Chapter 354: Let Your Mom Take You There

When they got to Sister Chen's house, there were already a bunch of middle-aged women gathered at the door. When they saw Sister Chen, they rushed up and said, "Little Lei’s mother, is it true? Are those people really scammers?" "Little Han's mother is really stubborn and kicked all of us who believed in you out of the group. She even called Teacher Gao. I heard that their plans are being carried out ahead of time and that they’re sending transport to pick up the children from house to house now.” "Fortunately, you reminded us in time, otherwise my child would have boarded the pirate ship! "

"What?" Chen Shi said, "They’ve already started their operation?"

"You are…?"

"Private detective and police consultant." Chen Shi showed his ID, and the ID embossed with the words "Long'an Public Security Bureau" really worked well. The women looked at him as if he was their savior.

They all talked at the same time, hoping that Chen Shi would help them get their money back. Chen Shi said, "Let's not talk about the 20,000 yuan first. The main point is not to let the children be taken away. Afterwards, we'll do our best to recover the money that they’ve scammed all of you out of. I'll inform the police and let them file a case quickly."

"Okay, we’ll definitely cooperate!" "Thank you so much." "You’re really our savior."

Chen Shi said, "Yes, in the current situation, we can only act according to circumstances. I found a young policeman who is going to pretend to be an exam candidate. Are all of your children from the same class?"


Since the children didn't know everyone, the undercover trick should work. Chen Shi asked, "Sister Chen, go and find a set of your child’s clothes, and then... Wait, the scammers won’t come to you now. Who can pose as the undercover agent’s mother?"

Everyone looked at one another in dismay; a mother came forward and said, "Me!"

"Thank you! You should contact Little Han's mother and say that you’ve finally thought things through and want to move forward with the original plan. Discuss the address and preferably, it shouldn’t be too far from here."

Chen Shi considered that for himself and Wang Haitao, even with Xu Xiaodong who was coming later, forcibly stopping the transport was too risky. It was better to push the boat with the current.

The mother said, "Okay, I'll get in touch."

Chen Shi was a little anxious. Why hadn’t Xu Xiaodong arrived yet? He picked up the phone and took a look. KK and Sun Zhen had arrived at the agency and were urging him to hurry.

At that moment, a car drove up and Xu Xiaodong jumped out of the car. He said happily, "Brother Chen, what’s the special mission?"

"Undercover agent!"

"Undercover agent? No way, don't you remember how I failed as an undercover agent before? Last time, you were the one who saved the situation too."

"This time is different. It’s a group of scammers. How can my mature face pass as a high school student? You should go with your mother to change your clothes first, and she’ll explain to you on the way."

"Huh? My mother?"

Chen Shi pointed at Xu Xiaodong and asked the parent, "What's your child's name?"

"Wang Xiaoming."

Chen Shi slapped Xu Xiaodong on the shoulder, "Xiaoming, go with your mother. When you get to the place, find a way to contact us and tell us the address."

"Who is Xiaoming... No, Brother Chen, what is going on..."

Xu Xiaodong was dragged away by the woman and had no time to enter the house. Everyone surrounded him in a circle and began to take off his clothes. Xu Xiaodong squealed, "Help... Help!"

Chen Shi waved Wang Haitao over and said, "Give me your phone."

Soon, Xu Xiaodong was made to change into a school uniform. He wore a pair of glasses, and his hair was combed. When you looked at him, he did indeed look like a student. Chen Shi handed Wang Haitao's mobile phone to him and said, "Bring this phone with you just in case."

"Can you explain things to me a little bit more?!" Xu Xiaodong cried.

"Go quickly!"

Xu Xiaodong was dragged away by "Mom" in bewilderment.

Wang Haitao praised, "Sure enough, you’re fierce like lightning and swift like the wind!"

Chen Shi smiled, "It can’t be helped. The fire is already burning the eyebrows[1]!"

Chen Shi turned to the parents and said, "Oh yes, tell me any information about the scammers that you possess, and the contact information of the other parents and children."

