Chapter 350: It’s All Up to Human Effort

Volume 23: University Entrance Exam Disturbance

The lengthy case involving Zheng Guohao's murder was finally over. Lin Qiupu and the chief proposed to publicize the case in a newspaper. In a sense, the root of this case was the inadequate protection of minors. Lin Qiupu hoped that the case would foster some positive results. On the other hand, it could also slightly deter shameless adults who intended to sexually assault minors.

On the evening of June 4th, Chen Shi was lying on the sofa at Lin Dongxue's house. He flipped through the newspaper and said, "Look at this article making Yi Qing out to be an innocent and pitiful weak female. She’s clearly the real murderer!"

"This way of writing is popular with the public! But the police seem to have become the wicked people who killed Yi Qing." Lin Dongxue, wearing an apron, brought out a plate of sweet and sour pork ribs from the kitchen and went to Chen Shi. She tilted her head and smiled, "Congratulations on your success in quitting smoking. This is a reward for you."

"I'll try it!" Chen Shi picked up his chopsticks and tasted a piece. Lin Dongxue, who was making this dish for the first time, could only be said to have made a normal dish.

Lin Dongxue asked expectantly, "Is it delicious?"

"It’s really delicious!"

"Haha, I was worried that the seasoning was too light. If you like it, that’s great."

"If I quit smoking again, will you reward me again?"

"What wishful thinking. If I find you smoking again, haha, you just wait and see."

"Understood, understood!"

Chen Shi's cell phone rang. After he answered, he said to Lin Dongxue, "Can you help me pick up a package? It’s just downstairs."


After Lin Dongxue went out, Chen Shi hurriedly took the plate of sweet and sour pork ribs to the kitchen. He threw the ribs back into the pan for re-seasoning, thickened things with corn starch, used a high temperature to concentrate the sauce a little, then drizzled a layer of oil over everything, before plating the ribs and putting them back onto the living room table.

Lin Dongxue came back happily with a large box in her hands, "What is this? What is this? Is it for me?"

"Open it!"

When she opened it, she could see a bunch of red roses with a note that read "I'm glad to have met you."

Holding the roses, Lin Dongxue's cheeks seemed to be as red as the roses. Chen Shi produced a small box, took out a platinum ring from within and put it on Lin Dongxue's middle finger, saying, "This is my official confession."

"You need to say it properly!" Lin Dongxue buried her face in the roses with embarrassment and her flushed face was camouflaged amidst them.

"Lin Dongxue, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Okay! For how long?"

"Till you meet a better person."

"That is forever then!" Lin Dongxue smiled happily.

The two looked at each other and smiled. It was a long time before Lin Dongxue said, "Let's eat. The dishes will be cold."

After the rice bowls were filled, Lin Dongxue picked up some ribs, covered her face with a hand and asked, "Are the ribs I made really this delicious?"

"Yeah, you really have a talent for cooking."

"Hmm, are you trying to make me cook for you every day?" Lin Dongxue picked up some ribs with chopsticks and placed them in Chen Shi’s bowl.

Early next morning, Chen Shi drove around the street aimlessly after he had sent Lin Dongxue to work. To be honest, they had solved quite a few cases in succession. The consultant’s fees far outweighed the money he earned through driving, but he still enjoyed driving and chatting with people. It was fun and he learned a lot.

While working, Chen Shi passed by a street and saw a man in a suit riding a shared bicycle. He thought that this man was a little funny, riding a shared bike in a high-end suit.

When he drove in front of the man, he saw the man's face in his rearview mirror. Chen Shi was stunned and shouted “Hey!” at him.

Wang Haitao turned his head and said in surprise, "Mr. Chen?"

"Where are you riding a bike to, early in the morning? Are you exercising?"

"Going to work!"

"Going... To work?!"

Wang Haitao pointed to the intersection in front, "Let’s go to the restaurant in front for breakfast!"

"I’ve already eaten."

"Then just come and have a chat with me. It's been a long time since I’ve last seen you."

Chen Shi thought to himself that it was only a month, but since they had met by chance, Chen Shi agreed.

The two went to a Yong'an soymilk store and ordered buns, congee and side dishes. Chen Shi asked, "Why are you still working? Did the old man not give you enough money?"

"No, I’ve been idle at home every day. I either played golf or went to parties when I wasn't home and it was really boring. I’ve been going to work from nine-to-five for so long that suddenly not working made me uncomfortable. So, I submitted a resume and got an office job."

"What kind of company is it?"

"It’s a small tutoring agency. I’m in the HR department, creating reports, serving tea and drinks and so on."

Imagining the scenario, Chen Shi wanted to laugh. "The boss of the company must not know who you are. By the way, you haven't changed your surname?"

"No, my father said that my surname can stay as ‘Wang’ in remembrance of my mother ... Well, to be honest, a month's salary is not enough for me to spend in a day. I don’t have much motivation to go to work."

"Rich people's viewpoints are really different."

"Mr. Chen, can you not always use the ‘second generation rich’ label on me? I'm still me, and things haven’t changed just because I live in a luxury house and have a good car now."

"Okay, I won’t discriminate against your status as a rich man... But there is something I want to say. Can you stop arranging for someone to quietly pay the bill for me? I don’t even dare to invite friends to go out for dinner with me now.”

"I want to repay you! Not only you, but my father also said that Police Officer Song is a friend worth having."

"Old Man Lu must be confused. My surname is Chen!" Chen Shi looked up. "It's nine o'clock, you're going to be late."

"It's okay. The attendance award is only 500 yuan. Eat slowly."

When the meal was pretty much finished, Wang Haitao suddenly said, "Mr. Chen, I have an idea for a new business!"

"That’s good. Since you have decent capital, if you want to start a business, you should!"

"This idea needs your help."

"No, don't drag me into this. I still need to help the police solve cases."

"It won’t hinder you. Come with me somewhere!"

"You're not going to work?!"

"It's okay. I've already got this month’s bonus deducted long ago."

After the major case had ended, Chen Shi really wanted to relax, so he drove Wang Haitao to where he wanted to go. After getting out of the car, Wang Haitao took Chen Shi to an establishment named "Wan Shi Da Information Consulting Agency". A “For Sale” notice was posted on the window. "Isn't this a private detective agency? You want to buy this business?"

"Yes, big cities are really different, they actually have these kinds of businesses too.. When I was a kid, I felt that being a detective was really cool when I watched TV dramas. Mr. Chen, you can be a private detective with your ability, and cooperation with the police won’t be hindered."

Chen Shi shook his head with a forced smile. "What do you think a private detective does? It's just investigating affairs and catching adulterers in the act."

Moreover, this was a gray industry. Previously, the Public Security Bureau didn’t allow these companies to register. They could only use “information consultation” and “investigation business” as their monikers. If you did poorly, you’d close up your business, but if you did well, it would be noticed by the police. Invading another person’s privacy could send you to jail.

Although the Industry and Commerce Bureau later allowed the registration of services such as private bodyguards, detective agencies, missing persons investigation, the degree of legality lies between the porn industry and private loans.

Wang Haitao said proudly, "We don’t have to take those cases! We can be like the Sherlock Holmes type. Mr. Chen, you are the Holmes in my eyes."

Chen Shi smiled bitterly, "What kind of retard would hand over criminal cases to expensive private detectives? It’s as if you walked into a large restaurant, and they told you that they only sell chopsticks there and not food and beverages."

Wang Haitao gave a thumbs up and smiled confidently, "If you want something, it’s all up to human effort!"


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