Chapter 410: Crime Scene

When they saw this unexpected situation, the staff member who had came up with Chen Shi also quickly stepped forward to apologize. Chen Shi put on rubber gloves, rushed over and said, "I'm sorry, sir. I can take the vase for you!"

The fat man was still arguing with the staff member with a face flushed with anger. Thinking that Chen Shi was also a hotel employee, he handed the vase over to him.

Chen Shi sniffed and looked into the vase. It was indeed vomit, but there wasn’t a smell of alcohol in it. He glanced into the man’s room.

Chen Shi pulled out a plastic bag and dumped all the vomit in it. The staff started, "Sir, you are-"

"Is it against the rules?"

"No... It’s not against the rules, but let the cleaner do the cleaning!"

"Since it’s not against the rules, then I’ll take it back with me. You don't have to follow us around. We’ll go directly to the room. You should deal with the things here!"

Lin Dongxue whispered to him, "Why did you take such a disgusting thing?"

"You must pay attention to abnormal things. This is common sense. The vase was originally placed next to the bathroom. Why didn't the last guest vomit in the bathroom, but vomited outside?

"There was something in the bathroom!" Lin Dongxue suddenly realized.

Chen Shi nodded with gratification. "Your thinking is nimble now, huh?"

"No, I’m nowhere as good as you. You realized it in a flash just now."

When they got to the room, the five-thousand-yuan-a-day room was really comfortable and luxurious. Although it was just for investigating the case, the thought of being able to stay here with Chen Shi that night made Lin Dongxue very happy. She was about to insert the electronic access card to activate the lights when Chen Shi stopped her.

He pulled out his phone, turned on the video camera, and swept the room. Lin Dongxue asked, "What are you doing?"

"Checking if there are any spy cams."

"You have a strong security consciousness. Do you often stay in hotels?"

"Haha, you think too much."

The room was very clean, which disappointed Chen Shi. He would rather that there was a spy cam installed there. There might have been unexpected evidence.

After inserting the electronic card, the air conditioner, lights, TV, smart toilet, and water heater in the room came on together, humming. Lin Dongxue threw herself onto the bed to feel the softness of the mattress. The TV cabinet was opposite the bed so they could lie down comfortably and watch TV.

Opening the window, you could have a panoramic view of a wide expanse of the city below. It was an awe-inspiring view from high above. There were no other high-rises opposite. You could do anything you wanted by the window... When Lin Dongxue thought of this, she blushed.

Chen Shi was on the phone. The first phone call was to Sun Zhen and the second phone call was to Peng Sijue. After the calls, he said, "Come out with me."

When they got out to the corridor, the fat man had already quietened down. Chen Shi went under the surveillance camera, nonchalantly raised an oil painting, and winked at the camera. Lin Dongxue smiled and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Doing an experiment to see what the so-called ‘foolproof’ security looks like. Let’s take this oil painting back to enjoy it!"

"I want that rose painting."


Chen Shi put the oil painting back and took the other back into the room.

Back in the room, Chen Shi picked up the phone and asked the front desk, "Hello, are there any special services available?"

The front desk responded, "Sir, we have food delivery, cleaning, laundry, and morning call service. Which one do you need?"

"Do you have to pay extra for meal delivery or is it free?"

"Breakfast is free. Others are charged separately."

Chen Shi covered the phone with a hand and asked Lin Dongxue, "Do you want to eat something?"

Lin Dongxue shook her head. "Too expensive!"

He turned back to the phone and said, "It's okay, thank you!" Then he hung up.

Chen Shi stood up and circled the room. He glanced at the oil painting placed in the corner, and mocked, "‘Foolproof’ security huh? They still haven't found it yet. It can be seen that the surveillance cameras are just decorations."

"Who did you just call?"

"My hacker friend as well as Old Peng. I'll go down to bring them up and come back later. Would you like me to bring you dinner?"

Lin Dongxue pointed at the painting. "What should I do if the security guard finds it?"

"It's okay. Just call me."

Lin Dongxue watched TV and half an hour later, Chen Shi brought Sun Zhen up. When he saw Lin Dongxue, he was very nervous and greeted her politely. "Hello, Sister-in-Law!"

"Don't talk nonsense. What Sister-in-Law?" Lin Dongxue said with a blush.

Chen Shi said to him, "Little Worm, help me get it done."

Sun Zhen pushed his glasses up his nose. "It is not difficult to invade a closed-circuit system, but I have just observed this floor. The surveillance is too intensive. If I operate here, it will be bad if I get caught by the security."

"I'll think of a way to get rid of the security. Stay here for now. When I call your mobile, you can start working."

"Can I... Won't I bother you and Sister-in-Law?" Sun Zhen glanced at Lin Dongxue shyly again.

"Fuck off, we're here to investigate the case!"

Lin Dongxue asked, "Where is Captain Peng?"

"He didn’t come. I just asked him for some tools. He just sent someone to deliver them to me." Chen Shi was carrying two bags. One was full of food and one was filled with tools for surveying the scene.

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went out with the tools and went to the fat man's room. Chen Shi knocked on the door a few times. The fat man opened the door angrily, "Who is it?!"

Chen Shi smiled faintly and said, "We met each other just now. I’m staying on this floor as well."

The fat man looked at Chen Shi, "People who stay in the standard room want to come to the presidential suite to make connections now?"

"How do you know that I’m staying in a standard room?"

"Hmph!" The fat man suddenly saw Lin Dongxue standing next to Chen Shi. His eyes softened a little. "You two are in a relationship?"

Lin Dongxue showed her credentials, "Do you understand now?"

"I don’t understand. Why are the police looking for me? Do you know who I am?"

Chen Shi pretended to recognize him. "You're not the one who..."

"Haha, yes! Have you watched the show that I host?"

Lin Dongxue finally recognized him. The fat man was a very well-known self-media producer[1] of online shows.

Chen Shi asked, "Has the vase from just now been sorted out?"

"It’s cleaned up. The hotel even compensated me with a plate of pizza. I suppose they’ve been thoughtful. Would you like to come in and eat it together?"

"We’ll respectfully accept."

The fat man opened the door for the two to come in. The presidential suite was really luxurious. It was not like a hotel at all. It was like the interior of a mansion. The fat man sat down and drank red wine while eating pizza. He said arrogantly, “Hurry up and ask me what you need to know. I’m really busy.”

"Actually, we didn't come to look for you. We just wanted to investigate this room."

"Sure!" The fat man unexpectedly agreed very quickly. "Are you investigating a major case? I heard about it when I came here. There’s a Long’an City Flying Corpse Case[2]. Is it to do with that case? I have a condition. If you find out anything, you need to tell me first."

"What right do you have?!" Lin Dongxue asked.

"Oh, I’m also a media person! People who stay in this place are either rich or powerful, so no matter who it is, it would definitely be a major scandal!"

"Alright, alright."

Chen Shi pulled Lin Dongxue into the bathroom and the fat man said outside, "Don't fuck in my bathroom! Hahaha!"

"This guy is really annoying." Lin Dongxue said with disgust.

"Ignore him."

Chen Shi took out a bottle of luminol reagent and sprayed it on the bathtub. Then he went over the area with ultraviolet light. Blood stains appeared very clearly on the bathtub...

1. Like people who make YouTube or TikTok videos. 

2. He’s actually making a pun here because “corpse” sounds similar to the last word of this action move from a very classic and popular wuxia novel called The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng by the author Gu Long. So just think of it as someone saying Kamehamecorpse instead of Kamehameha because the corpse flew along like how the action move was depicted to look like. 


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