This incident was probably the fuse that set everything off!

Chen Shi persuaded while comforting him. "I think you’re stupid for doing this. These guys are just little white faces[4] that your wife has raised. Is there a point in killing them? Even if this lets out some steam, it's not a smart way to go about it. Let’s just say you really killed a few people today. What would the result be? You’d be sentenced to jail. Would it have any effect on your wife? Not only does it have no effect, but instead you will disappear from her forever. A divorce won’t even be necessary... If you really want to prove that you’re a man, you should go to her to solve this matter. Of course you shouldn’t be holding this thing. It’ll just prove that you’re weak. Like a man, just straight up find the woman and talk it out!"

Brother Fei’s eyes were a little shaken. Then, he immediately used anger to cover it up. He shouted, "I have nothing to say to her. I will kill these little white faces to vent my anger and then go to kill that bitch.

Chen Shi shook his head. "As soon as you shoot, the police will rush in and shoot you!"

Seeing the man’s fear, he added another shot. "You know that the police generally won't shoot you in a fatal spot. You will get shot a lot, but you won’t die immediately. Do you know how it feels to be shot through the body? It's like a burning knife getting stabbed in. Your blood would spill everywhere from your internal organs, but you won’t die. You will slowly lose blood. Your body will get colder and colder and then you’ll finally die from shock!”

Brother Fei, who was actually a coward, became increasingly shaken after hearing these words. The muzzle lowered down slowly. There were large beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

It may have been possible to take this opportunity to seize the gun, but there were too many people on the bus. It wouldn’t be good if anyone got injured accidentally in the process. Chen Shi resisted this urge and reached out his hand. "Listen to my advice. It’s not worth it for you to ruin your future for this type of woman. You’re still so young. After the divorce, you can get half of the assets. You can marry a better woman... Give me the gun, okay? "

Chen Shi took a step forward. The policeman and the people on the bus were extremely nervous.

Chen Shi took his second step. He was only one step away from Brother Fei when Brother Fei suddenly backed away, pointed at Chen Shi's head with the gun, and shouted, "Make a call! Call that woman!"

"We can let you make the call and we can even help you resolve the conflict in person, but there’s no need to raise the gun, right?"

"I don't believe the police's bullshit. I am the master with a gun in my hand. The master commands you to call her right now!”

Brother Fei took out his phone with a trembling hand and threw it over to Chen Shi. "Press the 1 key to call her!"

Chen Shi was helpless. Lin Qiupu said over the radio, "Don't dial the number immediately. Tell me the number first. I’ll talk to the other party first to avoid angering the gunman."

Chen Shi pressed the 1 key, and the note of the correspondent which popped out read "Wife, Her Majesty". He immediately pressed down on a key, read the number out, and asked, "Is it this one?"

"Stop it with your pointless garbage. Hurry up and call!" Brother Fei shouted.

Chen Shi dialed slowly. At this time, Lin Qiupu was already making the call. Chen Shi’s phone showed that the line was busy. Chen Shi said, "The line’s busy."

"Keep it on speaker mode and keep dialing!"

Chen Shi had no choice but to do as he was told. Ten minutes later, Lin Qiupu said over the radio, "Okay, we’ve already communicated with her. You can dial!"

The call immediately connected and a woman's voice came from the phone. "Big Fei, what are you doing?"

"What am I doing? You shameless woman, I'm going to kill the little white faces you raised!"

"Oh, you’re getting pretty good now. If you want to kill them, just kill them. I won't find a lawyer for you!" The other party said nonchalantly.

"Say that again!"

Chen Shi immediately mediated. "Ms. Yuan, I am the negotiating expert from the police. Your husband has a gun in his hand right now. He’s holding your employees hostage. I am also on the bus... It seems that the conflict between you two runs deep. Considering everyone's safety, can you have a nice talk with your husband?"

"Officer, reason can only be explained to people who are reasonable. He isn’t like that. He’s a huge baby who does nothing all day and only knows how to ask for money. As long as things don’t satisfy him, he’ll lose his temper. I’m not surprised at all that he’d do this kind of thing. I’ve long said that he’d ruin his own life one day.”

