Chapter 367: Leaving After Insulting, How Exciting

Chen Shi pulled out his phone while watching and called Lin Dongxue, "What are you doing right now?"

"I’m still in the bureau. Captain Peng said that the soil samples are the same, but there lots of places in the city with this type of soil. In addition, he found some green paint in Li Mengran’s hair.”

"Don’t check that for now. I'll send you a link. Watch it with Xiaodong and check out where that boy is right now. If you don't want the third team to take all the glory, then don’t let them know about this lead."

"Haha, you’re worried they’ll take credit for our work? They’re mocking you as a consultant and saying your investigation direction is all wrong."

"Let’s see who laughs in the end. Hurry and watch it!"

After a while, Lin Dongxue replied on QQ, "Isn't this a variety show? Are you sure you didn’t send me the wrong link?"

Chen Shi replied, "It’s the correct one!"

Chen Shi vaguely felt like he had found the right clue and he excitedly felt for his cigarettes all over his body. Of course, he couldn’t find any. There were some cigarettes in a can on the coffee table. He had some bad thoughts as he looked at the cigarette tin, but he managed to restrain himself.

He continued to watch the second half of the show. In the second half of the show, Little Fei, a rural child, went to Li Mengran's house. He was frightened by the elevator after using it for the first time. He went into the house to wash his hands. He was very interested in the tap that had hot water coming out of it instantly.

For the effect of the show, Little Fei always called Mr. Li his father during his stay in Li Mengran's house. Mr. Li in the camera also behaved very kindly, taking him to eat pizza, visit the park, and buy new clothes.

When the dream-like city trip was over, Little Fei returned to his hometown. Chen Shi closed the webpage, put down the laptop, and left.

He hurried back to the bureau. Lin Dongxue called him, and Chen Shi went inside with haste. "Don’t rush. I'm here now. Are there any clues?"

"We asked for the TV station's project plan. The child's name is Zheng Zhifei. Then, we asked the police station in his hometown. The police station said that his household registration information has not been changed."

"Maybe he just didn't go to the police station to update it. Do they have a picture of him?"

"No, the village’s police station is poorly equipped."

Xu Xiaodong, who was still watching the show, asked, "Isn't it on the program?"

Chen Shi said helplessly. "Screenshot a picture! Try to make it as clear as possible. Remember how the transportation company said that there was a driver named Little Zheng that night who was 19 years old? The one who didn’t go to work today?"

"Do you think Little Zheng is Zheng Zhifei?"

"We can’t say for sure. He’s passed his driver's license test. Let’s check at the vehicle management office."

The three of them hurried to the vehicle management office. Sure enough, there was a young man named Zheng Zhifei who took his driver's license test this year. They compared the ID photo on the computer. Although it had been nine years, they could see that they were the same person.

Lin Dongxue was shocked. "The suspect is this rural child who once lived with Li Mengran's family?"

"Mr. Li hasn't moved and there hasn't been any major construction work around the community. If he has a good memory, he can find them there."

"What about motivation?"

"Envy!" Chen Shi said, "In the beginning, I said that the murderer should be around the same age. I later asked Mr. Li if he had helped other children because the actions conveyed by the murderer was to destroy this happy and blessed home. The nature of the murderer’s strong feelings is likely to be jealousy. When one is jealous of another, they are often on a similar level. An ordinary person will not be jealous of the President of the United States but will be jealous of someone in the same company who is doing better than themselves. Therefore, the killer and the victim may be the same age and might have stayed together."

Lin Dongxue said in surprise, "Did you guess all that from the beginning?"

"I just tried to figure out the heart of the murderer and developed a psychological portrait. A person’s every move will reflect their hearts, not to mention the extreme behavior of murder... After investigating, I found that Zheng Zhifei was the best candidate in my mind."

Xu Xiaodong frowned. Lin Dongxue asked him what was wrong. Xu Xiaodong said, "I thought Li Mengran's death was caused by deep reasons like love and hatred, etc. The result was only because another child was jealous of her family. She died for such little value! I’m heartbroken!"

"Don't be too sad." Lin Dongxue patted his shoulder and comforted him.

Zheng Zhifei went to work in the city, but he didn’t even have a temporary residence set up. They couldn’t find any clues. When they went to his residence, they found that the person was already gone. It was not until the evening that they learned from the information department that Zheng Zhifei bought a ticket and left Long’an last night.

They struggled to find this clue, but upon knowing of this bad news, melancholy descended on them.

At the case meeting the next morning, the third team was in full discussion. The whiteboard was filled with the victim’s complicated interpersonal relationships. The captain of the third team, Bi Guoliang, was an old smoker. He took the lead in smoking in the conference room. The room was messy, and Lin Dongxue was so choked up she was about to suffocate.

After a round of the team members reporting their findings, Bi Guoliang asked, "How about the findings of the three people from the second team?"

Chen Shi said, "Sorry, but we’ve already found the real murderer!"

After speaking, Bi Guoliang took the lead for their team and laughed. "Consultant Chen, you’re exaggerating so much that it’s unrealistic, right? You want to say that a child who lived in the house of the victim for three days a whole nine years ago, returned to Long’an with envy and killed the victim?"

"Please think about it. For a child growing up in a poor mountainous region, after going through three fantastic days in the city and returning to his home, the psychological difference would be too great. Why did he come to Long’an to work so close to the deceased's house? During this period, he probably contacted the deceased. Maybe the deceased had already forgotten this child long ago. The two's clothing, environment, and conversations reminded him that they’re not from the same world at all… But for Zheng Zhifei, he was a strong man who had nothing to worry about. He could make up for the deficiency in his heart through other means. That is to destroy it if he can’t have it!”

"Unfounded speculation. You don't even have decent evidence. And where’s Zheng Zhifei anyway?"

"Returned to his hometown. Can we trouble you hard-working police officers to make a trip there?"

"If you think you’re right, you can check it by yourself. We won't stop you. Our investigation direction was different to begin with. It’s nice if everyone walks their own way."

"Okay! Let's go guys!"

As the three were leaving, Chen Shi turned around and said, "As an ordinary citizen, I have something to say to you."

"Say it."

"I'm not targeting anyone in particular. Everyone here..."

After saying this, Chen Shi ran away. The meeting room exploded. Xu Xiaodong was laughing so much that his back bent. "Brother Chen you’re so mighty. You’ve offended the whole third team at once. You need to be careful in the future."

"Haha, I wanted to try and say this long ago."

Lin Dongxue was also laughing. "Don't be so cocky. It’s better to be a low-key person in life."

"Occasionally, you’ll need to let me rebel a little. I have to say though, running away after insulting them is very exciting!"


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