Chapter 414: The Haughty Celebrity

When he was rebuked with those words, the manager became flustered and said, "I didn't lie. I didn’t lie. You can ask anything you want."

Chen Shi glanced at the check-in information and said, "Your boss came with the team at 2:00AM on the 15th. Why didn't she come with all of you? Why did she come a few days later?"

"What's incomprehensible about that? President Ji was negotiating a film and television project abroad. It’s very normal for her to come a few days later!"

"I hope your lies won’t have the slightest flaw in them." Chen Shi smiled, and the smile made the manager break out in cold sweat.

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue left. Lin Dongxue said, "Was it a good idea to expose his lies to his face?"

"They have mutual interests. They must have figured out their response strategy long ago. We need to find a breakthrough point, so we have to frighten him a little first!"

When going downstairs, the police were blocked by a lady. It was Luo Zuyu's sister-in-law. She crossed her arms and looked at Luo Zuyu coldly, saying, "Zuyu, what stupid thing have you done this time?"

Luo Zuyu smiled and replied, "I didn’t do anything, Sister Ji. This group of police are arresting people indiscriminately."

Lin Qiupu said, "You are..."

The woman handed a business card over to him. Her name was Ji Xingyao. "I also count as his manager. I don't know why you arrested him, but to be honest, today's schedule is really full. If events are forcibly cancelled, the company will lose millions. And it also takes a lot of energy to explain to the TV stations, the media, and the sponsors. Can we negotiate and let us arrange a schedule that suits each other?"

"What do you think?" Lin Qiupu asked back.

"Do the police everywhere have such rude and unreasonable attitudes?" Ji Xingyao sneered. "Let me be frank. If you can't produce evidence, I will sue you and ask you to compensate for all the losses incurred today."

"Ma'am, this is a mandatory subpoena. It’s not an illegal detention... You said a lot of things that convey a single meaning- Mr. Luo is very busy. However, you have to remember that before being a busy celebrity, he is first a citizen and a citizen must abide by the laws of the country in which he is in. Whether you are earning ten yuan a day, or one million, you can't override the law."

Ji Xingyao gritted her teeth and asked the lawyer, "How long will it take?"

"The police officer said it would take twenty-four hours."

"Well, twenty-four hours later, if Mr. Luo is proven innocent and released, help me sue the Long’an City police! I will go with all of you."

Lin Qiupu ordered, "Prepare a car for her."

"No need. We have our own cars."

After returning to the bureau, Luo Zuyu and his lawyer were brought into the interrogation room. Luo Zuyu found it to be a novel environment and looked around everywhere. "Mainland interrogation rooms are so cheap. Can't you change to a brighter light bulb? Wow, the wall really has those eight large Chinese characters. It’s almost like it’s real!"

The lawyer nudged him to remind him not to talk nonsense.

Lin Qiupu was not in a hurry to interrogate him. Controlling him was only the first step. Peng Sijue had stopped all his other work and was evaluating the evidence brought back from the crime scene.

Seeing that an hour had already passed, Ji Xingyao came over and questioned, "Why are you dawdling here? Why haven’t you started yet? Do you think that our time is as cheap as yours?”

"Ma'am, if you make trouble unreasonably again, we’ll ask you to go out. The police have police procedures to follow."

Ji Xingyao sneered, took out a carton of women's cigarettes from her bag, and sat in the office smoking. Lin Qiupu frowned. "Smoking is not allowed here!"

"So what? Are you going to arrest me as well?"

Peng Sijue came, and Lin Qiupu went to meet him in the corridor. Peng Sijue delivered a few reports to him, saying, "The blood and hair in the bathtub indeed belong to the victim. It’s the same with the blood on the rooftop. We’ve yet to find a matching sample for the vomit."

"Okay, well done!" Lin Qiupu said, "I’ll go and meet him then."

When he went into the interrogation room, Luo Zuyu was busy complaining that he had to go to the toilet, and the lawyer was knocking wildly on the door inside, shouting, "My client wants to go to the bathroom. What are you guys doing? Are there still human rights?"

Chen Shi reminded, "Take him for a urine test."

When he heard that a urine test was required, Luo Zuyu was very uncooperative and actually spurted urine on the police officer accompanying him. This behavior completely destroyed Lin Dongxue's image of stars.

After a long period of struggle, his urine test was finally completed. It was determined via reagent identification that he had taken methamphetamine recently.

Back in the interrogation room, Lin Qiupu threw the urine test result on the table and said, "Mr. Luo, you can’t really deny this result, right? You’ve recently taken methamphetamine!"

Luo Zuyu sneered as he laid back in his chair. The lawyer said on his behalf, "I admit that the urine test result is irrefutable, but you can't conclude that my client took the drug voluntarily just based on this result. This only proves that he has methamphetamine in his body."

Luo Zuyu said lazily, "After filming the program that day, I don't know who handed me a cigarette, but after smoking it, I felt that something was wrong. I don't even know what happened."

The lawyer said, "See? The truth is that someone deliberately framed my client. He has neither the desire nor the habit of taking drugs. You can search his residence."

These two played off each other as if one was singing while the other was playing an accompaniment. Lin Qiupu knew that they were stalling for time and had used answering this question as a means to do so. He said, "You know full well whether you took the drugs or not."

"Officer, may I remind you not to use such implicatory wording-"

Lin Qiupu gestured for him to shut up and continued to ask, "What I want to ask is, what did you do on the evening of July 14th!"

Luo Zuyu sneered and the lawyer said, "My client had been writing new songs in his room all night."

"Really? Let's look at surveillance footage."

Lin Qiupu asked someone to bring a computer in to play the surveillance video from that night. After watching, Luo Zuyu said in shock, "Who is that?"

"You’re still acting? The video showed that at eight o'clock that night, you entered the room with a young woman. At eleven o’clock, you came out alone. We found a lot of blood in the bathtub in that room and it has been confirmed that it belongs to the female victim. What do you have to say to that?"

Luo Zuyu shrugged and spread out his hands. "I don't know about this at all. I didn’t meet any outsiders that day. You can ask my manager."

"Do you want to say that something was wrong with the surveillance footage?"

"Electronics are bound to malfunction." Luo Zuyu said without a care.

Chen Shi looked outside and glanced at Ji Xingyao who was standing in the corridor. Ji Xingyao was smoking a cigarette and the corners of her mouth formed a small sneer that was only noticeable upon closer inspection. Chen Shi said, "They’ve already figured out thorough countermeasures, but they won’t use them now. They’ll stall for time, and when they can't drag any longer, they’ll dish out all the lies that they have prepared in advance!”

Lin Dongxue asked, "What lies?"

"Let’s go. Come and investigate with us!"


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