Chapter 417: Please Arrest Me

After watching the video, Chen Shi didn't immediately question him. Instead, he said with a smile, "Let's watch another video."

Luo Zuyu was slightly shocked. Did this police officer not have a brain? Why did they play videos that were unfavorable to themselves?

After watching all the surveillance videos, Chen Shi said, "The videos show that a man in a red T-shirt and a woman took the elevator and entered your room at about 8:00 that night. At 11:00, the man in a red T-shirt left alone and used the stairs. At the same time, a man in a black sweater entered the staircase from the first floor and went up to the 22nd floor before entering your room. At the same time, the man in the red T-shirt left via the first floor."

The lawyer said, "Police officer, I need to remind you of a detail..."

Chen Shi gestured to interrupt him. "I know. What you want to say is that in the photo taken by the paparazzi that night, Luo Zuyu was wearing a black sweater. So, you want to say that the man who entered the hotel at 11:00 was Luo Zuyu."

"You’re a reasonable officer." The lawyer said.

"But the surveillance footage is very blurry and we can't see the faces clearly. The aforementioned is just one possibility. There is also another possibility. The man in the red T-shirt who left the room at 11:00 was Luo Zuyu, and the man in black who entered from the first floor was another person. The two of them exchanged clothes on the staircase and Luo Zuyu returned to the room from the stairwell on the 22nd floor while the person who changed clothes with him left via the first floor. Is that possible?"

"This is coercing a confession!" The lawyer stood up agitatedly.

"Really? This is just a hypothesis! I just asked you if this was possible? Is there a possibility? Is there?"

The lawyer glanced at Luo Zuyu and said shamelessly, "That's totally impossible!"

"Are you trying to say that there is not even one in a 10,000 chance that it could have happened?"

"Yes, not one in 10,000."

Chen Shi applauded. "People who know no shame are invincible..."

"I warn you not to conduct personal attacks on me..."

"Sure! Go ahead!" Chen Shi said carelessly, "If you’d like to sue me, then just go ahead and sue... So, then we’ve decided that the first possibility might be the truth of the matter. I observed the stairwell. There was no room for concealment there. That is, Luo Zuyu must have passed the murderer when he walked upstairs that night. Is that true? Mr. Luo?"

Luo Zuyu raised his eyebrows, "Yes!"

"Then did you see his appearance clearly?"

"Sir, you don't have any common sense. I'm a celebrity! I went out for a date that night. I came back quietly and met a stranger in the stairwell. Of course I’d lower my head!"

"So, you didn’t see him?"

"I didn’t see him at all!"

"So, you weren’t in the hotel around 10:00, right?"

"You don’t say!"

"The surveillance footage shows that your manager entered your room at 10:00. You weren’t there at that time. Who was inside? The deceased and the suspect. Your manager was actually in the same room with the suspect. Do you think this is possible?"

"Everything is possible."

"Oh, I see. Your agent didn't see him, so he didn't know."

Luo Zuyu was a little flustered. He vaguely realized that it might be a trap, but this "police" analysis was reasonable. If the manager saw the suspect, he would definitely not stay in the room.

"I’m asking you!" Chen Shi yelled.

The lawyer said loudly, "Please don't yell. My client can’t answer this kind of question. He wasn’t in the room at all."

"It’s up to us to decide what questions to ask. As a suspect, you have an obligation to answer."

The lawyer gritted his teeth and whispered something to Luo Zuyu.

Chen Shi continued. "Judging from the surveillance footage, your manager indeed stayed with the suspect and it was very likely that he saw the corpse!"

Chen Shi took out a piece of paper and a small bottle. "We found some vomit in a vase next to the bathroom. DNA testing proved that it came from your manager, which means that he saw the body in the bathroom. After seeing the corpse, he never left and waited for you to come back."

Luo Zuyu was covered in cold sweat. Damn it to hell, the room was cleaned very carefully, but this detail was neglected.

The lawyer said, "Your reasoning is totally untenable. The reason for vomiting is not necessarily due to seeing the body. Maybe he was drunk."

"There is no alcohol in the vomit."

"That's because he had a bad stomach... In short, there is no necessary connection between the vomit and seeing the body!"

Chen Shi sneered. "Excuse me, as a respectable person with a monthly salary of 200,000 yuan, why wouldn’t he vomit in the bathroom, but vomit in the vase outside the bathroom?"

"Maybe he couldn’t get there in time." The lawyer argued.

"Okay, let's say that the manager vomited for unknown reasons. He didn't leave the room after vomiting. This is a photo of your suite..." Chen Shi took out the photo. "There is no place to hide except for the wardrobe and the bathroom. There is a contradictory point here. Before you went back and before the suspect left, the manager was in the suite. How did the suspect get out of the door under the manager's nose?"

Luo Zuyu grasped his own arms tightly with his hands and suddenly thought of an excuse. "He was asleep."

The lawyer nodded desperately. "Yes, since he vomited, it means that he wasn’t in good health. He went to bed after vomiting. It’s reasonable!"

"Okay, we’ll test to see if the manager was sick." Chen Shi noted it down on the paper.

Lin Qiupu was watching. Chen Shi's move to retreat in order to gain an advantage really worked. The other party’s rhythm was disrupted. They began to panic and exposed one flaw after another.

Chen Shi said, "After talking about the first possibility, let me talk about the second possibility-"

The lawyer protested loudly, "There’s no second possibility! My client has a clear alibi. Do you think that he can clone himself?”

"Clear alibi? What’s clear? Where are the photos?”

"Didn’t you see them on Weibo? Are you blind?" Luo Zuyu was already behaving with extreme impatience.

"Yes, I am blind. I couldn’t see them. I want to see the original photos. The original photos with dates-"

"Who do you think you are! What right do you have to make us show you!" Luo Zuyu shouted.

"If we can't get the original photos, what face do you have to say that it was a clear alibi?!"

"Because I am Luo Zuyu. Even my farts are the same as rainbows. What do you amount to? Fuck your mother, you damn bastard! Are you fit to sit here and question me?!" Luo Zuyu stood up violently, his eyes glaring, grinding his teeth so hard that one could hear cracking noises.

"No, no..." The lawyer tried to stop him and was punched in the face by Luo Zuyu. His glasses dangled downwards miserably from his ears and blood was flowing from his nose.

"What are you doing? Sit down!" Lin Qiupu stood up and said.

Luo Zuyu simply resorted to scolding them in his dialect, spitting saliva everywhere, but Chen Shi couldn't understand a single sentence. The scene instantly became so chaotic that he couldn't sort things out. Ji Xingyao rushed in at that moment. "Zuyu! Sit down."

Luo Zuyu stared at her for a while in shock before recovering his reason and sat down slowly.

Lin Qiupu looked at Ji Xingyao. There were several police officers behind her who explained helplessly, "Captain Lin, we’re in the wrong for not stopping her."

"Who let you in?!"

Ji Xingyao stretched out her hands, "Don't question him anymore. He knows nothing about what happened that day. I’m willing to be interrogated."

"Interrogated? Have you broken the law?" Chen Shi asked.

"I broke the law..." Ji Xingyao said, "I defiled a corpse. Please arrest me!"


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