Chapter 440: Armed

After the incident was resolved, everyone huddled around and praised Chen Shi. Chen Shi said a few humble words. "It's noon. Let's eat hot pot. I got quite hungry from watching him eat."

Lin Qiupu said, "It is too early to be happy now. There are still nine[1] guns left outside! Let’s go back and stand by."

Standing in front of the gun just then, it was impossible to say that he wasn’t nervous. Chen Shi said, "Whether the case is solved or not, you still need to eat. Let’s go, let’s go. Hot pot buffet. My treat!”

When they found a buffet hot pot restaurant, Chen Shi chugged a large glass of an ice cold beverage down. Lin Dongxue said, "Won’t you lose out like that? You’ll be half-full from the drink alone."

"Negotiating is way too exhilarating.”

"Who told you to do it then? Just get my brother to do it."

"But it's quite interesting. I seem to have found a way."

Chen Shi smiled. "Let’s eat!"

The meal was very enjoyable and there were no police reports that interrupted them as they ate. Chen Shi figured that he didn’t treat them to a meal for nothing since they were able to have an enjoyable meal.

Immediately after eating, Lin Qiupu received a phone call. He walked over and said, "We just received a report from the bureau. It seems that someone has committed a robbery with a gun in the past few days."

"Was anyone killed?" Chen Shi asked.

"No, the other party just pointed at the victim's waist with the gun in a secluded place late at night. They stole their phones, wallets and other items, but they didn’t hurt anyone. There are already two victims. The third team is currently investigating this case.

Lin Dongxue said, "The person who sent the pistols has caused untold amounts of trouble. These people were originally just ordinary people, like today's uncle. He originally didn't have to go to jail, but because he had a gun, he did such an impulsive thing."

"There's a saying that when you’re armed with sharp weapons, killing intent is formed. Guns are good things. You can kill someone with a light trigger," Chen Shi said, "But this incident also has its positive side."

"What? There’s a positive side?"

"Yes! These people already had the target they wanted to kill, but they didn’t have the means to. The appearance of the guns sped up their actions. If there was no such incident, they may have taken other actions in the future. Take the uncle today. He said that he wanted to retaliate against the owner of the restaurant, but he was unable to do so. Maybe he would take actions such as poisoning in the future."

Lin Qiupu heard him and understood. "You mean to say that the incident this time just compresses a dozen or more vicious events that could happen in the future together in a different way."

"Yes, it’s like minesweeping. Some unstable factors have been eliminated."

Lin Dongxue said, "Regardless, the appearance of guns still hurts people. If everyone has a gun, I think the crime rate would only be higher and not lower."

Chen Shi said, "What you said makes sense. Some foreigners come to our country and feel that the public security here is pretty good."

Lin Qiupu said, "Right, I have to remind you of something. Negotiation is not the same as unconditionally meeting the requests of the other party. If the other party is a bank robber and wants a car and a helicopter, would you satisfy his wishes?"

Chen Shi smiled and shook his head. "Of course I understand this. It was just a stopgap measure today."

"Let me go next time. I’ll let you see some serious negotiations."

"Okay, okay. I’ll watch and learn."

Lin Qiupu received another phone call. During the conversation, his expression gradually became more serious. He said to the two, "New hostage held at gunpoint situation!"

In the process of rushing to the scene, Lin Qiupu explained the situation through the car radio. This time, the gunman was a woman and the hostage was her husband. The woman suspected that the husband was cheating on her. The neighbor heard their quarrelling get worse and worse at noon. Then. they heard a few gunshot noises. After several shots, the husband yelled through the window, "Murder! Hurry and call the police!"

The police car drove into the neighborhood where the incident occurred and went to the building. Lin Qiupu removed his gun belt and put on his bulletproof vest and wireless radio. He also attached a wireless audio bug to his tie. Lin Dongxue said, "Brother, be careful!"

Lin Qiupu nodded, walked up to the unit, and opened the door. He heard a gunshot as soon as he stepped in. The sound of the broken glass caused everyone to break out in cold sweat. A woman shouted hysterically, "Don’t come in!"

Lin Qiupu said, "I'm the negotiating expert from the police. I’ve come to help you. Can you please calm down? Look, I have no weapons!"

It seems that the shot just then was just to scare him. Despite this, Lin Dongxue was still scared and grabbed onto Chen Shi's hand tightly. Chen Shi patted her on the back of her hand to comfort her.

Lin Qiupu saw the mess in the house. The overturned furniture and the broken bottles would have been caused by their previous quarreling. He glanced at the bedroom and saw a man kneeling on the ground. The woman’s bare feet were also visible.

Lin Qiupu walked over to the door and reached out his hand to show his ID. "Can I come in?"

"Go! Don't enter my house!" The woman screamed.

"I have already learned the situation from your neighbors. Is the cause of this because of your husband’s affair? Is that right? I sympathize with you. Look, no one is injured right now. I hope this matter can be resolved peacefully... Can I come in?"

"Stand at the door!"

This was a sign of agreement in accepting the negotiation process. Lin Qiupu let out a sigh of relief, but also became more nervous. From this moment, he would be completely exposed to the gun.

The bedroom was also in a complete mess. The woman was wearing her undergarments and her feet were bare as she held a pistol in her hands. Her husband was kneeling on the ground, crying. He didn’t dare say a word. The woman switched between pointing at her husband to Lin Qiupu.

Lin Qiupu noticed that the window behind the bed was wide open and there was a building opposite them. It was a very good sniper point, but he didn’t want to use murder to solve the problem, so he said, “No action is allowed without my order!”

Then, he asked, "How did you find out that your husband was cheating?"

"How did I find out?!" The woman with disheveled hair and widened eyes looked like she was a little mentally unstable. "He bought sexy underwear for that bitch and hid it in the wardrobe. I asked him what was going on. He actually lied and said it was for me!"

The kneeling husband said, "I bought it for you. You forgot that time..."

"Quit quibbling!" The woman screamed with her voice almost breaking. Then, she fired a shot at the closet. The husband balled-up and trembled in horror as his legs quickly became wet.

Afraid of the people outside not knowing what the situation was, Lin Qiupu said over the radio, "It was a shot toward furniture. It’s okay… You can continue!”

The woman cried and said, "I checked his expenses and found that he spent thousands of yuan a month somewhere. He also brought that bitch home."

"Have you seen her?"

"I haven’t, but I can feel that the things in the house have been moved! Once, I even found a woman's underwear under the pillow. It wasn’t mine. It was so disgusting. When I asked him, he just denied it… He’d go fucking swear using the mountains and the seas. That so-calling fucking lifetime of loyalty. Is that how you’re going to treat me? Why did you betray me? Why did you betray me?! I hate the people who betray me the most!" The woman screamed hysterically again and the husband didn’t dare say anything more.

1. Editor Conspiracing’s Note: The author wrote ten guns here. However, there was one gun from the drug addict (ch.431), 2 guns from the third team (ch.431), 1 from the subway (ch.432), 1 gun from the inpatient center (ch.433), 1 gun from the school incident (ch.429/435) and 1 gun from this chapter. 


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