Chapter 433: Agreed Suicide

While Deputy chief Yan and the gunman were still deadlocked in their negotiating, Old Zhang ran over and whispered to Lin Qiupu, "The security guard said that no gun was found at the beginning, but then a captain came and said they weren’t too sure.

Lin Qiupu nodded. Judging from the situation, it was most likely a fake gun, but the security check was afraid of taking responsibility, so they said they weren’t unclear.

According to the principle of negotiation, fake guns should also be regarded as real guns, just in case. Furthermore, there was still the issue of the mailed guns that they hadn’t resolved yet!

Deputy chief Yan said to the gunman, "Okay, okay. I will ask the police to withdraw first! Little Lin, you withdraw first!" Deputy chief Yan gave Lin Qiupu a knowing look.

Lin Qiupu understood the intentions behind that gaze and pretended to say, "How could we do that? How can not a single officer stay behind?"

"I told you to withdraw, so withdraw. Am I not a policeman?" Deputy chief Yan kept signaling him with his eyes.

Lin Qiupu asked everyone to retreat. They stopped some people after leaving the platform, borrowed their coats, hats, and backpacks from them, and then quietly mixed back into the crowd. At this time, Deputy chief Yan had won the trust of the gunman. The other party wasn’t as agitated as before. Deputy chief Yan said, "Look, it's the peak period for people to go to work. You’re impacting a lot of people here. Why don’t we change to another place to talk?”

"Don't play any tricks!" The gunman yelled fiercely.

"Look at all those people holding their phones. If it’s photographed and posted online, it wouldn’t be good for your reputation. If they’re seen by the higher ups at your work, I am afraid it won’t be a trivial matter. It is better to change places and negotiate the conditions. Is that okay?"

This sentence hit the heart of the gunman. He looked at the mobile phones in the hands of the crowd in fear. "Tell them not to take photos."

Yan Zheng turned around and said, "Don't take photos. Don’t do it. There's nothing to look at here."

The gunman pushed the hostage forward slowly. Deputy chief Yan separated the crowd in front of him for him. He had already noticed the police hiding amongst the crowd, and quietly signaled them with his eyes again. When the gunman walked through the crowd, Lin Qiupu suddenly rushed out and twisted his arm upwards. The other police rushed out, pulled the hostage away, and controlled the gunman.

The gunman yelled, "You lied to me!"

Deputy chief Yan said earnestly, "I needed to consider everyone's safety. I hope you understand."

"You lied to me! You lied to me! You lied to me!" The gunman was struggling hysterically before finally getting his hands cuffed.

Lin Qiupu, who snatched the gun, knew that it wasn’t a real gun judging by the weight alone. He handed it over to Deputy chief Yan. Deputy chief Yan touched it and said, "Little Lin, you didn't forget the knowledge you learned in class."

Lin Qiupu saluted. "Deputy chief Yan, long time no see!"

The crowd around them applauded. Lin Qiupu looked around and found that the bald guy was gone. Then, he learned about the situation from the abducted woman and roughly understood what was going on. It turned out that the bald guy had been pursuing her, but he was a bit mentally ill. She had never accepted his feelings, but the bald guy wishfully said that she was his girlfriend wherever he went and also followed her to work every day. It made her extremely annoyed.

Today on the subway, they happened to encounter the perverted man who tried to get his way with women on the subway. The bald guy jumped up and beat him into a pulp. The perverted man pulled out a gun and took the woman hostage in a deadlock with the bald guy.

The woman cried, "I’m so ridiculously unlucky. I was stalked by this bald guy and I had to encounter this subway pervert. You have to get justice for me!”

Deputy chief Yan responded, "How about this, you can leave down your contact information. I’ll ask the local police station to file a case for this. You can go back and tell the bald person that you have made a report with the police. If he harasses you again, the police will come to arrest him."

“Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome."

After leaving her contact information, the woman left. Deputy chief Yan said, "I think that the woman also has a few problems to be constantly attracting these things.”

Lin Qiupu felt that this remark was too narrow-minded, but because the other party was his teacher, he didn't answer this remark and just said, "Deputy chief Yan, why are you here?"

"Your chief asked me to come and help. Over a dozen pistols were scattered in the city. This matter isn’t progressing smoothly. It's time for me, a negotiating expert, to take the limelight."

"The negotiation just now was really wonderful!"

"You’re praising me too much." Deputy chief Yan waved his hand with a smile. "No casualties are the best result. Little Lin, how are you doing now? Are you married yet?"

The two left the subway station while chatting. When they just got in the car, they received a call from the bureau saying that someone called the police again about a gun.

Lin Qiupu said, "We haven’t even had a moment’s worth of rest these past few days."

Deputy chief Yan replied, "That’s a good thing. If we quickly deal with the situation, this mentor and the disciple can have a good little reunion at noon.”

This incident was in the inpatient center of a hospital. It was said that there were two patients, with one of them pointing a gun at the other’s head at the top of the building. The situation was very critical. When entering the hospital, Lin Qiupu instructed using his radio, "Turn the police lights off!

"No. Leave them on!" Deputy chief Yan said. "Criminals also want the police to come. That way, they can talk about the conditions when the police come."

"Do what Deputy chief Yan said!"

The police cars stopped in a row under the inpatient building and a nurse ran over to greet them. "You guys came! Those two patients are still on the top of the building! Our persuading was futile. I don't know what conflict they have nor where the gun came from.”

"Is there any bad-blood between these two?" Yan Jing asked.

"No, the relationship between them is usually pretty good. One has lung cancer and one has leukemia. They live in the same ward. They usually come down for walks together. I don't know what was wrong with the medicine they took today![1]"

"Lead the way. We’ll go up and see."

Lin Qiupu stopped him. "Deputy chief Yan, bulletproof vest!"

Deputy chief Yan laughed. "Where have you seen a negotiator wearing a bulletproof vest?" He threw a small object over. "Wear this wireless radio on you. We should keep communication with each other."

The group of people walked up to the top floor. Deputy chief Yan quietly pushed the door open. They saw two old men sitting on the roof face to face. One of them was trembling while pointing a gun at the other person's forehead. The scene was so peaceful that it didn’t look like a hostage situation at all.

Deputy chief Yan asked Lin Qiupu to come over and take a look. He said, "I can guarantee that this issue most likely came about due to medical expenses.”

"Do you need to contact the SWAT team?"

"It's not necessary. I'm up."

Deputy chief Yan pushed the door wide open and walked into the strong winds on the rooftop. The two old men were alarmed, and one of them shouted, "Don't come here. If you do, I’ll shoot!"

What was puzzling was that the person who said this turned out to be the one who had the gun pointed at his forehead.

The gunman said, "Don’t come any closer!"

Deputy chief Yan showed his badge. "I am Deputy chief Yan of the Public Security Bureau. I’m here to negotiate with you."

"No need. Old Liu isn’t a bad guy and I’m not a hostage. Go away!"

"Yes, yes, this is something between the two of us. Outsiders shouldn’t interfere."

Deputy chief Yan smiled. "How can I address you two uncles?"

"My surname is Liu." The gunman replied.

"My surname is Wang." The one who had the gun pointed at him said.

Deputy chief Yan only then noticed that there was a bottle of Erguotou[2] placed between the two of them. It was half finished. Their faces showed they were a bit drunk. Judging by Old Liu’s hands trembling from the weight of the gun, it was likely that the gun was real.

1. Common expression used to express that they don’t know what’s wrong with the person they’re talking about. 

2. It’s a type of liquor. A light-aroma baijiu. 


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