Chapter 358: Interrogation by Suggestion Method

Downstairs, Gu You was holding a bag as she stood in the night breeze. When she saw Chen Shi come down, she said, "You’re so funny. I don't know how to interrogate people, but you actually called me over for this?"

"Isn't it your specialty to attack other people psychologically? And then there’s that trick from last time..." Chen Shi made a neck-pinching movement.

"What trick from last time?" Lin Dongxue asked.

Gu You signaled Chen Shi to stop talking with her eyes. Lin Dongxue had also participated in Ji Changxin's case. If she knew that Gu You had stolen the hypnosis technique, it would be difficult to explain.

Gu You said, "I thought of a way to go about it, but I need your cooperation. If the other person is really a tough guy who isn’t afraid of death, then I'm out of ideas."

"Miss Gu, don't do anything rash!" Lin Dongxue said.

"Rest assured, I will only be using some tricks of suggestion. I won’t hurt him."

While going upstairs, Gu You explained her strategy to them. After entering the agency, Teacher Gao was tied to a chair facing away from the door. He was still cursing aggressively at kk. Gu You took a black cloth bag from the bag that she was holding earlier and suddenly covered Teacher Gao’s head with it.

Teacher Gao struggled in panic. "What? What are you doing? Honest people shouldn’t do underhand things. Take this thing off!"

Chen Shi said, "Let's see how long you can hold out. Our interrogation expert is here."

"Interrogation expert?" Teacher Gao sneered. "Even if the real police were here, what could they do to me?"

Gu You instructed coldly, "Roll up his sleeves."

She took out the tools in the bag, which included syringes, flexible hoses, funnels, two bottles, and so on. Gu You signaled Chen Shi with her eyes to retrieve warm water using the bottle, and then she wiped Teacher Gao’s arm with a piece of cotton dipped in iodine. Teacher Gao was very nervous. "What are you doing?!"

"You'll find out later."

Gu You pierced his arm with a syringe but did not penetrate a vein. Then she fastened the head of the needle with tape and attached a section of the hose to his hand. She inserted the other end of the tube into the mouth of another bottle, and then started to use the funnel to pour warm water into the hose.

Chen Shi understood at that moment. Teacher Gao was unable to see anything, so he would think that his blood was being drawn because he could feel warm “blood” being drained away.

"When the body loses 800 milliliters of blood, it’ll go into shock and become unconscious. See how long you can keep this up." Gu You said coldly.

Teacher Gao twisted his body desperately, "I don't believe that you’d kill someone! You can't scare me!"

"Well, just try it!"

The room was quiet and only the sound of "blood" flowing into the bottle could be heard. Teacher Gao's skin developed goosebumps. He shivered slightly. Gu You said in his ear, "It's already been 300 milliliters. Don’t you think that your body is getting colder and colder?"

"You... I-If you kill me… T-The police won’t spare you!" Teacher Gao stuttered.

kk laughed. "With so many people here, it would be pretty easy to deal with a corpse."

Sun Zhen chimed in, "And no one knows you’ve been here."

Lin Dongxue looked around at these people in surprise. She felt that they had an air of evil about them. She was puzzled and wondered why Chen Shi knew these people.

"500 mils!" Gu You said. "Do you feel that your heartbeat is getting slower and slower? In fact, your struggle is meaningless. If you die, we can talk to your accomplices to see if they’re just as stubborn.”

Teacher Gao's neck was covered with cold sweat, and he suddenly yelled, "I’ll talk! I’ll talk!"

"Hurry up then!"

He gave out an address and Sun Zhen checked it. The direction was correct, so he nodded at Gu You before she took the bag off Teacher Gao’s head. When Teacher Gao saw the items on his arm, he glared at them angrily. “You were playing with me?!”

"Dongxue, send him and his associates back to the bureau!" Chen Shi instructed.

"You really are with the police?” Teacher Gao asked in surprise, but everyone ignored him.

Lin Dongxue made a phone call and pulled Chen Shi outside, saying, "How did you get mixed up with these people?"

"Then what type of people do you think I should be with?" Chen Shi asked.

"You’re still acting smart with me right now? Are you really planning to run this detective agency thing?"

Chen Shi shook his head. "I’ve already told you that the agency belongs to Wang Haitao. I'm just temporarily helping out. These are my friends. You know that I’ve had a complicated past and that I know all kinds of people.”

Lin Dongxue looked at him in disbelief and said, "When we first met, you said that you’d tell me your secret one day. Now that we’re dating, you don’t need to hide it from me anymore, do you?"

Chen Shi brushed her hair away from her face and said, "I'm sorry. I can't tell you just yet."

"But I hope to understand you better. If you have any difficulties, I’ll share your burdens with you." Lin Dongxue urged.

Chen Shi smiled and shook his head. "There’s one thing I can assure you. I do everything in good conscience. I have never done anything evil. As for my secret, it’s just that the time isn’t right. I hope you can understand."

Lin Dongxue punched him lightly, "I know your heart must be upright, otherwise I wouldn't like you... I just don't like your friends."

"Well, we’re just cooperating this one time."

Lin Dongxue pouted and agreed begrudgingly.

Soon, the local police called and said that all the children had been rescued and that some of the scammers were arrested. Everyone cheered for a while. Wang Haitao said, "It was a good show today. Let me treat everyone to supper.

Chen Shi said, "You pick the place. I’ll send the suspects to the station first."

Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue, and Xu Xiaodong sent Teacher Gao and the bearded man to the local police. Xu Xiaodong then drove Lin Dongxue back in his own car. Chen Shi returned to the agency and Lin Dongxue sent a text message telling him, "Don't drink alcohol and rest early."

Wang Haitao found a restaurant for them. After Chen Shi came, kk warmly gave him his seat. Wang Haitao said, "Mr. Chen, it wasn’t a mistake asking you to help me. You and your friends have great skills. I initially thought that I wouldn’t be able to run this business for long, but now I see a glimmer of hope. Everyone...” He looked around at everyone present. “I have a proposal. I will retain 20% of the shares in the agency, and the remaining 80% will be given to Mr. Chen. If the four of you operate this business, I believe that the company will flourish.”

Gu You smiled, "Mr. Wang, you are now really different from the person you were back when you came to my clinic."

Wang Haitao poured a drink. "I still haven't thanked Miss Gu yet."

"You're very welcome... But I have my own clinic. I'm afraid I don’t have time to participate in this venture."

kk smacked his thigh, "I'm interested! I think this business is pretty good. It’s interesting. Now that everyone uses mobile phones, it’s getting harder and harder to be a thief you know?”

"Huh?!" Wang Haitao, who didn't know kk's identity, was shocked.

"Never mind! Never mind!" kk said, "Anyway, I want to join. What about you, Little Worm?"

Sun Zhen replied, "The working environment isn’t bad. But I don't know whether there’s a lot of work or not. I’m used to being lazy. I'm afraid I won't be able to adapt to the workload."

"Fuck, didn’t you listen to Young Master Lu? He’s giving us shares so that we could be bosses ourselves. You can wake up anytime you want!" kk raised his eyebrow at Wang Haitao, "That’s what you meant right, Young Master Lu?"


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