Chapter 425: Formal Arrest

Su Xiaowei was finally willing to talk. Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were very pleased. Chen Shi took out his phone and opened the recording app. "Tell us what happened in detail."

"It’s like this... I got a call from Sister Ji early on the 15th. She invited me to a meal. I was naturally shocked and flattered. I arrived for the appointment before noon. Sister Ji said a lot of things about my current situation, causing me to be quite ashamed. Then, she said that she wanted to promote me and make me the rumored girlfriend of Luo Zuyu. Naturally, I was very happy when I heard about it, but I didn’t know why I was chosen. The company had countless actresses that were more excellent and more famous than me. Sister Ji explained that she mainly wanted to create a wave of interest for Luo Zuyu's new album. It would increase the exposure for me as a side-effect. On the evening of the 15th, I was called out again. Luo Zuyu and I were photographed in a parking lot!"

"Were those the photos that the paparazzi posted online?" Lin Dongxue interrupted and asked her.

"Correct!" Su Xiaowei nodded. "We only took a few photos before Luo Zuyu left. We didn't even talk. He didn't seem to be well-rested. He yawned the whole time. He took some rest in his car after taking the photos. Then Sister Ji gave me a piece of paper with the whole process of our supposed date. It detailed what we said, what we did, where we went, and what clothes we were supposed to be wearing. It mentioned the time period of our date as well. Sister Ji emphasized that this 'script' must be memorized completely without any errors, as if it really happened. I was also told to remember that the time of the date was on the evening of July 14th. No matter who asked, I had to say it that way.”

"Sister Ji said that as long as I completed this task with a flawless performance, I’d be able to star as the leading actress in the company’s new film. The words she said to me at the time left a deep impression on me. She said to me, 'Xiaowei, your resume and acting are all there. You’re just a step away from becoming famous. As long as you’re obedient, I guarantee that you will become a well-known third-tier star within three years. After that, you can continue working hard yourself. Becoming a first-tier star might be attainable too!'”

"After heading back, I worked hard to memorize the ‘script’. It was a blessing dropped from the heavens. But I was a bit suspicious. To suddenly be so good to me, did they have other intentions? Later, the police came to me and talked about an alibi. I realized at once that I was committing perjury. I was very scared and called Sister Ji, but she never answered... I naturally dared not disobey her, so I could only continue acting!”

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue exchanged a surprised look with each other. Ji Xingyao's arrangement was very detailed.

Chen Shi asked, "Is the ‘script’ in your hands?"

"It is!"

"Can you give it to us later?"

"Yes! But... If I came out to testify, I’m afraid that Sister Ji would take revenge on me afterwards. You guys have to protect me!"

Chen Shi ended the recording and said, "She won't be able to take revenge on you afterwards, because what you hold is the switch that will consign them forever to doom! They’re afraid of you. You shouldn’t be afraid of them!"

Su Xiaowei nodded and Chen Shi asked again, "Since you weren’t with Luo Zuyu that day, where were you?"

She pointed at the director, who was far away. "I was having a meal with the director and the producer that day."

"Having a meal?"

She smiled bitterly. "Us supporting actresses who are decent to look at and aren’t famous are often called upon to attend dinner parties accompanying the producing team to eat or to do other things... Of course no one forces you, but if you don't do it, you might not be able to take part in the next show. Or they may give your role to someone else halfway through. Or cut the footage that you appear in as much as possible. Except for those second-generation stars with excellent backgrounds, it is basically impossible for ordinary actresses who want to be in the entertainment circle to stay innocent.”

Chen Shi didn't really care about this. He asked, "What time did the meal end?"

"It ended at 10:00. I went home alone by car."

Chen Shi asked about some more details. Afterwards, he would verify them one by one and he made sure that he had asked everything. He said, "You’ll say the words that you’ve said today again at the bureau or at the courts another day and not go back on your word, right?”

"The words are already spoken. I won't go back on them. It’s just..."

"Relax, when this incident gets exposed, you’ll definitely be interviewed by many reporters!"

"Thank you!"

The two said goodbye to Su Xiaowei. Lin Dongxue said, "I said all that, but in the end, your one sentence was the one that touched her. Sure enough, people are moved by self-interest."

"No, if it weren't for your incitement that caused her to reveal her weaknesses, my sugar-coated pills wouldn’t have been able to be fed to her.”

"Sugar-coated pills? You mean that even if it’s exposed, she won't become famous?"

