Chapter 426: The Coat of Lies

When the police arrived at the hotel, Luo Zuyu was drinking and discussing things with several people in the entertainment circle as well as Ji Xingyao. Lin Qiupu entered the room without hesitation and displayed the arrest warrant. "Mr. Luo, you need to come with us!"

Luo Zuyu held a bottle of wine with one hand and a cigar in his other hand. He raised his head scornfully from where he sat on the sofa. "Sir, we have to drink tea again? Is there anything that you can't talk about here?" Then he smiled and explained to his friends, "I broke a railing while driving two days ago and the police keep pestering me.”

The table of people laughed with him and the police officers looked at them coldly. Lin Dongxue said, "Please look at this clearly. This is an arrest warrant. We suspect that you’re related to the murder of a female groupie."

"What female groupie? I never sleep with fans, unless she’s as beautiful as you." Luo Zuyu raised his eyelids slowly, looking Lin Dongxue up and down.

"Zuyu!" Ji Xingyao reminded and said to other people, "It seems that there must be some misunderstanding. Sorry, I’ll give you all a call when we come back."

Everyone got up tactfully and left. Luo Zuyu smiled and said goodbye. As soon as the door closed, his attitude immediately changed. He stood up and yelled at Lin Qiupu, "Are you done? You keep watching me all day long. Do you have nothing else to do? My time is precious! Do you think that I’m like you, earning only thousands of dollars a month?"

Lin Qiupu gestured to the police officers to handcuff him. Luo Zuyu pulled the arrest warrant from his hand, jumped over the sofa like a monkey, tore the arrest warrant up and threw it into the fish tank. He laughed loudly, "It’s gone. Now you don’t have an arrest warrant. Let’s see what you’re going to do?”

"Do you want to resist arrest?!" Lin Qiupu growled.

"Fuck your mum! If you force me again, I’ll jump down. If I say that I will, I would definitely follow through. Let’s see who will be able to bear the responsibility?!" Luo Zuyu acted as if he was about to rush towards the window with alcohol-fueled bravado. Immediately, two officers ran over and held him down. He shouted, "Let go, dickheads! Be careful, I’ll sue you!"

The policemen looked at his disgraceful behavior coldly, and Ji Xingyao said, "I’m now contacting a lawyer. Before the lawyer arrives, you will not be allowed to start the interrogation."

"Go ahead! Take him away!"

Several police cars brought them back into the bureau and Ji Xingyao reminded him, "Don't say anything before the lawyer comes!"

Luo Zuyu smiled and said, "Relax, Sister-in-Law. I still want to eat supper after this is over!"

Chen Shi looked at Luo Zuyu, who was being taken away, from the side and said to Lin Dongxue, "He’s acting so arrogantly?"

"He’s drunk! How hateful!" Lin Dongxue said disgustedly.

Lin Qiupu said, "We’ve brought him back. The interrogation will be handed over to you guys. I have other things I need to do... Can you guys handle it?"

"I’m 80% positive." Chen Shi said.

Luo Zuyu was thrown into the interrogation room and he caused a ruckus inside. Ji Xingyao was making calls left and right by the door. Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were calmly drinking tea in the office and waiting.

Xu Xiaodong rushed in and said, "The lawyer is here!"

"Let’s go!" Chen Shi said spiritedly.

It was the same lawyer who came last time. Chen Shi had already investigated him earlier. This lawyer was the most expensive private lawyer in the city. After he sat down, he asked, "Have you sobered up?"

Luo Zuyu leaned back in his chair and said disdainfully, "If you have farts, hurry and let them out. I need to go back and rest.”

Lin Dongxue slammed the table. "Where do you think you are?! Watch what you say."

"Officer, please don't intimidate my client." The lawyer reminded her.

Chen Shi signaled Lin Dongxue with his eyes not to be agitated. If this kid wanted to be arrogant, they should let him be arrogant. He wouldn’t be able to be arrogant anymore after that night.

Chen Shi said, "You said previously that on the evening of July 14th, you were dating the female entertainer in your company, Su Xiaowei, near Yansha Square."

The lawyer answered on his behalf. "This question has been repeatedly asked and the answer confirmed previously."

"I still want to confirm it again today. What time did the date begin?"

Luo Zuyu gestured to the lawyer not to speak and said slowly, "I drove to her house to pick her up at 7:00."

"What was she wearing?"

"Blue Armani dress, black jacket, and she was carrying a brown Gucci bag."

"When you met her, did you praise her on her clothes?"

"Yes, I said that her outfit suited her well." Luo Zuyu looked a little irritated, but he answered very smoothly.

"What did she say?"

"She said that I was also dressed very dashingly that day."

"And then?"

"I asked her if she wanted to eat. She said that she had already eaten and wanted to go for a ride."

"And then?"

"We talked about filming in the car. She was taking part in a new show recently called Divine Eagle 1944, a WWII anti-Japanese drama."

"She asked if you wanted to make a guest appearance?"

"Yes. I said that I've been busy working on a new album recently.”

Chen Shi smiled and picked up a piece of paper. "How interesting. All the words that you just said were all written on this piece of paper. Everything was exactly the same!"

Luo Zuyu looked as if he was slapped and the lawyer asked, "Is that evidence?"

"This is what we got from Su Xiaowei. Su Xiaowei and Ji Xingyao’s fingerprints are on it. At the same time, we also have Su Xiaowei's statement which proves that she was actually somewhere else on July 14th. The date was definitely fictitious. How do you explain this?!"

The lawyer took the paper to have a look and it could be seen that the lawyer was very flustered and kept exchanging his opinions with Luo Zuyu.

Lin Dongxue threw another bombshell out without missing a beat. "The photos posted by the paparazzi online have been confirmed to have been taken on the evening of the 15th. We have already found four to five eyewitnesses, as well as physical and documented evidence. Your alibi is completely fake! If you didn't do anything wrong, why would you fake an alibi the day after the murder?”

Luo Zuyu held his own hand tightly. The lawyer said, "You also know that my client is a public figure. Some things regarding public figures are not very easy to explain. They occasionally fake things and put on a show. It’s very normal."

"Do you think that this reason would be accepted in court?"

The lawyer pondered for a moment and said, "Even though he has no alibi, it doesn’t mean that he’s committed murder. There’s no absolute relationship between the two. I have no alibi for the 14th of July either. Why don't you suspect me then? My client was afraid of being misunderstood by the police, so he faked his alibi. After all, as a public figure, being linked to such matters would greatly damage his reputation. It’s a pardonable offence.”

"Lawyer Liu, are you a lawyer or a contestant on a debate team? Even if it’s a debate, sophistry like this wouldn’t be used. You would have dealt with many criminal cases, so why don’t you tell me something? The crime scene was in his room and the body was handled by him and Ji Xingyao. Adding the hotel surveillance, what would the court’s judgement be? I forgot to talk about the surveillance. Since your alibi doesn’t hold, who might the person who walked out of the room at 11:00 be?"

Luo Zuyu gritted his teeth tightly. The lawyer whispered a few words to him and then said, "Excuse me for a while!"

He ran out to find Ji Xingyao and Lin Dongxue whispered with a smile, "The lawyer can't deal with it any longer and wants to change the direction of the defense."

"They can go ahead. Surely they can’t show a report saying that Luo Zuyu has mental illness!"

There was silence in the interrogation room temporarily. Chen Shi stared at Luo Zuyu. He was a little afraid of Chen Shi’s gaze and lowered his head. Chen Shi saw that his legs were shaking. This kid was already feeling nervous.

The coat of lies finally had its corner torn apart. It was time to see his true nature!


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