Chapter 416: Confrontation

The interrogation came to a temporary stop. Lin Qiupu came out and the police were all outside in the corridor. Luo Zuyu's sister-in-law, Ji Xingyao, leaned against the wall smoking and cast a disdainful look at them.

Lin Qiupu had noticed that they were fully prepared to deal with today's interrogation but they could only counter every move for now.

Lin Qiupu asked, "Who will investigate this Su Xiaowei?"

Many people were willing to go. Lin Qiupu ordered Xu Xiaodong and Little Li to bring the person back. He looked around and didn’t see Lin Dongxue's figure. When he asked about it, someone told him, "Dongxue and Brother Chen went out to investigate."

"Has the witness been found?"

Old Zhang said, "I was just about to tell you. I went to the cleaner's house but nobody was there. I asked her relatives and friends, but they didn't know where she was!"

Lin Qiupu's eyes dimmed. His hope disappeared little by little. He said, "I see."

At that moment, Ji Xingyao came over and asked, "Is the interrogation over? Can I say a few words to Zuyu then?"

"What do you think? It's already against the rules for you to stay here and wait." Lin Qiupu said.

"Okay, I don't mind either way!" Ji Xingyao shrugged. "But it's noon right now. Zuyu should eat now."

"We will arrange that."

"Can the food that you guys prepare really be eaten? All of his meals need to be planned by a professional dietitian. He’s an entertainer. Unlike you guys, our company's stock price will drop even if he gets a little fat."

Lin Qiupu looked at her and said gloomily. "Go prepare the food for him, but we have to inspect it before it’s given to him."

"Thank you!"

"Also, I need to remind you that he only has one name while he’s here... The suspect!"

Ji Xingyao smiled gracefully. "After 24 hours, he will be the plaintiff, and you will all become the defendants!"

After lunch, Su Xiaowei was brought in. She was also an entertainer from Ji Xingyao’s company, but she wasn’t that famous. She had only played some supporting roles in a few TV series. She appeared nervous in the interrogation room. Lin Qiupu asked, "On the evening of July 14th, where were you, who were you with and what did you do?”

"I... Luo Zuyu and I met up in a coffee shop, we sat drinking for a while, and then went out for a walk together. We parted at 10:00 in the evening."

"As far as we know, you and Luo Zuyu have never worked together. How did the two of you get to know each other?"

"Of course we’d be acquainted with each other if we’re from the same company!"

"Okay then. What did you talk about that day and where did you go? Be specific!"

Su Xiaowei described everything in detail, but she seemed particularly tense. Lin Qiupu noticed that she was lying, but he couldn’t do anything about it. After an hour of questioning, he told Su Xiaowei to head back first but not to leave Long'an in case she gets subpoenaed.

Leaving the interrogation room, Lin Qiupu felt very powerless. At this time, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue returned, and he couldn’t wait to ask, "Any new findings?"

Chen Shi said, "There’s another person in the car. You can take him to the interrogation room and test his DNA."

Lin Qiupu instructed people to do it and Chen Shi said, "Everyone, come with me!"

The officers went to a conference room and Chen Shi asked someone to play some surveillance footage found at the hotel. After watching it, everyone was a bit surprised. Chen Shi said, "They prepared a set of lies and planned to dish them out at the end. Now, we should take the initiative to step into this trap and disrupt their groove... Because there are loopholes in this set of lies. Captain Lin, you should continue the questioning. I’ll give you the evidence when it’s the right time.”

Lin Qiupu asked, "How confident are you?"

"Not that much." Chen Shi smiled.

"If you’re not, then why are you still smiling?"

"In fact, this case is very simple. One person killed another person, but everyone around him all lied for him. We need to expose these lies one by one. The first lie is the photos taken by the paparazzi. That group has been bribed and have been reluctant to hand over the original photos. It caused us to make a trip for nothing. I think that we can use some forceful measures on them."

Lin Qiupu muttered, "I think that Su Xiaowei would be a faster breakthrough point."

"That group of paparazzis treated Dongxue so rudely. They used some particularly jarring words."

Lin Qiupu immediately changed his attitude and said, "Those jerks! Bring them in right away. If they don’t cooperate, I’ll send the riot police out!”

Old Zhang said, "It's so quiet outside today."

"What do you mean?" Another officer asked.

"This big star has been detained. It stands to reason that it should be full of reporters outside. But so far, no reporters have been seen."

Chen Shi said, "That's because we still have a nuclear bomb in our hands. That is, Luo Zuyu's urine tested positive for drugs. Right now, the country attaches great importance to this kind of thing[1] and entertainers who take drugs can’t be washed clean[2]. No matter how they cover it up, this matter can’t be covered up, so they didn’t dare to ask reporters to block the doors."

Lin Qiupu asked, "Should we expose this matter and dampen their spirits first?"

Chen Shi shook his head with a smile. "This nuclear bomb should be left for threatening them. If you really exposed it, they would try to take us down with them. We wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of public opinion. Stuff like 'confession under torture', 'violent law enforcement' ',' fabricating perjury' and the like. Reporters would come up with all of that. The police can’t win that fight because journalists don’t need evidence.”

Old Zhang nodded and said, "Little Chen is absolutely right. Reporters don't need evidence to speak. This is the wonderful trick they used to concoct their alibi. Now the whole world thinks that Luo Zuyu was on a date outside that night, as if it were true."

Lin Qiupu said, "We’ll wait until this case is over regarding the matter of drug abuse!”

"Yeah, fuck this garbage entertainer up!"

"Who said that! Who said that!" Lin Qiupu looked around, "Can criminal police say such a thing? If it was leaked, the whole bureau would meet with misfortune... Xiaodong, was it you?"

Xu Xiaodong said innocently, "It wasn’t me! I'm drinking water right now!"

Chen Shi said to him, "You should only think about this stuff in your mind. Don't say it out loud."

"It's really not me! I swear to God!"

Returning to the interrogation room again, Lin Qiupu's scalp was already numb[3]. Fortunately, Chen Shi was sitting next to him this time. Lin Qiupu felt very relieved. He only had this feeling when he was with Song Lang back then.

He glanced at Chen Shi and thought that if Song Lang was still here, he would already be the department head or even the bureau chief. Why wouldn’t this fool, Chen Shi, just become an officer?!

Chen Shi opened up the laptop and said, "Mr. Luo, let's watch a surveillance video together first."

While watching the video, Luo Zuyu crossed his arms and looked as if he didn’t care at all and had things planned out in advance.

He had already rehearsed what he had to say at least five times beforehand. All the questions posed by the police were predicted by his sister-in-law ahead of time. He didn't think that the police could do anything to him.

After all, he had already killed people several times before and escaped the net of justice several times. In his eyes, the police were just spicy chicken[4]!

1. You get executed in China if you’re caught selling and transporting drugs. 

2. Have their reputations restored. 

3. Lin Qiupu was extremely nervous 

4. Chinese internet pun on “trash”. 


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