Chapter 348: Treated Like Wicked People

The next bit of work didn’t require much skill at all. The police went to the orphanage and carefully searched every inch of land to check all of Yi Qing’s clothes, shoes, and daily necessities.

During the entirety of the police’s stay, Yi Qing stayed in her own resting lounge, looking down from the window. Her cold and indifferent face was fixed in the window frame, like a beauty in a painting.

The children showed rejection, hostility, and indifference towards the police. In their eyes, these police officers were bad people who wanted to take away Teacher Yi, so they conducted little pranks against the police such as throwing mud on them or deliberately pushing down their tools.

During their break, Peng Sijue said to Chen Shi, "If there’s a director who turned Yi Qing's story into a movie in the future, our police would be the evil people."

"Are you wavering?" Chen Shi asked.

Peng Sijue smiled slightly and took out a cigarette. "I heard you quit smoking."

Chen Shi looked at him angrily. Peng Sijue was ready to light his cigarette, but then decided against it and put away the lighter again. He smacked his thigh and stood up. "Let’s talk after finishing the task!"

"When the investigation is done, do you want to eat together?"


"Do you have a prior appointment?" Chen Shi smiled.

Peng Sijue was thinking of how to answer when suddenly there was a child’s cry from the courtyard. The two immediately rushed over and saw Yi Qing half-kneeling on the ground and hugging a little boy. The little boy's head was bleeding. It seemed like he had bumped into an open window.

The other children gathered around the policeman and reached out with their small fists and yelled, "Beat the bad guy! Beat the bad guy!"

The policeman looked innocent and raised his hands to avoid suspicion, as if surrendering.

Lin Qiupu brought people in and drove the children away before asking, "What's going on?"

The policeman explained innocently, "That little boy threw mud at me. I turned around and yelled at him. He ran away and hit himself on the window."

An older child argued, "If it weren't for you all coming here every day wanting to catch Teacher Yi, why would little chubs break his head?"

Peng Sijue called out for the medical kit and said, "Let me see his injury!"

"Don't touch me! Don't touch me!" A pair of small hands desperately pushed Peng Sijue away. His body was already thin, and he nearly fell from the impact. Fortunately, Chen Shi supported him from behind.

"Go away! The police should go away!” The older child from earlier took the lead and shouted. For a moment, a wave of shouting erupted in the courtyard. The policemen stood together at a loss for what to do and frequently glanced at Lin Qiupu as they awaited further instructions. Lin Qiupu was also furrowing his brows helplessly.

In the corner of the yard, Zhao Puyang was sitting on the swing looking blank.

"It feels really bad to be treated as a wicked person." Lin Dongxue whispered.

"Kids, don’t make so much noise anymore." Yi Qing went over and her words immediately took effect. The children separated and made way for her as Yi Qing said to Peng Sijue, "Please help this child bandage his wounds."

This time, since Yi Qing "chose" this, the child didn’t stop him. Peng Sijue checked the child’s head. Fortunately, it wasn’t a particularly bad wound. It was just the amount of bleeding that was a bit shocking.

Yi Qing looked around at the police and asked, "Can I invite you all outside? I will go with you."

Lin Qiupu nodded slightly and the group went outside the orphanage. They went all the way to the hillside full of wildflowers in front of the orphanage before Yi Qing stopped. She turned around, looked at the orphanage, and said, "Let's stop here!"

"We won’t retreat. Maybe when these children grow up, they’ll think we’re the bad guys, but this isn’t important. It’s our job to safeguard the law and our work has sacrifices." Lin Qiupu informed.

Yi Qing smiled lightly. "You haven’t found any evidence, right? These past few days, the orphanage has been disturbed by you for so long that they don’t even have half a moment of peace. The children can't sleep or eat well. Is this your silent threat towards me? Well, okay. You’ve won… For me, revenge was the only motivation for me to live and the flame of revenge was so dazzling. When it was extinguished, my world was left with darkness..."

The crowd was shocked. What was she talking about? Was she confessing?

Chen Shi noticed what she drew from her pocket and rushed over immediately. Yi Qing quickly put the contents in her mouth and said with a smile, "Please remember that you didn’t win. I left the game first."

She chewed the pills in her mouth and fell to the ground. When Chen Shi rushed up, he found that her whole body was convulsing, her teeth were clenching, and her pupils were slowly spreading. A bitter almond smell quickly filled the air.

Chen Shi retracted his hands which had reached out to try and pry her mouth open. He said, "It's too late."

The police came around and looked at Yi Qing's body in disbelief. Lin Dongxue said, "Committing suicide for her sins?"

"It's not for her sins. It's for the emptiness she felt after revenge and her last bit of conscience... She didn’t want us to disturb the orphanage again!" Chen Shi said weakly. He had hoped to hear Zhou Xiao's information through Yi Qing. Now, this clue was also lost.

If the children were to see Yi Qing's body, it would be too cruel. Thus, Lin Qiupu called people to immediately take her away in a police car.

When they saw a police car suddenly leaving and Yi Qing had gone missing, the children who had a bad premonition swarmed out. Many of them fell down while chasing after the police and were wailing on the ground. "Teacher Yi!"

When the police car left, they vented their anger on the police, rushing over to kick and beat them. That half an hour was both sour and extremely long for everyone.

An autopsy was no longer necessary. In Zhao Puyang’s second interrogation, she rudely asked the lawyer sitting next to her to shut up and then told the police everything.

The whole process was basically consistent with the speculations that the police had made before. The night that Zhao Puyang was molested, she didn't see who it was. After that, Yi Qing cared for her selflessly, so she found it comforting. Yi Qing was like a mother to her.

One day, Yi Qing told her a secret. She found the man who "did bad things" to her, and the man had bullied Yi Qing previously. Zhao Puyang said angrily, "I want to kill him."

Yi Qing smiled and said, "Are you really going to kill him? Killing is very scary and you could go to jail."

Zhao Puyang replied, "I'm not afraid!"

Yi Qing held her little fist and said, "I have a plan to kill him without anyone going to jail."

On May 20th, Yi Qing began to implement this plan. She asked Zhao Puyang to go to a parking lot, talk to an uncle, and lie that she was separated from her parents. That day, Yi Qing also dressed the boyish Zhao Puyang in very cute clothes.

As expected, Zheng Guohao was caught in the trap and said with a smile, "I'll take you to see your parents!" Then, he took Zhao Puyang to the car.

Along the way, Zhao Puyang suppressed her anger knowing that this was the bad man.

After arriving at Zheng Guohao's house, Zheng Guohao asked her about many things. He asked her if she went to sleep with her father at night and said that he often did that with his own daughter. Then, he poured drinks for Zhao Puyang, which made her even more sure that the person in front of her was the bad man.


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