"Ms. Yuan, let’s have both parties calm down. He has a gun in his hand!" Chen Shi emphasized again.

"Okay, I'll calm down... Want to hear my story?"

Brother Fei shouted, "Let this ho talk!"

"Big Fei, let me remind you to pay attention to your wording!" The woman said over the phone. "Officer, do you know why I married him? At that time, I was struggling to start a business and owed a lot of debts. Big Fei said that as long as I marry him, he’d provide me with financial support. Of course, I didn’t immediately agree. He secretly did things behind the scenes causing me to have more obstacles, which made my company almost bankrupt... "

"You’re lying! That's all made up!" Brother Fei shouted.

Chen Shi said, "Let her finish first."

Ms. Yuan went on to say, "I married him since I had no other choice. He did help me solve the urgent problem, but it was only temporary. Soon, his father's company went bankrupt. I could only continue to borrow money and run my own business. It was an IT company that was walking on thin ice. I really couldn't afford to lose even one order. Thank God, in the third year of our marriage, I finally got out of my predicament. As soon as I had a working capital in hand, he forced me to help his father pay off his debts. I only paid back the part he gave me back then. I just want to ask what right he had to the rest of it. He immediately overturned his face and refused to recognize me[5]. Every day when he came home, we would only quarrel, quarrel, and quarrel some more!”

"I’m a woman who loves money because being born a woman is always a disadvantage. Money is the only right of women and it can change their lives. So no matter what, I wasn’t willing to use my own money to help his father’s company. I couldn’t lose all the money I worked hard to earn. Of course, mere financial problems wouldn’t have caused this situation today. This man used to be a rich second generation. He accumulated a lot of bad habits along the way. He only knew how to squander money on eating, drinking, women, and gambling. When he saw a woman he liked, he’d have to have her. It was like this before marriage and it didn’t change after marriage... In fact, his father wasn’t good either. If the upper beam isn’t right, the lower beam would be crooked too[6]. This was how his family went into ruin. "

"You’re bullshiting! You’re bullshit!" Brother Fei shouted.

There was a sneer over the phone. “What? Are you afraid that I’ll expose your shortcomings? Let me tell you something. This man’s that place is only 6cm[7]…”

Many people in the car laughed and Brother Fei pointed at them with his gun. "I’ll kill whoever laughs!"

Everyone then resisted their urges to laugh. Ms. Yuan continued, "I never experienced an orgasm when I slept with him. He actually said that I wasn’t like normal women. Maybe he just heard fake orgasms from the women who surrounded him. The life between us was a mess, but I’m a woman and I have needs. I admit that I had an intimate relationship with an employee of the company. At that time, I was in my thirties. I finally realized that this kind of thing turned out to be so amazing. I got a little addicted and had relationships with several of my employees one after another. Of course, it was all out of consent. They are not little white faces I’ve raised. I haven’t given them any money and I haven’t threatened them... If you don’t believe me, you can ask Little Li, Little Wang and some of the others. They refused my request, but I didn’t pay them a penny less in their bonuses. I didn’t take advantage of my status to get anything from them. I admit that I have had physical relationships with a few employees in the company, but those are just personal matters that have nothing to do with anything else. Then again, Big Fei, do you think your relations with women outside would be less than mine?"

Two shots of "bang, bang" interrupted the call and the people in the bus held their heads in fright.

Brother Fei’s gun was raised and two rays of sunlight leaked from the broken roof. Tears of anger ran down his face. "Shut up you stinking ho!"

1. This can also be read as “Wife-Big-Person”. “Big person” is often used after someone’s name to refer to officials and etc. back in Ancient China. By saying this phrase, it usually means that the wife is either put on a pedestal or wears the pants in the relationship. This term can be used sweetly but can also be used negatively depending on the context, phrasing and tone used. 

2. Shamelessly trying to gain favor from someone who doesn’t really care for you. 

3. An expression that is used to describe a man sponging off a woman. 

4. Sugar babies. If put in a more vulgar way, they’re considered gigolos. 

5. An expression used to describe people who fall out and turn their backs away from someone. 

6. A bad character wouldn’t be able to raise someone good. 

7. Oof. Why she gotta do him like that? 


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