Chapter 415: Like An Iron Bucket

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue got into the car. Lin Dongxue asked, "Do you think that the evidence we have right now isn’t enough?"

"It's not enough. Remember the surveillance video at around 11 o'clock?"

"Um... Luo Zuyu came out of the room at 11 o'clock, entered the staircase, and then a man in a black sweater went up from the first floor, reached the 22nd floor, and came out of the staircase."

"Look at the scandal where Luo Zuyu was exposed."

Lin Dongxue took out her mobile phone and checked it. She was stunned when she saw the paparazzi’s secret photos. Luo Zuyu was wearing a black sweater and a black beret cap. Lin Dongxue seemed to have understood this trap.

Chen Shi said, "Tell me how you think they’ll defend themselves?"

"The paparazzi's photos are evidence for Luo Zuyu's alibi. They would say that Luo Zuyu was dating someone outside that night and had returned to the hotel at eleven o'clock... But how would they explain that person who left the room?”

"No explanation is needed. As long as they prove that Luo Zuyu was not at the scene, everything will be fine for them."

"Actually, it was Luo Zuyu himself who left the room. Another person went upstairs in a black sweater. Let’s call this person X. X and Luo Zuyu exchanged clothes, hats and necklaces in the stairway where there are no surveillance cameras. Then Luo Zuyu returned in a black sweater while X went downstairs in a red T-shirt."

"It is because the surveillance cameras’ low resolution can only allow you to see someone’s general body build and clothing. X and Luo Zuyu have similar body builds... The other side understood this point and played this hand. Normally, as long as the criminal is brought back to the bureau, it’s equal to game over. But this group of people is different. They are experienced in playing with the law and there is a strong public relations team and connections behind them. They were ready to confront the police face- to-face when they prepared everything. Now is just the beginning."

Lin Dongxue furrowed her brows and mumbled. "The photos taken by the paparazzi were fake or they weren’t wasn't taken on July 14th."

"Let’s go investigate this matter now and give them a call."

Lin Dongxue phoned them and the other party didn’t believe that she was a police officer. He hung up the phone after mocking her. Lin Dongxue gritted her teeth. Chen Shi said, "I had expected it. Let’s look for them in person!"

Two hours later, the two arrived at the entertainment news agency. The person who received them was the youngster who had just said that Lin Dongxue was a fake police officer over the phone. Lin Dongxue dangled her badge right in front of him and said, "Am I a fake officer? Why don’t you look clearly?!"

The youngster rubbed his hands and laughed, "Officer, you can’t really blame me. Nowadays, people are faking all sorts of identities, so I have to be a bit more vigilant... Come, sit down. Would you like tea or coffee?"

"No need. We’re here to ask one thing. On July 16th, you posted an entertainment article saying that the singer, Luo Zuyu, was out dating a woman late at night."

"Yes, yes, it was published by us. We also made Weibo headlines on that day and our article was reposted a million…" The youngster's face showed pride.

"We are requesting to see the original photos."

"Ahh..." The youngster smiled.

"Are you deaf? We want to see the original photos."

"The two of you must have worked very hard today. Let me pour you a cup of coffee. It's hand-ground coffee. It's very fragrant."

The youngster walked away as he was saying this. Lin Dongxue called after him a few times but he didn't stop. She stood up and chased after him. The other members in the editing room stood up to block her saying, "What are you doing? What’s happening? Enforcing the law violently? Beware or we will expose you!"

Someone really pointed a camera at Lin Dongxue and Lin Dongxue gritted her teeth in rage.

"These people have been bought." Chen Shi whispered.

Lin Dongxue said, "Call your boss to come out!"

A balding, middle-aged man came out with a smile on his face and said, "Beauty, I’m the boss."

Lin Dongxue could only repeat the request again. The boss also seemed to be suffering from selective hearing. He acted like he was deaf and continued smiling in an oily manner. Lin Dongxue raised her voice and said again, "I asked to see the original photos of Luo Zuyu. Please don't waste our time!"

"We hear you. We hear you, beautiful!" The boss said with a smile. "But did you go through the formal procedures?"

Lin Dongxue was so angry that she wanted to pull out her gun and fire a few shots. She said, "It is the duty of citizens to cooperate with the investigation. I’m exercising the right of an oral subpoena. Please come back with me."

"Ah, it’s okay if we cooperate, right? Can I ask what case you’re investigating?"

"You’re still going to talk in circles with me?”

"No, but we’re journalists. It's just professional sensitivity. If you tell me what case you’re investigating, then I’ll cooperate.

Lin Dongxue was so angry that she almost couldn’t control herself. "Okay, please come back with me!"

She reached for the boss's clothes. The boss immediately retreated amongst the other staff. The boss gave them a wink and the staff immediately began to make a fuss as though they were obedient dogs. "The police are violently enforcing the law!" The cameras in their hands also clicked away.

Chen Shi stood up and said, "Has someone already contacted you?"

The boss laughed and said, "Handsome guy, I don't understand what you're talking about... The news article has already been posted. You can read about it on the Internet. The whole network is full of this news. Could it be fake?"

Chen Shi laughed internally. What kind of logic was that? Even if the news flooded the whole planet, it still wouldn’t necessarily be true. He said, "I have to remind you that providing false testimony will incur criminal charges. Don't bury the entire company's future for temporary benefits."

"Did you hear that? The police are threatening us!" The boss said to his employees.

Chen Shi made a gesture. "Let’s withdraw!"

After leaving the company, Lin Dongxue kicked an electric pole on the side of the road angrily, saying, "It's so hateful. Without the original photos, we can't overturn the alibi."

She crouched down holding her head, thought for a while, and said, "Right, the woman who was with Luo Zuyu in the photo can prove it."

Chen Shi shook his head, "I think the hope is slim! They would have thought of that. Let’s go to the hotel again!"

At the same time, Lin Qiupu had slammed the table until his hand hurt in the interrogation room. Luo Zuyu still wore an arrogant smile on his face and the lawyer reminded him severely, "Please don't intimidate my client again!"

Lin Qiupu enunciated each syllable slowly. "I’m asking you where you were on the evening of July 14th. What were you doing?”

Luo Zuyu replied lazily, "You don't watch the news?"

"I'm asking you!"

The lawyer said, "Mr. Police Officer, I don't think you wouldn't know about this. Yesterday, the internet just revealed that my client had been photographed secretly on a date with a woman on the evening of the 14th. This is the perfect proof of his absence!"

"How is it perfect? Who is the woman? Can she testify?"

Luo Zuyu crossed his arms and said, "I have my privacy."

"You have no privacy here."

Luo Zuyu smiled with a shrug. Lin Qiupu hit the table in anger. "If you keep up with your flippant attitude, don't blame me for not being polite. Don't forget that you just tested positive for methamphetamine."

The lawyer whispered a few words to Luo Zuyu and Luo Zuyu shrugged and said, "She's called Su Xiaowei. I was with her that night. Are you satisfied now? Sir!"


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