Chapter 437: Deputy Chief Yan Killed in the Line of Duty

Upon hearing the gunfire in the classroom, Lin Qiupu shouted over the radio, "Deputy chief Yan! Deputy chief Yan!"

A row of SWAT officers squatting outside the classroom immediately kicked the door and rushed in. There was a round of fierce gunfire sounds followed by a long silence. Lin Qiupu widened his eyes in disbelief. He saw that the SWAT team had exited, so he instructed his men, "Forward!"

Going into the classroom, a SWAT officer was carrying the student who was shot out so he could be rushed to get emergency treatment. The SWAT team leader collided with Lin Qiupu. He shook his head helplessly. "Too late!"

The room was extremely messy. The wall at the back of the classroom was full of bullet holes. Wang Xu had fallen into a pool of blood with the gun in his hand and his pupils had already started spreading.

Deputy chief Yan leaned back on the podium. He was shot three times, all of which hit his torso. Lin Qiupu grabbed him and shook him vigorously. "Deputy chief Yan! Teacher Yan!" However, he didn’t get a response. Deputy chief Yan’s head dropped to one side and the body followed suit.

The police present were all miserable. How could the situation that had been controlled suddenly become like this?!

Lin Qiupu found that Deputy chief Yan didn’t have a pulse anymore. He said with tears in his eyes, "Handle the scene!"

The two body bags were then moved out of the classroom. The surrounding teachers and students were either weeping or anxiously asking what happened. Lin Qiupu could only shake his head weakly.

He looked at the pistol in the evidence bag in his hand. This sixth gun was actually exchanged with the price of blood!

Lin Qiupu returned to the bureau and sat in his office holding his head sullenly. He had no energy to do anything else. He still couldn't understand how this had happened. He sat there until the sun went down before he got up and went to the archive room.

After recalling the files of Wang Xu's father Wang Dahai, he realized that Wang Dahai stabbed a store clerk when he was robbing a store. He also took three store clerks hostage. The injured store clerk died on the way to the hospital. The negotiation expert at the time lied that the clerk was out of danger in order to try and stabilize Wang Dahai's emotions. When Wang Dahai agreed to lay down his arms, what was waiting for him was a pair of handcuffs and murder charges.

Lin Qiupu glanced at the signature of the file. It actually read the name Yan Zheng. That is to say, the negotiating expert who lied back then was him!

Wang Xu must have heard about this matter from his father in prison, so when Deputy chief Yan lied that Liu Dong was out of danger, he recalled his memories and Wang Xu's emotions broke out instantly.

This tragedy can be said to be coincidental and there was an inevitability to it. It was Deputy chief Yan’s negligent negotiation technique that buried these problematic roots in the first place. But now that the man was dead, Lin Qiupu only had grief in his heart.

After the task force experienced a day of grief, Chen Shi had made breakthrough progress on his end. They were able to arrest Luo Zuyu and pry open his mouth.

Luo Zuyu's case was settled. It was already 10:00 in the evening. Lin Qiupu called the three of them to the office and praised them. Then, he talked about the present case. Chen Shi asked, "How is the pistol case going anyway?"

Lin Qiupu shook his head sadly. "It's not going too smoothly. Three people have already died and one police officer has died. We’ve only found five pistols..." He pleaded, "The follow-up admin for the Luo Zuyu case will be taken over by the comrades from other bureaus. You can let go of that case and hurry on over to help me!"

Chen Shi said, "I want to see the current progress."

Lin Qiupu lay down a copy of the materials on the table for him. "You should hurry to read it. Something may happen at any time!"

After returning home, Chen Shi was drinking while looking at the materials. He had to say that in this gun mailing case, the targets chosen by the murderer were very tricky. He couldn't help but wonder what the source of the murderer's information was.

What disappointed him a little was that this time, it wasn’t a murder case. However, it seemed like Lin Qiupu had encountered a big problem and he was embarrassed not to help, so he could only stick his head through it all.

After days of exhaustion, Chen Shi fell asleep by taking advantage of the alcohol he had just drank. He didn’t have a single dream that night. He got up at 7:00 the next morning. Tao Yueyue had already made breakfast for herself and left Chen Shi two pieces of toasted bread and a glass of juice. Chen Shi said with content, "You are more and more sensible now!"

"Uncle Chen, what is the stuff you put on the table?"

"A case."

"I saw it when you first went to bed. Did someone actually mail some pistols?"

"Yes, you’ll have to be careful when you go out."

Tao Yueyue asked in disappointment, "If they posted them, why didn’t I receive one?"

"You brat, why do you want a pistol?!"

"If I received one, wouldn't you guys need to find one less?"

"Thank you for your kindness!" Chen Shi smiled. "I should go out. It's so hot today. You should just watch TV and play on your computer at home!"

Tao Yueyue waved. "Come back alive!"

On the way, Chen Shi called Sun Zhen and asked him to check Zhou Tiannan's recent whereabouts. Additionally, Chen Shi asked if he could find out whether the five gunmen had anything in common. For example, having participated in the same forum or the like.

Chen Shi felt that blindly looking for them was too passive. It was better to start from the source.

Arriving at the bureau, Lin Qiupu was holding a special project meeting, "... The tragedy that happened yesterday was a huge blow to our entire task force. Deputy chief Yan has just passed away so I know that these words are a bit cruel, but I still hope that everyone will stay cautious and even more so when dealing with these critical incidents. No matter who you are, when approaching the gunman, a bulletproof vest must be worn! I repeat, a bulletproof vest must be worn! We can’t have another officer killed in the line of duty!"

After the meeting, Chen Shi said to Lin Dongxue, "I looked at yesterday's records. The officer with the surname Yan simply killed himself."

Lin Dongxue whispered, "Don't talk nonsense. Deputy chief Yan was my brother's teacher, so he’s really sad right now."

"I know, I know. I just wanted to express my opinion... What are we going to do now?"

"Wait for a police report!"

"The efficiency is so low!"

"Well what can we do? The division of labor is like this. The third team is checking the black-market transactions outside. We’re responsible for emergency calls and situations."

Everyone sat in the office on standby the whole morning. During this period, there were obviously calls for the police. However, all ordinary cases were handed over to other branches or local police stations. Right now, the task force only focused on the mailed gun case.

Chen Shi played Lianliankan[1] on Lin Dongxue’s computer and was so bored that he said, “If being a police officer is so easy, I should be a policeman too.”

"What a sarcastic remark. When a sudden situation occurs, you’ll have heaps of time to be busy."

"Hurry up and have something happen. I'm bored to death..." Chen Shi said to the phone on the table. "Big brother, give me face and ring me in three seconds. One, two, three..."

Of course, there was no response. Lin Dongxue mocked him, "Do you think you’re a god?"

At this time, the phone suddenly rang. Lin Dongxue's expression changed greatly after answering. She informed everyone, "A hostage situation with a gun is located in the downtown business street. Everyone needs to remember to wear bulletproof vests."

Xu Xiaodong asked, "Bank or convenience store?"

Lin Dongxue answered, "Captain Lin said it’s a hot pot restaurant..."

1. Game where you clear the board by connecting pairs of identical tiles and link them up. 


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