Chapter 356: Don't Move, I'm a Police Officer

Wang Haitao ordered some takeaway. As they were eating, someone knocked on the door and Lin Dongxue came in.

Sun Zhen looked up inadvertently, and then fixed his eyes on her. A few grains of rice fell out of his mouth. kk turned around and quickly stood up. He asked Chen Shi in a low voice, “Sis… Sister-in-law[1]?”

"Haii, let me introduce you to one another!" Chen Shi grumbled.

After the introduction, Lin Dongxue said with a smile, "Hello."

"Hello Sister-in-law!" The two bowed together.

"Ordinary friends?" Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi in disbelief.

"We knew each other from before, but you can rest assured that their characters are very good." Chen Shi explained.

"Yes, we are of good character." Sun Zhen said while rubbing his hair, trying to cover the bald part with the hair next to it.

"Sister-in-law is so pretty. It’s not even a joke. Among the beauties I’ve seen in my life, you are absolutely No. 2!"

"Don't keep calling me Sister-in-law... Who is No. 1?" Lin Dongxue asked with a smile.

"Yes, this is it! No.1 is Sister-in-law when she’s smiling!" kk raised his phone, "Can I take a picture of you and use it as my screensaver?"

"Stop this nonsense!" Chen Shi reprimanded.

Lin Dongxue was very happy after being complimented by kk. Holding Chen Shi's arm, she said, "Okay, I’ll let you take a picture."

Sun Zhen wasn't as cheeky as kk, so he exposed him. "He says that to everyone."

The two finally managed to stop their misbehavior. Chen Shi picked up a boxed takeaway meal for Lin Dongxue. Lin Dongxue said, "I’ve already eaten. Why are you in this private detective agency? Did you change careers?"

"It's like this..."

"This group of people is really unethical. But fraud is not under criminal police’s jurisdiction."

"The matter is urgent. After you arrest them, you can figure out the rest later and see which department to hand them over to... Let’s get to work!"

Sun Zhen sat back in front of the computer. "Niubi Hill is in the countryside and there are several main roads around there. I’ve hacked into the surveillance system of the traffic management bureau to see if I can find them."

"What?" Lin Dongxue was shocked. "The traffic management bureau is a department under the police. You can actually hack into the police system?"

Sun Zhen was embarrassed and wasn’t sure what to do. Chen Shi said, "The situation is very tricky, and the standard procedures are too slow. Let him do it. Little Worm is a master of hacking and won’t leave traces."

"Okay, I’ll pretend that this didn’t happen. Don’t do it again."

Sun Zhen breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, no one else there knew anything about coding. He had left a back door in the traffic management bureau’s server earlier and found a zombie computer as a springboard. He easily entered the traffic management bureau’s system with ease. The intersection’s surveillance footage appeared on the screen.

Sun Zhen said that he couldn't watch it alone, and everyone connected to the WIFI so that he could share the video with everyone.

Sun Zhen added the mothers on WeChat using his phone in one hand whilst writing down things with his other hand. kk was getting dizzy from watching the surveillance footage and said, “It’s so boring being a police officer. Little Worm, what are you doing? ... Fuck, '6 early symptoms of high blood sugar', 'Be alert, eating these foods together may be lethal', what are you doing with that?"

"I put Trojans in these articles. As long as they click on them, I can hack into their mobile phones and see if I can find any clues... I can't get into the undercover agent’s mobile phone. I sent over a bunch of videos, but he hasn’t clicked on any."

"Xiaodong is probably in an inconvenient position right now!" Chen Shi said.

At the same time, Xu Xiaodong was in a derelict warehouse in the rural suburbs. The dinner that the scammers distributed was Kang Shuaibo instant noodles [2]and Youyouhui ham sausage[3], which made his stomach feel unwell[4]. Now, everyone was sitting on both sides of a long, crude table. The incandescent lightbulb above his head was so bright that it hurt his eyes.

