Chapter 405: Corpse Fragments Falling From The Sky

The boss, who was busy greeting customers, suddenly heard a loud bang. He saw that the man had just flung away a bowl. He was about to scold him. Even if he didn’t like the food, he shouldn’t be throwing things. The guy must have a problem.

But the man silently left fifty dollars under a jar of hot sauce and left.

Chen Shi returned to the car, leaned back on his seat and covered his face with his hands. Lin Qiupu asked, "What did you two talk about? I saw you guys talking and laughing as if you were old friends.”

"We tested each other..."

"What was tested?"


Lin Qiupu was startled and gave him one. Chen Shi's trembling hand reached out to light it. Then he hesitated and returned it back to Lin Qiupu. "You smoke it!"

Lin Qiupu didn’t want the one with his saliva on it and lit up another. The car was quickly filled with second-hand smoke. Chen Shi took a deep breath and felt a lot better, saying, "I'll take you to the bureau."

"Thanks for your trouble."

"Remember to pay!"


After sending Lin Qiupu to the city bureau, Chen Shi turned his car around. He didn’t plan to offer his driving services today. He wanted to go to the agency and continue to investigate Zhou Tiannan. At that time, Lin Qiupu ran out and kept tapping the door. "Send me to Jifeng Road!"

"What happened?"

"There’s a case. I didn't drive today."

"Haii, come on then!"

Lin Qiupu kept phoning people after getting into the car and then Lin Dongxue got into the car as well. Several other police cars set off one after another. Chen Shi whispered, "What's the case about?"

"I heard that fragments of a corpse fell from the sky. What a psycho! I haven't seen such a thing in all my time as a police officer."

"How long have you been a police officer?"

Lin Qiupu hung up the phone. "We shouldn’t go to Jifeng Road anymore. We need to go to Xinchuan Road. A second bag of corpse fragments was found!"

Chen Shi thought, what kind of psycho did this? Falling from the sky? This is too extravagant!

Chen Shi and another police car arrived at Xinchuan Road. A traffic policeman was directing traffic there. There was a major traffic jam on the roads since it had happened during rush hour. Needless to say, the drivers were really annoyed.

They took the tools, got out of the car and put on rubber gloves as they walked. The black plastic bag had fallen on the top of a car. The driver had temporarily stopped the car on the side of the road under the direction of the traffic police. When he saw the police coming over, he said excitedly, "Officers, you guys are finally here. Something landed on the roof of my car just now, denting the roof of my car, and then stinky blood dripped down. It scared me to death! Please hurry up and deal with it!”

Chen Shi used his fingers to lift the edge of the plastic bag on the top of the car and saw several fingers coated with purple nail polish. Lin Dongxue immediately furrowed her brows and covered her mouth and nose with her hand.

There was something behind the plastic bag. It was a torn balloon. Chen Shi touched the material of the balloon and said, "The balloon is so thick.It should be a helium balloon."

Lin Qiupu lifted the bag up and let Lin Dongxue stretch out another bag so that he could put it in. He weighed it with an electronic scale and said, "This bag weighs 7kg. It’s estimated that the weight of the bag found on Jifeng Road is about the same. If things are like this, there should still be several more bags left all over the city."

"What about the blood on the car?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"Wipe it up. If every scene is fenced up and protected, it will cause a lot of trouble. We don't have that much manpower either."

Lin Dongxue returned to the car to look for a rag. Chen Shi asked the driver, "When it hit the roof of the car, where were you? Can you show us?"

The driver got out of the car, looked for a long time on the road, and determined a location. Chen Shi stood there, opened up his mobile map, looked at the specific location, and saved the screenshot.

He looked upwards and there were buildings on both sides. Today's wind force was estimated to be at Level 3, and the wind force in the sky should be around Level 6. Why did he choose this "stunning" way to abandon the corpse? Was it because the killer intentionally wanted to show off his skills?

Lin Dongxue poked Chen Shi and said, "Let’s leave."

"Tell your brother to drive my car back first. You should come with me to look for the other corpse fragments."

"We’re walking?"

Chen Shi pointed above, "It is also very likely that the fragments would fall on top of buildings."

Lin Qiupu came over and said, "That makes sense. I’ll send over a few more people and ask everyone to look on top of buildings. At the same time, I’ll call the local police and auxiliary police[1] as well. Pay attention to emergency calls from various places... The reporters will probably flatten the bureau’s door sill today[2] and ask lots of questions. I’ll head back first."

The two went to buy binoculars nearby and went directly to the highest building in the neighborhood. They stood on the rooftop and looked around. Lin Dongxue said with emotion, "The scenery here is so beautiful!"

"Nothing here. Let’s go to the next high point."

During the move, they were added into a new chat group. The group’s name was "715 Corpse Dismemberment Case.” Old Zhang said, "Reporters have already arrived. Captain Lin used holding a press conference as an excuse to block their questions for now. But the news will possibly have to be released in the afternoon.”

Xu Xiaodong said, "I just came down from the Guomao Building. I’ll go to the next high point now in the xx neighborhood. You don’t need to try and take it from me."

Peng Sijue's apprentice, Little Zhou, sent a diagram of the structure of the human body, and some parts were colored with red pens, saying, "These are the parts that were already found. The deceased should be a female. Judging the body weight from the body fat rate and bone density, she is estimated to be just above 50kg. There should be about six bags or so. Everyone, add oil[3]."

Chen Shi corrected, "5 bags! Dividing the corpse in this manner, the blood would have drained out... Who’s the best at mathematics?"

Everyone agreed that it would be Peng Sijue.

Chen Shi said, "Go to the meteorology bureau to find out the wind direction and speed from last night till today and figure out where the crime scene would have been located."

Xu Xiaodong said suddenly, "I found it. I found it! I saw an object that’s suspected to be a corpse bag on top of a building. I’ll go get it now.”

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue spent the whole morning covering more than ten kilometers. At noon, the two sat on the top of a building eating lunch, chatting. Having a meal at such a high place was really a remarkable experience.

Lin Dongxue said, "What do you think about this case?"

"I’m afraid of drawing conclusions so early on before all the fragments are found."

"Just talk about it casually!"

"Talk casually..." Chen Shi looked at the dense buildings below. "The killer lived in a high-rise building and it was a tightly-guarded and well-monitored building. Perhaps it was a high-end hotel. There aren’t any buildings around that are higher."

"Wow, how can you tell?"

"This is what I think. This manner of abandoning the corpse is too fancy. The police would first investigate the source of the balloons. These balloons aren’t sold in the streets and alleys. It’s easy to uncover his identity like this. Why didn’t he dismember the body, divide it into small bags and throw it into the sewers? Then it wouldn’t be found for quite a long period of time. The reason why he didn’t do this was because he couldn’t. It’s because the crime scene was monitored heavily, and he figured out that he would be captured by the security cameras and exposed. Only the roofs of the buildings lack surveillance monitoring and are blind spots. Balloons and helium are easier to bring upstairs than it is to bring the body down."

"That makes sense!" Lin Dongxue nodded respectfully.

"I also have another speculation. The killer is well-off and has a rather high social status. The murder itself may have been an accident. Afterwards, the killer recovered his calmness and quickly came up with a way to deal with the body.

1. Auxiliary police can’t arrest people. They don’t actually have the right to enforce the law. They’re temp workers with contracts. 

2. There will be lots of interest from reporters and the number of reporters that will go through the door could trample and flatten the door sill. 

3. Encouraging phrase. Cheering. “You can do this!” 


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