Chapter 411: What's Wrong With You

Lin Dongxue was pleasantly surprised, saying, "This really was the scene of the crime!"

Chen Shi continued to spray luminol on the tiles, and there were large blood stains on the ground that had been cleaned up. Chen Shi lay on the ground and sniffed it, saying, "It smells of ammonia. This can be used to break down proteins. I'm afraid we won’t be able to test the DNA."

"Would you like someone to come and collect samples? Maybe something was left behind."

"This hotel won't let the police in."

"It's so annoying!"

“Could we actually test for DNA?” Chen Shi tentatively decided to take some blood samples from the gaps between the tiles. Lin Dongxue called and told Lin Qiupu about the situation. Lin Qiupu asked her to protect the scene. Lin Dongxue responded, “The crime scene is a presidential suite that costs over 40,000 a day. And someone is staying in it currently."

Lin Qiupu went silent and asked, "Is that person suspicious?"

"Doesn’t seem like it. He seems to have just moved in."

"Take pictures and collect evidence. Don't miss an inch! I’ll try to negotiate with the hotel."

Lin Dongxue began to take pictures with her mobile phone. From the shape of the blood stains, the bathroom had obviously been scrubbed repeatedly. At this time, the fat man knocked on the door outside. "Are you all done yet? I want to go to the bathroom!"

"Soon!" Lin Dongxue said in vexation, "This is too passive. We can’t even cordon off the crime scene."

"After all, there isn’t a body lying here. Only these cleaned up bloodstains are around." Chen Shi said.

After confirming that every bloodstain had been photographed, Chen Shi used the shower to rinse away the luminol on the floor before opening the door. After the fat man came in, he saw that the ground was wet and looked skeptically at the two of them. "What were you doing? Are you really investigating the case?"

"Go and use your toilet!" Chen Shi said.

While the fat man went to the toilet, the two hurriedly collected fingerprints around the room. A total of five groups were collected. The fat man came out and saw the suite covered with powder. He said, "Fuck, why didn’t you let me know in advance!"

Chen Shi sat on the arm of the sofa and said, "Let me discuss something with you. This place may be the crime scene..."

"Crime scene? It’s that exciting?!”

"Oh, I mean, the police can't officially come in to investigate at the moment. And you’re staying here right now. Can I trouble you to please protect the scene?"

"Um..." The fat man mumbled. "Someone died here?"

"Most likely."


"We're still looking into that."

"Why are the police so inefficient?" The fat man complained and then muttered, "Then I have to stay alone in a room where murder was committed tonight? This... It's a bit scary!"

Chen Shi suggested upon hearing his words. "Shall we swap rooms then?"

"Swap rooms? My presidential suite and your standard room?"

"How do you know that we live in a standard room?"

The fat man laughed, "There is only one presidential suite on each floor. The others are all standard rooms, deluxe rooms, couple suites and the like. Do you know who lives upstairs? The superstar, Luo Zuyu!"

"How long has he been living there?"

"It seems like he’s here to film a show and has been here for about a week!"

"How about you?"

"I'm here on business and I've only been here for half a day."

Chen Shi mumbled to himself. The words "Luo Zuyu" appeared a little too frequently in front of his eyes. Was it really him?

He had his own managing team, and all aspects matched the characteristics of the perpetrator. Chen Shi was still a bit shocked. This time the "fish" was too big!

The fat man said, "If you’re willing to make up the difference in price for the room swap, I can accept it."

"Do you really need that money?"

"That's another matter. Do you want to swap or not?"

"No. You can stay here. We don't have that much funding for solving the case. We’ve photographed everything that we needed anyway. Bye!”

The fat man ran over and stopped the two. "Ah, hey, we agreed that you’d share the information."

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue exchanged glances. Chen Shi sighed, "Don't speak nonsense to the public!"

"How could that be possible? I know the importance of this news. Tell me!"

"Someone died in the bathroom!"

The fat man shivered. "Just this?"

"We only found this out!"

"Fuck, the police are really inefficient. Let’s exchange contact information!"

After saying goodbye to the fat man and returning to the room, they found Sun Zhen eating instant noodles. He said, "Brother Chen, do we have to eat this at a five-star hotel? Why not call room service?"

"Funds! I don't know if I will be reimbursed for staying at the hotel either."

"Let’s not talk about that. The smart toilet is pretty cool!"

Lin Dongxue said, "Master hacker, you should get to work quickly!"

Sun Zhen wiped his mouth and said, "Sister-in-Law, you don’t know this, but in order to hack into the system, you need to find the port. I just found out that it’s in the corridor facing the surveillance camera. How would I dare to do that?”

Chen Shi sat down on the sofa, "Wait a while!"

Lin Dongxue glanced at the oil painting by the wall. "The security guards are really vegetarian[1]. They still haven’t figured out that they’re missing a painting from the corridor."

"Even a rigorous system is controlled by people. People are the loopholes in the system... By the way, Little Worm, I need the hotel's check-in list over the last week. I also want this floor’s and the upper floors’ surveillance footage from the noon of July 14th onwards.”

"Leave it to me!" Sun Zhen smacked his chest.

It was already evening outside the window. Chen Shi took out some food from the bag and ate it with Lin Dongxue. Lin Dongxue asked, "It wouldn’t really be Luo Zuyu who did it, right?"

Sun Zhen sprayed out a mouthful of iced black tea and wiped his mouth. "What. What? Did I hear that right? The suspect this time is Luo Zuyu?"

"Aiya, don't jump to conclusions like that. We’ve only just started investigating." Chen Shi reminded her.

"I heard that Luo Zuyu had been involved in a missing woman case before. But there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him." Sun Zhen lowered his voice mysteriously as he informed them.

"How did you know about that?"

"I have a friend on the dark web who steals the information of celebrities to sell for money. Let me tell you, compared with those extramarital affairs or drug abuses exposed on the Internet, the real private lives of celebrities are unimaginable."

"Why didn't we know about it? Didn't your friend get it to sell for money?"

"Hey, it depends on who’s buying. Some are sold to the star’s own studio, which is equivalent to hush money. Others are sold to competitors’ studios, so those big stars have other stars’ blackmailing material. Just like a nuclear threat. For example, during the xxx incident back then, xx and xxx exposed each other’s black material[2], which meant that they threw nuclear bombs at each other... In fact, let me tell you this. The stars themselves are just stand-ins for their companies. Most of the negative news that you see on the Internet are just the companies behind them messing with each other. The way a company messes with another company is to discredit the other's stars. To put it plainly, it’s due to conflicts of interest."

"The friend that you talked about isn’t yourself, right?" Lin Dongxue asked skeptically.

"No!" Sun Zhen waved his hands desperately. "If I had the ability, would I still be eating instant noodles here?"

There was a sudden barrage of knocks from outside. Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went to answer the door. When they opened the door, three security guards stood gloomily outside and said, "What's wrong with you? Why did you steal the painting on the wall?"

Chen Shi smiled. "Your response is really fast. It took three hours to find out?"

"Where's the painting? Bring it back quickly or we'll tell the manager!"

Chen Shi made a gesture. Lin Dongxue showed her credentials to them. When they realized that she was with the police, the security guards were dumbfounded. Chen Shi lied, "In fact, we were deliberately testing the security system here. It’s really bad. Guests can’t feel safe when they stay here. If something were to really happen, who would be held responsible? Didn't you say that you’ll look for the manager? What good timing. Let’s go together so that I can report this situation to him!"

1. It’s an expression that people use to describe useless people. 

2. Negative news that would tarnish the person’s reputation. 


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