Teacher Gao and the bearded man came out. The big bearded man reeked of alcohol. He kept using his tongue to try and pick out bits of meat stuck in his teeth. Teacher Gao put down a bag and took out a big envelope from it. "These are tomorrow's exam papers. I’ll distribute the exam papers and answers to you. The amount that you can memorize will be equivalent to the amount of points you’ll get. If you can memorize it all,” Teacher Gao clapped, “then congratulations, you’ll be the top scholar at the entrance exam!"

The candidates cheered for a while, and their excitement filled their faces. Li Mengran, who was sitting beside Xu Xiaodong, scoffed, "It's impossible to get full marks for the composition component."

Teacher Gao ignored her and circulated the envelopes. The candidates passed them around one by one. Xu Xiaodong opened one and took a look. The printing quality was very rough but they were titled clearly as this year’s exam papers. There were Chinese, mathematics, English, politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology papers. They also had answer sheets attached.

Some candidates cheered and began to copy down and memorize the answers. Taking advantage of the chaotic scene, Xu Xiaodong quietly took out his mobile phone for a look. There was a message on the mobile phone, "Click on the short video I sent you, this is Chen Shi."

"What's in your hand?!" Xu Xiaodong jumped up when he heard a shout, and Teacher Gao strode over in big strides.

Xu Xiaodong quickly turned off the mobile phone, and Teacher Gao stopped in front of him and stretched out his hand. "You’re being disobedient, huh? Didn’t I already say that all the mobile phones needed to be turned in?"

"I was sending a message to my mother..." Xu Xiaodong lied awkwardly.

"Hand it over! Let me check." Teacher Gao sounded serious, and the bearded man came over, clenching his fists.

All the candidates stopped and looked at Xu Xiaodong. He was covered in cold sweat. It looked like he had no talent for going undercover. He was exposed again.

At that moment, Li Mengran stood up and said, "Wait, something is wrong. This exam paper is the 2015 xx exam paper. I only did it two days ago, and all the topics are the same."

"Really? No wonder it seems so familiar." The other candidates whispered.

Teacher Gao stared at her. "This is the exam paper for this year. If you don't believe me, then don't do it. When you see the paper tomorrow, it’ll be too late even if you cry."

Li Mengran quickly flipped through the exam paper, "This question... And this question... These points are not within the scope of this year's entrance examination questions. And how can examination papers use the same questions as previous years? You are clearly scammers!”

Teacher Gao sneered, "How have I scammed you? I’ve explained to your parents that I’ll only take the money after the exam."

Xu Xiaodong stood up fiercely and slammed the table, "Everyone, listen to me! This exam paper is fake. They took our mobile phones and brought us here just to keep us from contacting the outside world. They’ll deliberately make us late tomorrow and use it to threaten our parents into paying.”

This remark was like a nuclear bomb, and the silent warehouse was suddenly in chaos. The candidates began discussing amongst themselves and someone stood up and tore the exam papers apart.

"So what if we’re exposed?" Teacher Gao sneered. "You're already in my hands, anyway. If you want to blame someone, blame your parents for being greedy. They actually believed this. Think of it as paying for a lesson!" He raised his voice. "Every one of you needs to sit the fuck down. Otherwise none of you will be able to go to the exam venue tomorrow."

The bearded man came forward and reached out for Xu Xiaodong's shoulder. Xu Xiaodong dodged and bent the bearded man’s right arm back, pressing him down onto the table. Then he kicked the back of the bearded man’s knee. The man screamed in pain.

Seeing that the situation was bad, Teacher Gao shouted for back-up as he stepped back. Xu Xiaodong rushed over and brought him down instantly. He stepped on his waist, and twisted Teacher Gao's arm in the opposite direction of his joints. Teacher Gao screamed in agony.

When his men rushed in, Xu Xiaodong shouted, "Don't move! I'm with the police!"

1. Not actually their sister-in-law. As they refer to good friends as “brother”, their partners are called “sister-in-law”. 

2. Cheap, poor-quality knockoff of well-known instant noodles brand in China “Master Kong instant noodles”. 

3. Cheap, poor-quality knockoff of well-known ham sausage brand in China “Shuanghui” 

4. Cheap, often unauthorized knock-offs of branded food products in China are known for their dubious ingredients and causing food poisoning incidents. 


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