Chapter 413: Forcible Summon

The five-star hotel was really comfortable. The two of them did not get much sleep that night. When they went for the breakfast buffet in the morning, Lin Dongxue said, "This place is really nice. Hopefully, we’ll come here to have fun next time instead of investigating a case."

"Even if it’s in the middle of investigating the case, you haven’t lost out on anything." Chen Shi said.

"You didn't lose out on anything either!"

"When should we come next? When you're promoted?"

A year ago, Lin Dongxue might not even dare to think about it, but recently she had been continually solving cases with Chen Shi’s help. Many people in the second team have already been promoted and she was already a deputy captain. Maybe someday “Captain Lin” would refer to Lin Dongxue and not Lin Qiupu.

When she thought about it, she was a little excited for what’s to come.

"My brother always said that if you became a police officer, everyone else would have to step aside."

Chen Shi shook his head. "I'm used to being free. Aren’t things alright as they are right now?"

Although the hotel's buffet breakfast options were plentiful, there were only a few people and the atmosphere was extremely quiet.

Lin Dongxue got some food and turned around without paying attention. She almost bumped into a woman who was on the phone. The other party was wearing an exquisite skirt suit. Lin Dongxue apologized. The lady nodded and said that it was okay before continuing her call. “Send the script to me as soon as possible... I don't care about that. We’re going to record the show this afternoon. We won’t have enough time... "

Lin Dongxue whispered to Chen Shi, "That older woman seems to be a manager."

Chen Shi handed his mobile phone to her so that she could have a look, "It’s the owner of Luo Zuyu's company. It’s said that she’s Luo Zuyu's sister-in-law."

"Wow, a celebrity."

"Maybe it won't be long before we meet somewhere else!"

After having breakfast, Lin Qiupu called Chen Shi, "I read what you sent to my email. But before applying for an arrest warrant, I want to confirm with you whether you’re sure he’s the one. This is no joking matter! If we’re wrong, we’ll bear a very big black pot[1]."

"Relax. All the evidence points to him."

At the other end of the phone, Lin Qiupu mumbled. "Facing this kind of public figure, if you don't take forcible measures, it’ll definitely drag on for a long time. Okay, I'll go and apply now."

"By the way, please communicate well with the reporters. Once the matter is exposed, they’ll most likely use public opinion to their advantage. The investigation will definitely be hindered."

"You don't need to remind me... Where is Dongxue?"

"She’s beside me. We’re waiting for you at the hotel."

Lin Dongxue was very agitated when he hung up the phone. "My older brother’s coming soon?"

"There’s still a while to go. Let’s go back to sleep and conserve our energy. I foresee that we won’t be having a good night’s rest in the next couple of days.”

"Oh, you didn’t sleep? But you were all excited last night?"

"You have to reflect on this matter as well. Who was it that-"

"Okay, okay, stop talking about it."

At 9:00, the two were awakened by a phone call. Lin Qiupu told them to come down. They got dressed and went downstairs. A group of police officers were negotiating with the staff. The staff were still bickering with them and said that they’ll need to look for the manager.

"Doesn't your manager have a cell phone?" Chen Shi came over and asked.

"Regarding that…”

"I'll give you five minutes. Call him and let him know."

The staff could only comply and call the manager. Then they said, "Investigating is fine, but don't alarm other guests."

Chen Shi asked, "How many cleaners work here? Call them all down here. I need to ask them some questions.”

The job of interrogating the cleaners was left to the other police officers. Chen Shi didn't want to miss the first meeting with Luo Zuyu himself. The police went to the floor where Luo Zuyu was staying and knocked on the door of the presidential suite. A person who was dressed like a manager asked, "What's the matter?"

Lin Qiupu displayed the documents issued by the procuratorate. "We suspect that Mr. Luo, who is staying here, is related to a case. We want to bring him back for questioning."

"Does he really have to go to the bureau? Mr. Luo has an interview this morning and it has already been booked."

"This is not a reason for refusal. It’s a forcible summon, do you understand?"

The manager sighed. "I'll go and relay this to Mr. Luo."

Before Luo Zuyu came out, a lawyer came over from the corridor and said, "Hello, I'm Mr. Luo's lawyer. I'm authorized to represent the case. Please let me through."

Lin Dongxue whispered to Chen Shi, "He hasn’t shown up yet but the lawyer has already come. It seems like they’re well prepared."

After the lawyer walked in, no one came out for quite some time. The room downstairs was also under investigation. A police officer came up and said, "A lot of bloodstains were indeed found inside the bathtub."

Chen Shi handed his room card to him. "I have a bag in the refrigerator in my room. It’s the vomit found in the vase in room 2207. You can take it back for testing. The vase in room 2207 must be taken as well."

"Vomit?" Lin Qiupu glanced at Chen Shi.

"It may be a key piece of evidence." Chen Shi smiled.

Then Old Zhang came up to report, "Captain Lin, Captain Lin. There’s a cleaner missing. And she’s the one who had appeared on the 22nd floor on the evening of the 14th. Her colleagues said that she hadn't come to work for three days."

Chen Shi muttered secretly. The key witness is missing. I’m afraid she’s been bribed or...

Lin Qiupu said, "Think of a way to find her!"

At that moment, Luo Zuyu, who was neatly dressed, came out nonchalantly, and put his hands up. "Do I need to wear handcuffs, sir?"

This was the first time that most of the police officers have seen Luo Zuyu up close. They couldn’t help but be surprised. Entertainers were indeed groomed delicately and beautifully. The aura was completely different from that of an ordinary person.

Lin Qiupu said, "We’ll leave you face. You don’t have to wear it.”

"Haha, save me face? I urge you to save your own face. You dare to arrest someone without evidence?"

"Mr. Luo!" The lawyer whispered. "Don't make careless remarks."

After Luo Zuyu was taken away, the room was also investigated. The manager seemed a little disturbed. Chen Shi asked him, "How many rooms have you booked?"


"Why did you book so many at the same time?"

"There’s no way around it. There’s a lot of people. In addition to me and Mr. Luo, there’s his personal stylist, personal assistant, personal nutritionist and other staff."

"There is one more!" Chen Shi said, "The boss of your company."

"Yes, yes..." The manager was breaking out in cold sweat. "You’re indeed the police. You’ve investigated so thoroughly.”

Chen Shi looked for Lin Dongxue to ask her for the notepad that she had with her and opened it. "Tell me who lives in each room and the check-in times. I’ll verify them one by one."

After taking note of this, Chen Shi said, "Tell me about all your activities after 6:00PM on July 14th."

"This... This is also under investigation? You only summoned Mr. Luo."

"Please cooperate."

"Okay... I left the hotel at 6:00 and ate with Director Chen. At 8:00, I went for a relaxing physiotherapy treatment in the spa area of the hotel. From 9:30 to 10:30, I attended an internet conference in my own room. I went to Mr. Luo's room at 11:00... But he wasn’t there. "

"You stayed in a room that nobody was in?"

"I had been drinking that night and was exhausted from work, so I took a nap on the sofa."

"Until when!"

"Until I heard the knock on the door. It was about 11:30. Mr Luo came back and we talked about work for a while before I left.

Chen Shi smiled coldly. "You're lying!"

1. They’ll have to deal with a big mess 


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