Chapter 345: The Willing Dr. Li

Lin Dongxue looked at the computer for a whole night. The anxiety that the case hadn’t progressed made her more uncomfortable than tired. She suddenly smelled a fragrant scent and looked up to find bottled coffee with hot oden on the table. Chen Shi was across the table, smiling at her with his arms crossed.

“Why did you come over so late?”

“I have something to tell you.”

“Any progress?” Lin Dongxue asked excitedly.

“Of course!”

“Let’s go. My brother and Captain Peng haven't finished work.”

“You don’t want to eat some first?”

“We’ll eat after!”

The members of the task force gathered in a conference room and Chen Shi told them of his discovery, with some reservations, of course. Lin Qiupu frowned. “These are just speculations. If there’s no evidence, it’s useless.”

Chen Shi put a piece of paper on the table. “The record of the operation obtained from the hospital database is different from the one that Dr. Li showed us. He tampered with the patient's name!”

The crowd was shocked. Lin Qiupu took it and looked at it before asking, “How did you get this? Was the method improper?”

“It wasn't a very honest method. I saw the case was stuck and was even more anxious than you. I used a bit of a trick... I have a friend who knows how to hack.”

“I want to remind you that no matter how you see it, you’re still holding a consultant’s certificate.”

“I know, I know!” Chen Shi smiled. “Why is Dr. Li lying? Is he connected with Yi Qing? I suggest going to his house now to find him.”

“It's 10:00.”

“Listen to me for once and go directly to his house right now!” Chen Shi smiled confidently.

Lin Qiupu stared at Chen Shi for a moment in silence. Since Chen Shi said this, it meant that he knew that there would be a new find at Dr. Li ’s house. Lin Qiupu suspected that Chen Shi used improper means for more than just this one piece of paper. It was like having a delicious little candy delivered into a child’s hands. Lin Qiupu wanted to reach out towards it, but hesitated.

“You didn't break the law, right?” He confirmed.

“A little bit, but I swear I didn't break the law.” Chen Shi smiled.

“Don’t let it happen again! Let's go to Dr. Li's house!”

Everyone got in the car and Lin Dongxue ate oden as she asked Chen Shi, “How did you get so many clues at once? Did you trespass into someone’s house, steal information, and bribe witnesses?”

“No, I just found a hacker friend. Everything else is just speculation.”

Lin Dongxue was still suspicious and said, “I’m unhappy!”

“How did I offend you again?”

“You investigated the case quietly without bringing me. You even kept it a secret from me!”

“I guarantee that this will be the only time.”

“Hmph!” Lin Dongxue picked up a fish ball and poked it into Chen Shi's mouth. “I’ll let you off just this once!”

When they arrived at Dr. Li's house, Lin Qiupu called the property manager and used the act of collecting property fees to trick him into opening the door. When the group of people rushed in, Dr. Li was wearing pajamas and was frightened. “What are you doing? Can police trespass onto private property like this? I want to sue you right now!”

“It’s illegal to provide false information. You have to come with us.” Lin Qiupu notified.

“What do you mean by false information? I don't know what you’re talking about! I'm going to work tomorrow... Get lost!” Dr. Li suddenly thought of something and rushed into the bedroom.

Chen Shi instructed, “Stop him!”

The police rushed into the bedroom and saw that Dr. Li was tearing down the photos on the wall. The whole wall was full of Yi Qing's photos. He couldn't tear them down all at once, and his actions completely exposed his suspicious activity.

Lin Qiupu was not polite and pressed him down directly onto the bed, handcuffed him, and then ordered people to take all the photos back with them.

In the living room, Dr. Li sat in a chair in frustration as Lin Qiupu threw the photos down in front of him. “You’ve got some explaining to do!”

“I... I have a crush on Miss Yi. She’s just so beautiful, so I took some photos in secret and put them up at home. It’s just one-sided love.”

Lin Qiupu spread out the photos. “It's June[1] right now. The last time you met her was May 20th. Here are photos from autumn, winter, and spring. How do you explain this?”

“It’s photoshopped... No, she's been here before.”

“What sickness did she have?”

“Stomach issues.”

“Are there any medical records?”

“Yes, it’s at the hospital. I'll show you tomorrow.”

“It doesn't make any sense for you to delay things now. It can neither help her nor yourself. Instead of spending the night in panic, let's just be honest!”

Dr. Li was sweating like rain but he still kept his mouth shut. Chen Shi said, “Check his phone and computer.”

“Don't do it! No! No!” Dr. Li was in a complete state of panic. “I’ll talk, okay? But before that, could you let me make a call?”

“You want to leak intel? Dream on!” Lin Qiupu said, “Bring him back for interrogation!”

Dr. Li was taken to an interrogation room. In this closed environment, he seemed extremely nervous. He raised his hands and asked, “Can you not make me wear this? I haven't even stolen a needle ever since I was a child. What would my family think if they found out?”

“Did we want to put it on you? You brought it on yourself.” Lin Qiupu said as he stepped forward to uncuff him.

Dr. Li drank water with shaking hands and said, “It’s true that she came to see me due to stomach issues. I didn't lie. Last year... In July, we did a CT scan. She was fine. I asked her to pay attention to her diet and rest… But from the moment I saw her, I was instantly attracted to her. I drew up my courage to ask her for her contact information. She actually gave it to me and I was honestly overjoyed. Then, I started chasing after her. She seemed to be a very educated girl. She was particularly reserved. The more she held back, the more I liked her. Anyway, it was just kind of flattering. We’ve had a meal together. That was last October.

“It can be said that I’m obsessed with her. Last December, she took the initiative to invite me to the orphanage institution where she works. I brought flowers and gifts that day!” Dr. Li had a very perverted expression on his face, and continued after a long silence, “... I also brought condoms. After dinner, she chatted with me, hoping that I could help. She said that there was a child there who was very introverted. She said that she had consulted a psychologist and that the expert said that she needed to give the child some strong stimulation in order to let her open her heart. The strong stimulation was... It was... To ask me to sexually assault her!”

Lin Qiupu and the policemen outside were stunned. It was most likely that his lust led him to lose all rationale and any ounce of intelligence. He actually believed that ridiculous lie.

“Did you do as asked?” Lin Qiupu asked.

Dr. Li swallowed hard and nodded slightly. “But there was no rape. I’m not interested in little girls. It’s just... You know!”

“We don't understand.”

“Do you really want me to say it? I just tore her clothes up and touched her a few times. I didn't feel anything at the time, but then I regretted it afterwards. It's not the right thing to do as a human! But, Yi Qing said that ever since that incident, the child’s personality became much better, which made me feel less guilty. I was just wondering if there’s really this kind of treatment?”

“Was that child Zhao Puyang?”

“I don’t know.”

Lin Qiupu showed him a picture and the doctor nodded and said, “Yes, it's her!”

“Go on.”

“I thought that since I’ve done this kind of thing for her that she’d accept me. Yi Qing usually acts hot and cold and is quite unpredictable. We’ve known each other for so long, but except for some meals, she wouldn’t even let me hold her hand. I have a skeptical voice in my heart saying that this woman is just leading me on! However, I really like her a lot and am willing to do whatever she wants me to do, even if I have to go up a mountain of knives or down into a fiery sea[2]...”

1. The author wrote May, but Chapter 339 says it was May 31st and a few days have already passed. 

2. Extremely difficult and/or dangerous situation 


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