Chapter 36: Hunting for Wanted Criminals

The two sat for a while, when suddenly Lin Dongxue heard an outburst from behind her, “What the fuck?!”

As soon as she turned around, she saw Xu Xiaodong, who pointed at the two people in surprise. “You came together? Didn’t you say you couldn’t come?”

Lin Dongxue argued, “I just said that I won’t be going with you. I didn’t say I wouldn’t come.”

Xu Xiaodong put his hand on his chest. “I’m too hurt!”

“Didn’t you have someone that accompanied you?”

“Huh? That's Xiao Li from our unit.”

Lin Dongxue glanced over; Police officer Xiao Li was waving and greeting them. Lin Dongxue just hadn’t realized that it was her. She offered to Xu Xiaodong, “Congratulations!”

“Congratulations your ass!” Xu Xiaodong patted his clothes, indicating there was his gun below. “I came on duty.” He lowered his voice. “There is a person that’s suspected to be a wanted criminal on the police site that should be here at the concert. Captain Lin sent us to monitor him. You see that guy in the hat sitting in that row?”

Lin Dongxue glanced at him. “Really? He’s wanted?”

“Of course it’s true! We came here just to monitor him. Because the warrant arrived too late, we were unable to get tickets. I mentioned that I had two, so the Captain sent me. We talked with the venue owners and they hope we will cause a big commotion. When you came in, did you see a black car? That’s our comrades from the police station. When the concert is over, when I order it, they will rush in.”

“When you order it?” Lin Dongxue ridiculed, “You’re just doing the task you were ordered to do as well!”

“Then what about you guys? Are you two dating?”

“No!” Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi answered in unison.

Chen Shi explained, “We just wanted to listen to the concert together. We just happened to have a similar interest. Don't misunderstand.”

“I didn't misunderstand.” Xu Xiaodong challenged, glancing at the outfits of the two and the drinks in their hands.

“Go back to your seat and monitor properly!” Lin Dongxue instructed.

“If you need help, just call us.” Chen Shi took out his mobile phone, “You should write down my contact information.”

After taking down the contact information, Xu Xiaodong declared loudly, “It's okay, we can definitely get it done ourselves!”

At that moment, the wanted person suddenly turned around. Chen Shi stared at him and the other party also looked at him. They looked at each other for a few seconds and the other wanted criminal didn’t turn back around. 

Chen Shi took a sip of his drink. “This guy is a little alert. Remind Xu Xiaodong to follow closely.”

“How can you act so calmly?” Lin Dongxue asked.

“Is it not a common thing to catch a wanted person at the Song God’s concert?”[1]

“Stop joking around!” Lin Dongxue laughed.

At this time, the concert officially started. The stage raised a large number of fireworks. The audience stood up and cheered excitedly. Chen Shi saw Xu Xiaodong and police officer Xiao Li cheering as well. Then he saw the wanted criminal, who was standing up and leaving quickly in the midst of the crowd.

“Not good!” Chen Shi alerted, but their surroundings were too noisy, so Lin Dongxue did not hear him.

Chen Shi shook Lin Dongxue and pointed to the front. Lin Dongxue was surprised after seeing the empty seat. She shouted Xu Xiaodong's name, but the other party did not hear.

Chen Shi took the initiative and grabbed Lin Dongxue’s hand to leave. Because they were in a hurry, Lin Dongxue didn’t think too much about it. However, when they came to the corridor, she suddenly had a red face and broke away from Chen Shi’s grasp.

The man wearing a cap was disappearing into the emergency exit. Chen Shi chased him whilst dialling Xu Xiaodong's phone, but he never answered.

The two chased the guy outside when Lin Dongxue decided, “Xu Xiaodong must be disciplined when we get back.”

“Catch the person first, then say it!” Chen Shi saw the person crossing the flower bed outside the venue, “There!”

