Chapter 378: Tu Yunmeng's Confession

Chen Shi glanced out of the projection room’s window. A romance movie was currently being broadcast. Judging from the protagonist's crying, it should have reached the climax.

The cinema hall was really small and only had ten rows of seats with a few people sparsely seated inside.

"How did you two meet?" Chen Shi said.

"Last month she came and watched a movie at night. It was a boring literary film. I saw that she had watched it with great interest. She was still watching when the ending credits came on... Our movie theater is small, and I work as a cleaner as well. When I went down to clean up, I said, "Miss, it's over! This is the last movie of the day." She said, "What’s the earliest time that I can come and watch tomorrow?" I said that she had to wait until 10 in the morning. She looked quite disappointed when she heard that."

"She only came once?"

"Yeah... Just once."

Chen Shi showed him the movie tickets, "She came four times. The last time was two days ago!"

Little Zhou said awkwardly, "Maybe I didn't notice her! Or I wasn’t at work."

Chen Shi pointed at the projection room’s window. "How long has this movie been playing for?"

"About an hour."

"It has only been raining for forty minutes outside. You went out halfway through and your clothes got wet. Did you pick someone up? Is Tu Yunmeng here?"

Little Zhou gulped and suddenly rushed towards the door. However, he was stopped by Chen Shi. Lin Dongxue took out her handcuffs but Chen Shi stopped her and said, "Leave the handcuffs for her... Take us to her!"

"You must be mistaken! How could such a gentle girl kill someone!" Little Zhou anxiously defended her.

"It looks like you know her quite well. Take us to meet her!"

Lin Dongxue warned, "We can arrest you as well for sheltering a criminal."

Little Zhou looked pained, sighed, and then led the two people out of the room and to his dormitory. Little Zhou knocked on the door and Tu Yunmeng, dressed in boy's clothing, opened the door in high spirits. Her expression was like that of a young girl in passionate love. When she saw the two people standing behind Little Zhou, her expression quickly dimmed.

Little Zhou said despondently, "I'm sorry..."

Chen Shi noticed that Tu Yunmeng's eyes were very big and bright, and that there was a wound on the right side of her lip that was about to heal. “Come back with us.”

When they took the suspect back to the bureau, Lin Qiupu said excitedly, "This is great! The case is finally solved!"

Chen Shi said, "Let Dongxue and I interrogate her!"

"Go ahead. Don't talk nonsense during the interrogation though."

The two sat in front of Tu Yunmeng and her eyes seemed dull. Her pupils seemed unable to focus. Chen Shi asked, "You can't see anymore?"

Tu Yunmeng nodded, "I couldn't see when I got into the police car."

"When you killed the second person, your DNA was left in the nails of the victim. In the case on June 13th, the deceased drugged you, and a policewoman just took you for a urine test. The results will come out shortly. Furthermore, from the evidence we're about to find in your house... In short, the evidence is solid and you don't have to hide anything from us any longer."

"Will I get the death penalty?" Tu Yunmeng asked blankly.

"I can't say for sure, but it's quite possible!"

Tu Yunmeng smiled, "I wonder if my eyesight will suddenly be restored when I’m getting executed. I think it’s something to look forward to!"

"It seems your eyesight does come back. So, it's true! Let's talk."

After a moment of silence, she slowly said, "The first murder was about a year ago. When I was about to close the store that day, a man suddenly ran in and pinned me down on the ground, tearing my clothes off. I picked up a fruit knife that had fallen to the ground and stabbed it into his neck fiercely. When his artery was cut and the blood spilled out, it made a whistle-like sound as it splashed warmly on my face and my eyes... What was unbelievable was that I could see it! Of course, I was calm. I knew that when the corpse was found, I’d have to go to jail, so I immediately closed the door, cleaned the scene, chopped the corpse into small pieces, and threw it into the trash bin in a nearby district overnight.

"Which neighborhood?" Chen Shi interrupted her.

"Near Wuyang Road. I’ve forgotten."

"The corpse dismemberment case on the 22nd of April was done by you?" Chen Shi asked.

"The police never found out. In fact, they came and questioned me, but they didn't expect that the killer would be a blind woman... The recovery lasted for two days. As the adrenaline slowly subsided, things in front of me dimmed again. I had adapted to the darkness, but when a light suddenly appeared in front of a person who had adapted to the darkness, the darkness became extremely painful. I wanted to seize this light... I began to craft a thorough killing plan. I'm blind, so it’s a hard task for me. I couldn't be sure how tall or strong the person I would kill was. I wouldn’t even be able to confirm if there would be other people around when I did it. I wouldn’t be able to know if the lights were turned on... Whenever a child entered my bookstore alone, I would be tempted, but I couldn't do it. If I were to kill people, I would only be free from guilt if it was a man.”

"In the period after that, I tried to walk around in an area where the law and order wasn’t good at night. As a result, I heard hooligans coming over in a group, but I was so scared that I was the first to run away... If I wanted to kill someone, the other party must live alone and it had to be a stranger... After some thinking, I could only go the online route. It was easier to find strangers who qualified online. I did think about giving up, but the experience of light was too seductive, and the moment my eyes recovered, this colorful world would overflow. Once I knew about this method, I couldn't stop!”

"After long experimentation, I finally found the right person. The man said he didn't mind that I was blind and said that he wanted to invite me to his house as a guest. I agreed. When he was getting intimate with me, I felt his heartbeat with my hand and then ruthlessly stabbed him. I was able to see everything with my eyes. I squealed happily. It seemed like I had superpowers all of a sudden… After making sure that he was thoroughly dead, I cleaned up the scene. Before this, I had made a lot of plans regarding what I’d do when everything was over, but unfortunately, it was in the evening, so I could only go to watch a movie.”

"I met Little Zhou at the movie theater. He was a very clean and shy boy. He talked to me about many movie topics. Looking at another boy smiling at me made me feel very happy, but I wasn’t sure how long my eyesight would last this time. Originally, I just wanted to experience it again and stop so that the police wouldn’t find out, but I couldn't help myself. As my eyesight faded again, I searched for new prey online... I knew that as long as I killed them, I could happily watch another movie and talk to Little Zhou... You won’t understand that kind of happiness!"

When she said that, Tu Yunmeng displayed an eerie smile.


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