Chapter 379: Becoming Blind Due to Patricide

For the next two hours, Tu Yunmeng kept talking about the details of her murders while Lin Dongxue shuddered as she listened.

"...There was an accident the fourth time. I drank the drink that the man gave me, and suddenly felt dizzy. I knew that he wanted to do something indecent to me, so I made my move in the car. I wore his coat as I escaped from the housing district and found Little Zhou. Little Zhou was frightened by the blood on my body, but I couldn’t stay conscious any longer and fell asleep at his place. In my dream, I dreamed that the police came and put me in handcuffs. However, when I woke up, Little Zhou had washed my clothes for me. He had been watching over me all night. My only regret is that I couldn’t see his smile... Maybe it was because I was getting numb to killing people. My eyesight lasted a shorter and shorter period of time.”

"But that day was a day worth remembering for the rest of my life. Little Zhou confessed his love for me. After I told him everything, he said that he would like to have a formal relationship with me once things have blown over. He didn't care if I was blind and was willing to take care of me for the rest of my life... In fact, if you had stopped investigating, there wouldn’t have been another victim, and the old lady today wouldn’t have had to die.”

Chen Shi challenged, "How can you guarantee that you won’t kill now that you’ve developed this addiction? If the police really didn’t find you, if you married Little Zhou and had a child, would you kill people in order to see your child’s face?”

"Maybe!" Tu Yunmeng smiled.

"Today, this old lady helped you to cross the road, but you killed her. You’re devoid of conscience!"

"If it weren't for the police chasing me, why would I need to kill people in order to escape? I would only kill the men who wanted one-night stands on the app. I don’t feel any guilt when I kill them."

At that moment, a police officer came in with a document and Chen Shi read through it. He stood up and walked in front of Tu Yunmeng and waved his hand in front of her eyes. Tu Yunmeng said, "Don't waste your time. My eyes can't see anything."

"Have you seen a doctor?"

"Yes, a long time ago. He said that my eyes were normal. I also saw a psychologist, but regrettably, I wasn’t cured."

"Then I'll help you cure it!"

Tu Yunmeng laughed coldly.

"Why are you blind?"

"At the age of ten, my father ran a food processing plant that processed hawthorn berries into hawthorn paste and the like. At that time, our family ate and lived in the factory. One night, a bad person came in. My father and the bad person began fighting and rolled towards the feed inlet of the processor. I was afraid that the bad person would kill my father and then come for me and my mother, so… So…” Tu Yunmeng furrowed her brows and her lips were trembling. “So, I pressed the switch and my father and the bad guy were drawn in together. When I saw my father's blood and flesh, I could no longer see anything anymore... The psychiatrist said that I was blind because of the great guilt of killing my father. I couldn't get better even after taking lots of medicine.”

This statement was basically consistent with her past as shown by police investigations. Chen Shi said, "So you put a hawthorn berry in each of your victims, symbolizing your guilt?"

"At first it was just for fun. The first man I killed happened to have just washed a bag of hawthorn berries, and I stuffed one into his mouth. Later, I kept this habit... Perhaps your interpretation is correct?"

"What did the psychologist do for you? Psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, or behavioral therapy?"

"Everything you can name has been used on me, including electric shock therapy and acupuncture... The guilt of single handedly killing my father, and the guilt towards my mother's subsequent death because of depression was like a cancer in my heart. It can never be cured."

Chen Shi crumpled the paper in his hand, and suddenly threw it at Tu Yunmeng, who subconsciously blocked it with her hands. This scene shocked Lin Dongxue and the policemen watching outside.

Tu Yunmeng looked towards the paper ball on the ground in disbelief and her eyes quickly lost focus again. She shook her head and said, "It's no use. Psychologists have already tried this method. I know that my eyes have no functional damage. The problem is within my heart."

At that time, Lin Qiupu called using the intercom and said to Lin Dongxue, "Get Chen Shi to stop his antics. We’re not in charge of curing illnesses here."

Lin Dongxue said, "Captain Lin said..."

"Wait a while!" Chen Shi continued speaking to Tu Yunmeng. "You said that your blindness was because of great guilt? I’m telling you that it wasn’t like what you thought. When you were ten years old, your father and the bad guy had rolled towards the feed inlet of the processor. The button was right in front of you. You really wanted to press it. You wanted to see what it would look like when the bad guy and your father were grinded up together into mincemeat. Your heart is cold-blooded like a reptile, which is why you have such a strange pathology in which you would regain your eyesight with killing. At that moment, you will feel extremely happy. This is the actual source of your guilt. You feel guilty that you’re a demon inside!"

Tu Yunmeng opened her eyes wide and tears streamed down. She screamed, "You’re lying! You’re lying! I never thought of pressing that button! How could I... How could I kill my own father!"

"It was exhilarating, right? At that moment, the sound of two living people being grinded up, and the screams of your own father before he got processed! Killing was so delightful. It made you so happy as if you had ascended to heaven. Even if it was your own father, the real reason why your eyes recover is just because you wanted to see the faces of the people you killed with your own hands twisted in pain as well as all the blood on their bodies!” Chen Shi roared loudly.

Lin Qiupu was afraid that the scene would get out of control. He rushed in and said, "Enough!"

Tu Yunmeng turned to look at Lin Qiupu with tears in her eyes. At that moment, her pupils were focused like that of a normal person’s. Lin Qiupu was stunned and the police outside rushed in. Lin Qiupu said, "She... Has she recovered?"

Chen Shi was so tired that he was about to collapse. He said, "You don't need to be sent to a mental hospital. You can go directly to the detention center."

Tu Yunmeng looked at her own hands and smiled with tears in her eyes. "Thank you, thank you... So I am a person like this... What's your name? One day, I’ll escape from prison and I’ll kill you happily… Hahahaha! "

"My name is Chen Shi. You're welcome." Chen Shi gestured with his head towards Lin Dongxue. "Let's go out for some food. I'm hungry."

By this time, the rain had stopped, and the usual humid and muggy air in June was replaced with refreshing and crisp air. The two found a food stall and ate fried rice while drinking soda. Lin Dongxue was still reliving the scene in the interrogation room. She said, "The girl’s gaze was really terrifying. I never imagined that there can be a person like this in the world.”

"I think her real illness is a lack of emotion. Even her love for Little Zhou was only a shift of affection after recovering her eyesight. What she loved were the colorful movies and Little Zhou was just part of the package."

"If she wasn't blind, would she have been an even more terrifying criminal?"

"Perhaps. From a psychological viewpoint, Tu Yunmeng was a born criminal..." Chen Shi looked up at the night sky. Just like me.


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