Xu Xiaodong was led by "Mom" to a bus stop. He had been briefed about the situation on the way there and was mentally a little surprised. He didn’t realize that there were still such scams nowadays. Scammers really did fill every gap possible.

Not long after, a school bus parked in front of him. The bus was full of children of the same age. A bearded man asked, "Xiaoming's mother?"

"Yes, please take care of my child."

The bearded man asked Xu Xiaodong to get onto the bus. Xu Xiaodong was very nervous. He was afraid of being recognized by a "classmate." He sat in the last row. The atmosphere in the car was quiet. Everyone was silent. The girl who sat between him and the window smiled at him.

Xu Xiaodong smiled at her awkwardly as well and the girl asked, "Why do you look older than us?"

"I... I was born earlier in the year. I turned nineteen today."

"Oh! I didn't really want to come. I think it's cheating, but my dad said that if I can't get into Peking University, he’ll disown me. So my mother thought up this trick... Hai, why do adults have to use the entrance examination to measure a person's worth? Wasn’t Bill Gates a dropout?"

"Yes, I also agree. Didn't Lu Ban, Li Bai, and Jing Ke[2] also not go to university?"

"Haha, you’re so funny. How could they have universities back then... Do you happen to play Honor of Kings as well? Should we play a round of it? It’s very boring on the bus anyway."

Many candidates on the bus were also playing with their mobile phones. Xu Xiaodong took out the mobile phone and saw that the battery was low. He said, "The mobile phone is out of power, and I’m afraid that it will shut down automatically."

"What’s your name?"

"Xu... Ahem, Wang Xiaoming!"

"My name is Li Mengran."

"Nai si tu mi qiu![3]"

"Haha, Nai si tu mi qiu tu!"

At that moment, the bus stopped, and an adult got onto the bus. He looked dignified, with his hair slicked back. He was also wearing a pair of color-changing glasses. He looked around and said, "Everyone is here? I am Teacher Gao. You should have already heard from your parents about me and you all know where you’re going, right?”

"Hello, Teacher Gao." The candidates all yelled, in an out of sync fashion.

Teacher Gao nodded, "Your parents are very wise in making this choice and persisting to the end..." He deliberately emphasized, "persisting to the end" heavily, and seemed to be hinting at the more than ten parents who had deserted at the last moment. "Success not only depends on hard work, but also on opportunities. It’s fortunate for you to have met me. I have opened a shortcut for you! Of course, a successful entrance examination does not mean that you won’t have obstacles in your path. When you get into the prestigious university, you will still have to study hard, practice, and be interviewed in order to truly walk onto the golden avenue of life. All I am doing is allowing you to cross to the opposite side and avoid the single log bridge that is the entrance examination. Don’t you think you should thank Teacher Gao?"

"Thank you, Teacher Gao." The candidates said, one after another.

Teacher Gao cupped his ear and pretended to listen. "Who can hear that when it’s said so softly? Try again!"

The candidates shouted in unison, "Thank you, Teacher Gao!"

Teacher Gao nodded with satisfaction. He continued, "I need you to have absolute trust and obedience towards me, without a sliver of doubt. As for me, I’m also taking a great risk. It’s not a joke. If this is leaked, I’ll have to go to jail! If you guys don't listen to me, I'm sorry, but I won't show you the exam papers, and I’ll ask you to get out of the bus right now!"

Teacher Gao pointed outside the bus which was desolate wilderness since they had left the city.

Many candidates nodded in fear, and the atmosphere of obedience quickly influenced everyone. Even Xu Xiaodong nodded. Everyone seemed to be sitting in a class, listening to the words of a stern form teacher.

1. A popular idiom that refers to desperate or extreme emergency. 

2. They were scholars in history. 

3. The author has used random Chinese characters to sound out the English words “Nice to meet you” and “Nice to meet you too” below. I have left them in their pinyin forms to illustrate this. 


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