Chapter 432: Subway Station Hostage Case

Back at the office, a subordinate brought a cardboard box over and said it was found at the addicted gentleman's house. Lin Qiupu picked it up to have a look. It was an ordinary carton. When it was opened, there was a piece of paper in it that read, "Personal delivery to XX (The name of the addicted gentleman)!"

"Have the fingerprints been checked?"

"Yes, there were only the fingerprints of the gunman himself. There are no others."

"What about his wife?"

"She was sent to do forced rehab. When we took her away, she was still reluctant and bit a comrade of ours. It wasn’t easy, but we got her there in the end."

Lin Qiupu nodded and signaled that they could leave. Most drug addicts couldn’t get rid of their addictions. They could get rid of the physical addiction but it was hard to get rid of the heart’s addiction. When the couple leaves the rehabilitation center in the future, they may fall back into this life and be an unstable factor in society again.

He could only sigh about the matter. He remembered Song Lang once said that the police were just the white blood cells of society. They could only engulf the viruses and infected cells, but they weren’t responsible for treating them.

Sometimes as a police officer, Lin Qiupu would feel helpless. They could only deal with the symptoms of society, but they couldn’t solve it at its root.

Lin Qiupu packed his things and prepared to go home. When he passed the information department’s office, he saw Lin Dongxue, Xu Xiaodong, and a police officer checking something. He wanted to say hello, but decided not to after some thought.

The following morning, the bureau received an emergency report saying that a man in a subway station was holding a hostage with a gun. Lin Qiupu immediately called the police to rush over.

At this time, it was during the peak hours when everyone would go to work. The crowd in the subway station was dense. The police officers shouted, "Excuse me. Police." numerous times before they could finally get to the platform where the incident was occuring. They saw a man with a blue nose and a swollen face leaning on a pillar while holding a woman’s neck. The gun in his hand was pressed against the woman's temple and there was a bald, burly man standing opposite him. The man was wearing a leopard-print singlet and a thick gold chain.

They were surrounded by people and many people took out their phones to take pictures.

"Disperse! Disperse!" Lin Qiupu couldn't care too much at this moment and kept pushing the crowd back.

"The police are here. That's great!" The bald guy said. "Help me judge this. This bastard molested my wife in the train. I taught him a bit of a lesson. He actually dared to take out a gun and take a hostage. Is there justice in this world?"

The woman screamed, "Officers, don't listen to him talking rubbish! He isn’t my husband. He's just a pervert!"

The man with the gun said, "Yes, he’s the subway pervert. I stood up to stop him but he actually hit me. I only did this because I had no other choice!"

The woman said, "Don't listen to him! He isn’t a good person either!"

The bald guy yelled, "Bastard, who are you calling a subway pervert? Don’t slander me! Look, his pants zipper is still open!"

Lin Qiupu had a headache just listening to this. What was the relationship between those people? He said daringly, "Everyone calm down. Sir, you need to put the gun down first. The police have come, so no one will hit you. We’ll help get you your justice."

The man with the gun was very emotional. "You need to let this man go first, and you aren’t allowed to arrest me."

"You need to put down the gun first!"

"If I put it down, you guys will arrest me. I won't!"

The woman screamed, "Hurry and kill him. This pervert is still pushing me from behind. It’s so disgusting!"

A closer look revealed a suspicious hard object in between the gunman’s zipper. He was rubbing repeatedly on the woman's buttocks. The bald guy immediately flew into a rage and clenched his fists. “Let my wife go! I’ll kill you!”

"Who is your wife... Officer, arrest this man first. He’s been following me around for quite a few days!"

The police were going crazy. At this time, a dark-skinned man in a blue shirt pushed the crowd away and approached. Lin Qiupu felt as though he seemed a bit familiar, but he couldn't remember who he was for the moment.

The man showed his ID. "My surname is Yan and I’m the deputy chief of the Public Security Bureau. I’ll negotiate with you!"

It turned out to be him!

Lin Qiupu remembered that he was a strict teacher who taught crisis negotiation at the police academy. This course was only taken as an elective course and most people didn’t take it seriously as they didn’t have crisis negotiators in their country. This role would just be temporarily assumed by officers with the relevant skills.

Hearing that the new visitor was a deputy chief, the gunman's expression eased a little. "Promise me one condition."

"State it!"

"Withdraw the police and take away this bald guy who hits people. Then, I’ll let her go.”

The bald guy shouted, "What right is there?! You all can tell who the bad guy is here. Why should they arrest me?"

"Look at how you’ve hit me!" The gunman shouted.

"Calm down! Calm down!" Deputy chief Yan gestured. "This gentleman, please stand back and stop agitating him, okay? This won’t solve the problem. It will only make the situation worse. Your wife is still in his hands."

The woman shouted, "I am not his wife!"

"Okay, no matter what your relationship is, shall we prioritize what’s important? Your affairs can be resolved afterwards. Let’s talk about this gentleman's affairs first."

Lin Qiupu thought admirably that he was definitely a negotiating expert. The atmosphere around him was definitely different. He controlled the scene with just a few words.

The gunman said, "Promise me my terms!"

Deputy chief Yan said, "Your conditions are too great. We can't do it all at once. How about this? We should come to a compromise. I’ll withdraw half of the police; you take your hands away from her and don't hold the young lady down. There’s so many people watching that it won’t be good for you or her!"

"Okay, I promise!" The gunman let go of the woman's neck.

Deputy chief Yan glanced at Lin Qiupu. He understood and waved to several subordinates. "Withdraw!"

Deputy chief Yan said to the onlookers behind him, "Everyone, please disperse. There are so many people here. It wouldn’t be good if anyone got hurt. If you need to go to work, you should go!"

Then, he said to the man with the gun, "I have a question to ask you. Where did your gun come from?"

"Mind your own business!"

"Just curious, how did you get through the security check?"

"I... I have my own method." The gunman stammered. Lin Qiupu noticed the change in his attitude and took a step back. Using the crowd as cover, he instructed Old Zhang to go to the security personnel to check with the security guards on whether they had any impressions of this man.

Deputy chief Yan was still advising the man. "Looking at you, you should have a career and a family. You aren’t particularly young. Have you considered the consequences of doing such extreme things? I suggest for you to put down the gun right now. This matter could be serious, but if you voluntarily surrender yourself, you can still win leniency. We will give you this opportunity. "

The man with the gun cried, "But I don't want to go to jail!"

"Who said you were going to jail? Disrupting public order would get you detained for a few days at most. If you really fired the gun, then that would be a different story. Your whole lifetime would be ruined! I sincerely recommend that you should turn back while you still can. Small mistakes can be made up for, but once you make a big mistake, you won’t be able to turn back."

The man suddenly shouted, "Stop with your flowery words. When the police all leave, I’ll immediately let her go!”


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