Chen Shi glanced back at Su Xiaowei who was putting on makeup. "It's hard! Things on the Internet will be easily forgotten in a few days. Exposure causes fame? It's just a screenwriter’s fantasy. The most important thing is to keep her from going to prison and letting her keep her bottom line.”

"What's next?"

"The key evidence is in hand now. It's almost time to attack!"

On July 20th, Lin Dongxue found Lin Qiupu with the newly collected evidence in hand and asked him to apply for an arrest warrant for Luo Zuyu from the procuratorate. Lin Qiupu didn’t expect that they would find so many new clues with just three people. He browsed through the evidence once again. "The evidence in hand should be enough to apply for an arrest warrant, but there isn’t direct evidence for him to be convicted. I’m worried that even if he’s arrested, he wouldn’t be convicted in court."

"Captain Lin, we can only rely on the suspect’s confession.”

"It's very risky. What if he refuses to confess even if you beat him to death?"

"Then we’ll have to beat him to death again!" Lin Dongxue said confidently.

Lin Qiupu smiled, "OK, I’ll apply for it for you!"

After a day’s worth of grueling waiting, the arrest warrant with the official seal from the procuratorate finally arrived. Lin Dongxue was very happy. Although it was already dark at the time, she couldn’t wait for the next day and immediately called Chen Shi.

When Chen Shi arrived, there was a stranger in his car. The man said excitedly when he got out of the car, "Wow, there are police officers this beautiful? I’ve already thought of a title. ‘Beautiful Police Flower Captures Murderous Star.’ It’s going to be absolutely sensational!"

"Who’s this?" Lin Dongxue asked in surprise.

"He’s a reporter!" Chen Shi said.

"You called a reporter?"

The reporter grinned. "Our colleagues are already lying in ambush at the hotel. It’s all thanks to Mr. Chen who said he would provide us with this big news. To be honest, I couldn't believe it at first. Luo Zuyu murdering people? God, the whole world would be talking about it… I forgot to introduce myself. My surname is Li. This is my business card."

Lin Dongxue didn’t take his card and looked at Chen Shi in surprise. He had actually called the reporters without letting them know first.

Chen Shi said, "We should take action first. We can't be so passive. When the first news headline comes out, Luo Zuyu and his team will be bombarded by city reporters... No, reporters from all over the country will be bombarding them and restricting their actions. Only in this way can we be in control of the situation... Reporter, don’t forget the conditions that we’ve discussed in advance."

"I know! Only report the suspects, not those who are on the police’s side... I'm curious though. Why don't you want such a good chance for fame?"

Chen Shi said with a smile. "Police being famous isn’t necessarily a good thing. Let's go!"

Lin Dongxue was also speechless. After thinking about it though, Chen Shi’s tactic wasn’t bad. They were indeed too passive when they could only react to the other party’s moves.

Lin Dongxue, Chen Shi, Xu Xiaodong and the reporter were about to set off when Lin Qiupu came out and said, "Stay there! Don’t do anything nonsensical!"

"What's wrong, Captain Lin?" Lin Dongxue thought that he was going to stop them.

"Three people driving over in a taxi to arrest him? Are you joking? Since there’s already a reporter, there’s no need to be low-key anymore. I’ll send a few more police cars along. You guys come back, change into your police uniforms and wear your guns. Bring him back in an impressive manner!"

Lin Dongxue saluted happily. "Yes, sir!"

After a while, several police cars came out of the garage with all the police car lights turned on. Lin Dongxue, who rarely wore her police uniform, put on an ironed police uniform, coiled her hair up and put on a black police brimmed hat. She stood in front of Chen Shi and he thought she looked even more beautiful.

Chen Shi leaned on the car to look at Lin Dongxue's slender and graceful figure. "You look better in police uniform than in other clothes. Why don't you normally wear it?"

"I'm afraid that I’d get it dirty. It’s troublesome to wash. In addition, I feel too formal when I put it on."

Chen Shi blinked and whispered, "When the case is over, wear the police uniform at home and we can have fun doing role-playing."

"Get lost. You dirty-minded guy!”

Lin Qiupu said, "Let’s go." Then he turned to look at Chen Shi and frowned. "You shouldn’t go."

"Do you mind that my clothes don’t fit in with the rest of you? You can always temporarily lend me a set. Then I can pretend to be a police officer! My manly face would look so much better in the uniform than yours."

"Get lost! Dressing so casually, if people didn’t know, they’ll think that you were the leader. Just wait for the good news here!”

"Okay, good luck!"


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