Chapter 407: Tough Investigation

Chen Shi found that everyone had gone silent and looked around. Everyone in the laboratory was looking at him with surprise. He asked, "What’s up with your reactions?"

Peng Sijue said, "You were thinking there for such a long time and then suddenly came up with such a sentence. How do you think we should react?"

"I mean, the killer washed the stomach of the deceased, and hid her head because the deceased had performed oral sex on him. The deceased may have his DNA in her mouth and stomach!”

Peng Sijue understood and ordered, "Cut the esophagus!"

"Ah yes, has the location been mathematically calculated yet?"

"There is a group of meteorologists figuring it out right now!"

"I’ll go take a look."

Throughout the post-mortem examination, Lin Dongxue stood at the door and peered at them. She didn't dare to walk over. She was disgusted just listening to the two of them make their deductions.

In fact, with so many crimes solved, she wasn’t too afraid of corpses anymore. It was just due to female instinct. She instinctively felt uncomfortable when she heard about this kind of sexual torture and murder.

Chen Shi beckoned her to follow him. In another conference room, a group of experts wearing glasses were arguing endlessly. Many draft papers and maps had been placed on the table. Chen Shi said, "Hello everyone, I'm with the task force. Is the result out?"

An old expert with gray hair said, "It’s like this. Captain Peng just said that the time of death was about 8 to 12 o'clock. If you use this interval to calculate, the range is still too large."

"Dividing the corpse is time-consuming. You can calculate from twelve to five in the morning."

"That’s also been calculated. You don't know the situation. There was high negative pressure over the past two days. The wind direction last night can be said to be unpredictable. One second it might be the southeast wind, and the next it might be the northwest wind. We may need to do an experiment."

"What experiment?"

"Can you find the exact same balloon? We want to load the balloon with an equal weight, let it fly and see how long it would take to drop."

"That's a bit dangerous. It's a blessing that the corpse that fell down today didn’t kill anyone. If something unexpected happens in the test..." Chen Shi said.

"We will follow the balloon all the way and conduct the experiment in the countryside to ensure that we won’t hit anyone."

"Okay then!"

Chen Shi went to the forensics lab to get the balloon fragments. The experts took them one by one and figured out the size of the balloon. Fortunately, one of the balloons had not popped yet. The forensics team had already tested helium with a 98% purity from it.

The experts then planned to go back to test things out. Chen Shi said, "Wait a second. Don’t you also need to consider the height of the release?"

The old expert was surprised and said, "This comrade is really attentive. Yes, this is also an important variable."

"According to our survey, the place of release was the top of a tall building, so you can use the highest 50 buildings in the city and get an average."

"I’ll let you know now that the calculated range may not be very narrow."

"It's okay." Chen Shi smiled. "A range is better than nothing."

Peng Sijue came over and called them. Everyone went to the underground garage. The forensics officers had bought half a pig and various saws available in the market, which included several chainsaws. First, they started with the chainsaws. When they turned one on, Chen Shi shook his head. "This is too noisy. He wouldn’t use this to dismember the corpse."

"Since we’ve bought it anyway, let's try it out!"

After sawing off a pig leg, Peng Sijue checked the cross section, shook his head, and let his men try again.

After trying all the saws, the half of the pig had been dismembered until it was about as broken as the female corpse. It was finally determined that the foldable gardener's logging saw created an edge that was most similar to the one used on the corpse. It was like a folding knife and was very convenient to carry.

Lin Dongxue said, "This thing can only be bought in a large supermarket, right?"

"Go and investigate it now!" Chen Shi said, "Help me wrap up some leg meat and put it in the fridge in your laboratory first."

The two questioned the suppliers of the saw and went to several supermarkets to investigate immediately. There weren’t many people buying this type of saw. There were even less that matched the time period in which the crime was committed. They found five surveillance videos from various supermarkets.

At eight in the evening, when walking out of the last supermarket, Chen Shi stood still, looking at a building in front of him. Lin Dongxue followed his gaze and said, "It's the Dynasty Hotel. It’s a five-star hotel. You wouldn’t be suspecting..."

"No, I'm just thinking about the case... Let’s hurry back. Tao Yueyue is probably starving."

"Should I go to your place for dinner tonight?"

"Sure, you’re very welcome!"

They were very exhausted that day and Chen Shi didn’t even have the energy to cook. They ordered a takeaway meal for dinner instead.

After eating, Tao Yueyue went back to her room to read and study. Chen Shi took out a bottle of alcohol from the refrigerator and asked Lin Dongxue, "Can I drink it?"

"Drink it if you want!"

Chen Shi drank a small glass of whiskey. After an exhausting day, having some alcohol felt so refreshing. He turned on the TV and watched it with Lin Dongxue.

He had bought the TV recently. He used to think it was unnecessary and that a computer was enough. But recently he felt that watching braindead TV programs after dinner with Lin Dongxue made him quite happy.

Maybe the feeling of home is made up of these seemingly insignificant things. A man striving outside during the day only looks forward to going home for a drink, watching TV and being intimate with his wife.

Lin Dongxue took the remote control to change the channel and finally stopped at the usual channel that they watched. At this time, a variety show was being broadcasted. The singer Luo Zuyu was playing an interactive game with the host and the scene was full of energy with lots of laughter from the audience on the show.

"We’re not watching TV drama series tonight?" Chen Shi asked Lin Dongxue while holding her in his arms.

"They don’t have those on Saturday night... Do you know this singer?"

"Wasn’t he the one that was exiled when he made the xx speech a few years ago? Why is he back now?"

"Let me tell you a secret. The one who brought him down was my brother's idol... Song Lang!"

"Really?" Chen Shi became interested.

"I only heard about this. I heard that when Officer Song was investigating a case, he accidentally found out that that singer had made some bad remarks on a semi-public occasion. Song Lang actually turned things over to the media, disregarding the agency’s pleading. How merciless. But that guy deserved it. How could he say such things when coming to the mainland to make money?"

"Haha, he really deserved it!"

At this time, the interview segment in the program started. It was actually part of the interactive game. Luo Zuyu had to randomly select a few questions from a bunch of questions to answer. He took a slip out of the question box held by the host.

The host opened it and said, "Mr. Luo, an audience member wants to know which type of person you hate the most."

Luo Zuyu made a speechless expression. "How should I say this? My experience growing up was quite smooth sailing. If I had to name someone, it would be my past self!”

"You hate your past self?"

"Because I feel that when I just became famous, I got a bit arrogant. I was full of pride and complacency. Do you know what I’m saying? I may have left bad impressions on some fans? I have been reforming myself all these years and have been working very hard to help out with charities and to volunteer. I hope to say goodbye to my past self, so that you can see a very bright and positive Luo Zuyu!"

The host applauded. "What a wonderful answer. We can also see that your current image is indeed very different from your past self."

Chen Shi, who watched this interview, showed a sneer of utter contempt.


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