Chapter 344: Abnormal Investigation

The abnormal investigation was launched and conducted intensively. One night a few days later, Chen Shi came to the rental house and the three had arrived already. For them, no key was needed at all.

Gu You said, “I bought some good coffee beans. The original one was too hard to drink.”

“Thank you.” Chen Shi picked up the cup and poured a cup of coffee and sat at the end of the table. “The police found a fingerprint. In the victim’s car, some hair was found, but there isn’t any obvious evidence yet to show that Yi Qing went to the scene. They also couldn't get an arrest warrant, so they couldn't compare it with hers... Let's talk about your findings!”

“According to the thickness of the hair, Sister Gu should talk first.” kk suggested. Sun Zhen who was sitting in front of the computer glared at him.

In order to help Sun Zhen's face, Gu You said, “Little Worm, why don’t you start us off?”

Sun Zhen cleared his throat. “The doctor and Yi Qing are dating. The two have been chatting on social media for a long time, but from the standpoint of an outsider, Yi Qing is obviously leading the doctor on and using him.”

“The spare tire’s self-discipline.” kk commented.

Sun Zhen ignored him and put a few pieces of paper on the table. “There were quite a few chat records between the two of them. I printed out a few key conversations.”

Chen Shi praised, “Good job.”

“In addition, the operation record was forged. The doctor's copy does not match the database in the hospital. There was an operation that day, but the patient was not Zhao Puyang. The doctor showed you a copy with the name changed.”

“You’re amazing!” Chen Shi continued praising.

Sun Zhen grinned. “The hospital is disconnected from the Internet at night. I can only use violent methods to get in.”

“You wouldn’t have been caught on tape, right?”

“Who am I? How could I get caught!”

Gu You picked up the chat records and saw a conversation that caught her attention. “Last December, Yi Qing invited the doctor to meet her at the orphanage?”

“Is something wrong?” Chen Shi asked.

“Let me first talk about my own findings. In order to mix in with the orphanage, I organized a psychological assistance program for the orphans. However, Zhao Puyang is not easy to get close to. She is almost inseparable from Yi Qing. I talked with her a little, but I'm not familiar enough to inquire about any secrets. However, such a closed-off child still had a few good friends. Through them, I learned that Zhao Puyang had a tendency to be violent. When she first entered the orphanage, she often beat the other children. Yi Qing approached her deliberately, but she didn't care too much until a certain incident...”

“An incident?”

“A child said that in December last year, they heard Zhao Puyang scolding people fiercely, as well as the sound of objects being thrown. The child slipped out to look around and found a strange man slipping out of the office with his face scratched. Yi Qing entered the office to comfort Zhao Puyang. From then on, Zhao Puyang was like Yi Qing's shadow, staying with her and relying heavily on her.”

“What were the characteristics of the strange man?”


“December?” Chen Shi repeated. “Zhao Puyang was sexually assaulted. Was it done by the doctor? Yi Qing controlled both the doctor and Zhao Puyang through this incident.”

Sun Zhen said, “In the chat records between the doctor and Yi Qing, the doctor said, ‘I did something I’d go to hell for just for you. Are you still not willing to accept me?’ Did it mean this incident?”

“What an evil woman!” Gu You said emotionally. “However, it would be easy to kill someone with her abilities. Why drag Zhao Puyang into this?”

Chen Shi speculated, “When Zheng Guohao dies, the police would investigate every person who has been sexually assaulted by him. Yi Qing was bound to be exposed to the police's attention. In addition, she had previously killed her father and would inevitably be suspected. At this time, she needs a scapegoat. Even better, Zhao Puyang is a minor and Zheng Guohao’s prey are all minors, which makes it easy to get close to Zheng Guohao as well. This is a perfect form of revenge.”

“She was sexually assaulted at an early age as well. Does she not care about Zhao Puyang's life? This woman has a performing and controlling personality. She is good at showing her best image. In fact, her heart is barren and cold. As long as she can avenge herself, she will use anyone around her. In her opinion, revenge trumps everything.” Gu You said sadly.

“No wonder!” kk exclaimed loudly. “No wonder I could take this strange picture.”

“Let me have a look.” Chen Shi said.

You Kangkang threw the photo across the table. The background should be the women's locker room. Yi Qing was wearing a bra and changing her clothes, but this wasn’t the point. The point was that her head was bare like a nun. At first glance, she wasn’t recognizable.

Gu You stared at the photo and said suspiciously, “Was the purpose of taking this photo really for the investigation?”

“Whatever the motivation is, as long I reach the goal, it’s fine... Brother Chen, does this help?”

“Wearing a wig is a clever way to prevent hair from falling out at the scene, but...” Chen Shi looked at kk. “How can I show this photo to the police?”

“Hehe!” kk smiled embarrassedly. “I have others.”

He threw out a few more photos. After looking through them, Chen Shi asked, “Are you scum?”

“It’s to investigate! Do you think I'm interested in the body of a minor?”

The photo was taken in a female bathroom and Zhao Puyang was taking a shower in it. The lingering steam played the role of a mosaic, but one had to wonder where the photographer was hiding and what wretched expression was worn on their faces when these were taken.

kk pointed at Zhao Puyang's abdomen and said, “Didn’t she say she had an appendicitis operation? The stomach isn’t scarred at all.”

Chen Shi noticed some other information. “Taking a shower? You can't take a shower after appendicitis surgery. Ah right, that's within one week, but that time limit has already passed...”

Gu You said, “The children in the orphanage have an ID card, and they need to swipe the card to use the bathroom.”

“Not bad. That's another breakthrough.”

“Then, it’s the blockbuster information!” kk raised his eyebrows and threw the last set of photos on the table. All of them were Yi Qing's personal photos. As if they had been retouched, they were as beautiful as magazine studio shots.

“What is this?!” Chen Shi asked.

“Did you notice that I took photos of photos? You should ask where they came from!” kk said proudly.

Chen Shi thought for a while and guessed, “The doctor's house?”

“Bingo! After I took the pictures at the orphanage, I had nothing to do, so I went to the doctor's house. Fuck, he’s an extreme dog licker[1]. His bedroom wall was full of these. You should hurry and ask the police to search his house!”

“You didn't do anything extra?”

“I ate a piece of cake from his refrigerator and then went to the toilet. That doesn't matter, right?”

“Be more careful next time!” Chen Shi said helplessly.

Of course, none of these photos could be used. Chen Shi wouldn't be able to answer Lin Qiupu's questioning. He only took a printed file with evidence of the fraudulent operation records and then said, “Let's disband and head back. I’ll go to the police now.”

“So late?” kk asked.

“It's best to just get it done. I'll go first. Remember to close the door behind you. I'll contact you when I'm done.”

kk looked at Chen Shi's back, shook his head, and smiled, “How cool. If I were a woman, I would fall in love with him.”

Sun Zhen scowled, then blushed and said to Gu You, “Miss Gu, I wrote an interesting little program. Come and take a look.”

Sun Zhen tapped the run key and the function program calculated a figure. A red heart made of lines appeared on the screen. He stammered, “How is it?”

Gu You smiled politely. “Little Worm, you’re so talented.”

With just this sentence, Sun Zhen was so happy that he stayed up all night.

1. Shameless person. An expression used to describe people who were shameless towards someone who has no interest in them. Another use for this expression is to describe a bootlicker. 


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