Chapter 385: Second Generation Rich Commoner

Chen Shi returned to the law firm, and Lin Dongxue was already done and waiting for him outside the door.

After getting into the car, she said happily, "The investigation went smoothly. The lawyer was very polite, and said that since the person involved is no longer alive, it didn’t matter if the matter was made public. Besides leaving his assets to his wife and children, he had handed over part of the company’s equity shares to several partners. In addition, a child named Du Xu received a small inheritance. Although it was said to be a small portion of the inheritance, it was already an astronomical sum!"

"Du Xu is Wang Sunxu."


"Du Xuemei adopted Wang Sunxu and sent him back to the orphanage a few months later. The purpose was to pass off Wang Sunxu as Zhang Bin's child. His age was just right, and he might have looked a bit like Zhang Bin. The DNA test might have been forged. Of course, as an illegitimate child, he had the right to an inheritance. In fact, Wang Sunxu was just a tool for Du Xuemei to get the money. After exploiting him, she chucked Wang Sunxu back to the orphanage.”

"That’s too despicable!" Lin Dongxue exclaimed indignantly. "So Du Xuemei's death was caused by Wang Sunxu?"

"Did he have that ability at the time? I suspect Wang Sunxu had gotten to know a 'friend' at that time!"

"Zhou Xiao?"

The phone rang at that moment and Chen Shi said, "It's noon. Let's go and have a meal opposite!"


After parking his car, he answered the phone. Sun Zhen said, "Zero! Zero! Zero! I can't find anything on this woman. I'm really sorry!"

"Forget it, I'll try to find out myself."

After a while, kk called, and he furtively lowered his voice. "Brother Chen, something’s wrong with Little Worm. I don’t know what he just saw, but he suddenly shut down the computer using the power switch... And even pulled out the power cable. When I turned off the machine like that before, he yelled at me for an hour, saying that this would cause a lot of damage to the computer hardware and banned me from ever touching the computer again... Brother Chen, is his brain malfunctioning?"

Chen Shi was surprised and thought that Little Worm must have seen some information about Zhou Xiao. The "patch" in his brain had begun to work again. This could be said to be good news. Zhou Xiao and Du Xuemei were connected with each other.

Chen Shi replied, "Wait until he goes out to eat later and look at the information he had just browsed. Let me know without his finding out.”

"We called for takeout."

"Figure it out yourself!"

Lin Dongxue knocked on the car window from outside and said, "Is it comfortable to sit in the car under the sun? Who are you talking to?"

Chen Shi got out of the car and said, "My external help."

"Are you using illegal means again?"

"No, it's mainly due to the lack of manpower this time. I asked them to help me check something."

"Tch!" Lin Dongxue looked at him suspiciously. "Why do I feel like you have more and more secrets now? When will you tell me? We’re so familiar with each other now! Tell me a little!"

"Which aspect?"

"Do you have any small social circles I don't know about?"

Chen Shi thought to himself that Lin Dongxue was a police officer after all. Her intuition was very keen. He considered his answer and then said, "Yes, but my motivation is to investigate cases. Sometimes, I think the police move too slowly."

Lin Dongxue poked Chen Shi's chest, "Humph, the police are slow, huh?! Don't commit any information theft crimes. I won't deliver meals to you in prison."

"Don’t worry! I know how to handle things." Chen Shi smiled and patted her head.

While eating, kk sent a screenshot to him. It was a company webpage - Shida Software Development Company. Chen Shi was a bit surprised that these words could somehow activate the "patch" in Little Worm’s brain.

He searched briefly with his mobile phone. There was nothing particularly noteworthy about this company, so he called the information department of the bureau and asked them to check if this company had any relationship with Du Xuemei.

Lin Dongxue picked out all the green peppers that she didn't like to eat and put them into Chen Shi’s bowl. Then she took a meatball from his bowl and asked, "Should we try to find the evidence next?"

"Can we find any evidence? The orphanage's archives have been burned down and the room was rebuilt long ago. The corpse has also been cremated, and Wang Sunxu is already in prison."

"Haha, there are times when you can’t figure things out either. What you said just now is just your speculation. We can get the DNA of Zhang Bin's other children and compare it with Wang Sunxu. If they have no blood relationship, your speculation will be confirmed."

"Amazing. You’re quick to think of these things now."

"It’s because of who I hang out with."

In fact, Chen Shi didn't care much about the arson case. He was only concerned about Zhou Xiao's role in it. But it was okay to investigate thoroughly now that they started investigation.

He said, "Zhang Bin has three children. Two are abroad, and one is the eldest son who is now the president of the Zhang Group. It’s not easy to get to meet him."

"Let’s call to make an appointment!"

Lin Dongxue took out her mobile phone and found his secretary's number on the Internet. After dialing it, the secretary said politely, "Mr. Zhang’s schedule for the next few days is already full. I’ll call you back after I inform him and it has been arranged."

"Fuck! We still need to wait a few days. How arrogant." Lin Dongxue complained angrily.

"Will Wang Haitao know him?"

"Let’s try it!" Lin Dongxue encouraged him.

Chen Shi called Wang Haitao's phone. After listening, Wang Haitao asked, "Zhang Chaohua committed a crime?"

"Mr. Wang, why do you sound so excited?"

"No, it’s just that he’s a competitor of my father’s. If he falls, I’d be pretty happy!"

"Haha, you have really gotten into your role now... Can you find a way for us to meet him?"

Wang Haitao thought about it and said, "I'll arrange it. You guys should go down to his company. I'll wait for you there."

After hanging up the phone, Chen Shi snapped his fingers and said, "It's very useful to know a rich person."

"Hmph, what a show-off!"

After having their meal, the two went to the head office of the Zhang Group. After waiting for around ten minutes, Wang Haitao arrived in a suit while riding a shared bicycle. Lin Dongxue was stunned. A black Mercedes followed closely behind. He was obviously escorted.

Wang Haitao stopped and said with a smile, "Mr. Chen, Officer Lin... Officer Lin is getting more and more beautiful. Is it the nourishment of love?"

"I'm still more used to your talking about ‘your majesty’ and ‘the emperor’." Lin Dongxue smiled. "Why are you riding a bike? Are you exercising?"

Wang Haitao picked up the briefcase in his hand and patted it, "Isn't it normal to ride a bike when you’re interviewing for a job?"

"Interviewing... For a job?!"

"Doesn't Mr. Chen want to see him? I asked the secretary to submit a resume, and he called to tell me to come for an interview within five minutes. Zhang will definitely see me of his own volition. Don’t worry!" From Wang Haitao's confident face, it can be seen that he was a veteran at job-hunting.

Chen Shi deeply admired this unusual arrangement, "I thought you would arrange for him to meet you at a golf course, western restaurant, or someplace where us commoners will feel inferior."

"That would cost money! I don't want to spend a dime on this stranger... Let’s not talk about that. I’ll park the bike first. It’ll deduct my money again if I use it for more than an hour.”


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