The two chased after him and went into the underground garage. They suddenly saw a car’s headlights rushing at them. Chen Shi instructed, “Fire your gun!”

“Didn’t bring it!”

Seeing that the car was about to directly hit them, Chen Shi hugged Lin Dongxue and jumped aside. The car that passed by had the wanted person inside complaining, “Damn police!”

Being hugged by Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue’s face was red, but now was not the right time to worry about it. Chen Shi quickly took his own car and drove to the parking lot exit. The car almost didn’t stop. Lin Dongxue had to run in order to get into the car. “Aiya!”

“What's wrong?” Chen Shi looked ahead and as he steered the steering wheel.

“I dropped my shoe! I just bought them from the store, Daphne!” Lin Dongxue lamented with a distressed heart.

Chen Shi passed the black police car and shouted, “The criminal ran away! Quickly! Chase him!”

The police in the car didn’t know who they were and did not dare take any action without permission.  They tried to call Xu Xiaodong, but the line indicated that he was busy.

Xu Xiaodong had realised that the wanted man had gone missing and that he had a missed call on his mobile from the great Chen Shi. He called back as the lyrics “If this is not a love…” in the background could be heard in contrast with Xu Xiaodong's annoyed tone.

“Brother Chen, how did that person run? Did you see it?”

“I am chasing him now! His license plate number is.... Tell the police officers to keep up with me.”


“You don't need to come. Go to the entrance of the underground garage. There is a single women's Daphne shoe. It's very important. You must return with them.” After the quick explanation, Chen Shi hung up the phone.

Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi with amazement. Chen Shi smiled and consoled her. “Don’t worry, we’ll catch the guy and your shoes will also be fine... Fasten your seat belt!”

After fastening his seat belt, Chen Shi sped up and chased the taillights in front.

The wanted criminal ran a few red lights at the front, and Chen Shi accompanied him to the end. Soon the distance between the two cars was shortened and they became next to each other. The wanted criminal was so scared that he had cold sweat running down his forehead. He yelled out, “Damn police, get the fuck away! Believe it or not, I will kill you!”

Chen Shi ignored him and called Lin Qiupu. Lin Dongxue questioned, “Why are you calling him?”

Chen Shi turned on the speakers on his phone. “Captain Lin, we are chasing the wanted criminal!”

“What!? What happened to Xu Xiaodong?”

“He fell behind, I’m chasing the wanted criminal.”

“Why are you there...”

“Now is not the time to talk about that. I want to hit him with this car, can I get a reimbursement for my repairs?”

“Are you out of your mind? Which road are you on? I will send someone to support you now.”

“Reimbursement or not? Answer quickly!”

Seeing Lin Qiupu’s hesitation, Lin Dongxue yelled anxiously, “Brother, the wanted criminal will soon slip away, there’s no time to consider.”

“Reimbursement! Reimbursement! Full reimbursement!” Lin Qiupu helplessly surrendered, “You must catch them... Wait, why are you two together?”

“Thank you!” Chen Shi hung up.

Chen Shi cautioned, “Sit tight,” and steadily turned the steering wheel, slamming into the car next to them. With the harsh impact, the Volkswagen slid on the road and then barely stabilized.

The wanted criminal grit his teeth and suddenly slammed them back. Lin Dongxue was shocked. It was as if her internal organs were shaking.

“You dare hit my beloved car?!” Chen Shi roared, then once again slammed into the criminal’s car. The car hit a tree, and the wanted criminal pushed the door open with a kick to limp out.

Chen Shi abruptly slammed on the brakes, unfastened his seat belt and rushed out. The wanted criminal panicked and ran across the road. At this time, a truck hit him front and centre. His whole body rotated 720 degrees as it flew through the air. 

Lin Dongxue was so scared that she covered her eyes. By the time she had calmed her nerves, the wanted criminal had fallen on the road without moving...

1. True story. There have been lots of wanted criminals arrested at his concerts because they couldn’t stay away… 

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