Chapter 398: The Second Corpse

Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong returned to the site where the corpse was abandoned. Lin Dongxue opened the note given to them by Chen Shi. Xu Xiaodong leaned over to look at it. It read: "Directly below the place the body was buried".

The two looked away at the burial ground surrounded by the cordon. Xu Xiaodong said, "No way it's that simple, right?"

"That's right!" Lin Dongxue said, "Upon thinking carefully, the whole mountain was searched besides this place. This is our habitual thinking."

"Brother Chen is so mig... Ahem, I'll leave this sentence until after we find the body!"

"Let’s dig!"

The two started digging with shovels. When the hole was dug ten centimeters in, a black bag appeared below. Xu Xiaodong knelt down in excitement and wiped the soil away with his hands. He felt human bone through the decaying bag and said excitedly "Brother Chen is so mighty. He even thought of such a tricky hiding place!"

"He put himself in the position of the criminal!"

After half an hour, the two dragged the bag out of the ground and opened it to see the complete remains of a human body. Judging from the body length and pelvic bone, it should be a woman.

Lin Dongxue said, "Let’s look to see what else is hidden below."

After digging for a while, they found some ashes left by the burning of plastic and fabric, as well as a smashed mobile phone. She picked it up and said, "This may be Guo Bilian's mobile phone."

"Haii, they’re both mothers. How could they be so cruel to other children? The two children have half of the same genes as well."

"This is motherhood. You can give everything to your children, but the children born from the husband and other women are as hateful as the enemy."

"What scary motherhood."

"Don't talk nonsense!"

The two carefully bagged the body into the car. On the way back, Lin Dongxue called Chen Shi and said, "You guessed correctly. The body really was there."

"Where are you guys now?"

"On our way back."

"Be more specific."

Lin Dongxue glanced at the GPS. "We’re almost at Guangchang Street."

"Tell Xiaodong to go around and meet me on Dadong Street. I'll take you to investigate an important clue."

When they got to Dadong Street, Chen Shi's car stopped at the corner. He was leaning on the car eating meat skewers. Lin Dongxue got out of the car and jogged over. Chen Shi laughed. "How fast. Let's go to Hao Jie's uncle."

"He's the accomplice?"

"The possibility is extremely high. Hao Jie accidentally revealed it. Look here!" Chen Shi showed Lin Dongxue a photo he took of himself and Hao Jie.

After understanding Chen Shi's intentions, Lin Dongxue smiled. "You’re a bit mean using this tactic. Isn't it just telling the woman ‘your child in my hands’?"

"If she confessed honestly, I wouldn't use this photo to agitate her. But, I hear that she’s still toying with your brother right now. She’s acting as if she’s possessed by a drama spirit. A mother's weakness is the child. No matter how strong she looks, the façade will collapse if you lightly touch this point... Of course, I don't want to take advantage of this if I don’t have to."

"A woman bearing a child for nine months, having the fetus in her belly absorb all her nutrients little by little and turning into a living baby. That kind of thing can only be understood by those who have been mothers themselves. I heard that many women who had been trafficked to remote mountain areas all stopped resisting and trying to run away after giving birth to a child. The child is like a rope which is tied to the mother’s heart.” Lin Dongxue said emotionally.

Chen Shi glanced at Lin Dongxue meaningfully. Lin Dongxue said, "Don't even think about it. I would never consider this matter until I’m thirty."

"Never consider what? I just wanted to ask if you wanted to eat." Chen Shi took out a packet of snacks for her.

Hao Jie’s uncle was a restaurant owner. When they got outside of this restaurant, the two of them saw a large SUV before they entered the door. At this time in the afternoon, there were almost no guests. A middle-aged man asked, "What would you like to eat?"

"You are Qin Xiang's brother, Mr. Qin?"

"Yes, what's the matter?"

Lin Dongxue showed her badge and Hao Jie’s uncle looked a little nervous. He took out a cigarette and asked, "Still investigating that case? It's been six months already. Does it still not have any results? Isn’t the efficiency of you police a bit too low?”

While Lin Dongxue was still thinking about how to talk to him, Chen Shi knocked directly on the mountain and alerted the tiger. "What we are investigating today is a murder case related to your sister."

Hao Jie’s uncle was startled and laughed after smacking on the table. "Surely you’re joking officer. How can a kind person like my sister kill someone? This joke is a bit too overboard."

"I didn't say she killed someone. I just said it was related to your sister. Isn’t your first reaction a little..."

The other's Adam’s apple moved a little. He slowly lit the cigarette, saying, "I don't know what you are talking about. After my older sister got married, we didn't stay in touch much. Why are you looking for me?"

"Really? When I saw Hao Jie, his first reaction was to ask if I was your friend."

"Haha, Hao Jie and I are indeed quite close."

"Isn’t Hao Jie already dead?"

Hao Jie's uncle’s hand shook, and the ashes fell on the table. He quickly flicked it away and said, "Oh no, the tablecloth is burnt." He stood up and pretended to grab a rag, before turning around and bolting out the door.

Chen Shi directly picked up the vinegar bottle on the table and threw it over. Hao Jie’s uncle yelped on impact. Lin Dongxue used this opportunity to rush over and handcuff him.

Hao Jie’s uncle shouted, "Aren’t you the police? How could the police hit someone with a vinegar bottle? Look at my clothes!"

"I'll reimburse you with one afterwards..." Chen Shi paused. "A brand-new prison uniform."

"Fucking hell, I didn't kill anyone. I just helped-" Hao Jie’s uncle, who realized he had said the wrong thing, turned around and looked at the two of them in horror.

"Let's talk elsewhere."

Back at the bureau, Hao Jie’s uncle was interrogated by Lin Dongxue and another interrogator. Chen Shi went to see Peng Sijue. Peng Sijue was drinking coffee. It seemed that his work was over. He said, “The report is on the table.”

Chen Shi picked it up and looked at it. "The second body really turned out to be Guo Bilian’s."

"There were no obvious wounds throughout the body and the cause of death was also carbon monoxide poisoning. But, this is not conclusive evidence." Peng Sijue said.

"Hao Jie’s uncle has a car, which may have been used to transport the dead bodies. Let’s check it out! ... Thank you!"

"In the face of your sincerity, I'll go after drinking coffee. You’re breaking the record again!"

"How so? How so? It’s because you all laid enough groundwork that I could immediately see the flaws."

"When did you become so humble?"

"I’ve always been humble... I’ll treat you to dinner later."

It was already the evening, but the enthusiasm of all the members of the task force was soaring. As a police officer, the happiest moment was when the truth came to light. Chen Shi asked around and everyone had found a lot of clues. Only one key piece of evidence was missing before they could chain the pieces of evidence together.

This key evidence may be in Hao Jie's uncle’s car, or it may be their confession. Chen Shi thought for a while, and said, "Old Zhang, can I please trouble you to go and call the old man who sells fungus back here to identify the two of them?"


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