Chapter 343: Reunion

Tao Yueyue desperately gave Gu You a ‘shh’ gesture, before pointing to Chen Shi who was sitting there connecting to the Internet. Gu You smiled, lowered the cardboard box, and said to Chen Shi, "There’s no wiretap in this house."

"Thank you."

At this moment, there was a slight noise from the outside. The two of them held their breaths as they listened. Ten seconds later, kk pushed through the door and laughed as he teased, "Hahaha, I’ve caught you adulterers! What are you two doing in here together? Fuck, this house isn’t bad. Did you buy it or rent it? Is this the temporary command center? Can I smoke here?"

kk took out a packet of Furongwang and handed it to Chen Shi and Gu You after taking one out for himself. Chen Shi reached out his hand, but remembered that he had quit, so he retracted his hand.

Then, Sun Zhen also came in, carrying a briefcase in his hands. kk teased, "Coming to work?"

Chen Shi said, "Little Worm, can you come and see if you can use this computer?"

Sun Zhen checked it and said, "It's too old. I brought one myself. You can take this one away."

"Don't take it away! Don't!" kk ran over with a cigarette. "Download LoL[1] on the two computers and we can play a few games."

Chen Shi held his collar. "You are not here to play. Just work properly."

Chen Shi seemed to hear Tao Yueyue's laughter. He let go of kk and his eyes fell on the large cardboard box. He went over and opened it to see Tao Yueyue squatting underneath the box and poking out her tongue in shame.

"Fuck, who is this little beauty? Your daughter? Bastard, you even have children now?" kk teased.

"Go home!" Chen Shi ordered.

"I want to stay here!" Tao Yueyue argued, acting spoiled.

Gu You said, "It doesn’t affect us having Yueyue here."

kk said, "Are you afraid we will lead your daughter down the wrong path? You’re a bad guy too. You always try to seduce others~" kk batted his eyelashes at him, causing Chen Shi to get pissed off.

Chen Shi gritted his teeth and finally said helplessly, "You’re only allowed to stay here for one night."

"Okay!" Tao Yueyue jumped up happily.

After everyone was formally introduced to each other, Chen Shi sat at the table and talked about the case. He explained, "This case was done very cleanly. The police's conventional methods are almost powerless against it. After all, justice is about evidence and procedures. It's time for something unconventional. I suspect Yi Qing is from Zhou Xiao’s side. If she’s arrested, it will help us find Zhou Xiao.”

"About this... This... This..." kk deliberately imitated Sun Zhen. "I have something to say about Zhou Xiao. I read the wanted order. The good boy killed a lot of people and harmed a policeman. Those are definitely not done by a single person. They’re using one name as a group of people! Isn’t this discovery fucking amazing?! Isn't it interesting?”

No one cared for kk's jokes and only Tao Yueyue giggled.

Chen Shi said, "I told this to the police long ago."

"Really?" kk was a little disappointed. "You didn't mention us, right?"

"No. Aren’t I the same? The police will only think we’re criminals too, in fact..."

"Criminals are also classified into good and bad. Just like how Chen Haonan and Shan Ji are the good people in the underground society and Liang Kun is the bad guy." kk said as though he was mentioning something important and serious. Tao Yueyue laughed again, and he raised an eyebrow at his only listener.

"Stop interjecting all the time!" Chen Shi ordered.

"Okay, okay, you were born handsome, so you can talk. You talk.” kk pretended to be obedient.

"Some people don’t have any self-understanding and treat the disruption of order as part of their personality. Such people are destined to be losers all their lives!" Sun Zhen said with contempt.

"But I have something you don't have..." kk said slowly, as he touched his thick head of hair.

Sun Zhen slammed on the table. "Is it fun laughing at other people’s flaws? Mentally, I’m a hundred times better than you!”

"Yes, you have noble thoughts. So much that your eyes stop blinking when you look at Sister Gu."


"You... You... What about me?"

Chen Shi couldn’t bear it any longer. He poured a glass of water over kk's head, kk was stupefied. Chen Shi said, "I hope you can control your personality. We’re not here to play! If you can't understand, just treat me as the big brother here, or, if you’re not okay with that, I'll beat you up now!"

Rough threats are more useful for people like kk. He converged with a grinning expression and said like an elementary school student in trouble, "Brother Chen, I’ll pay attention from now on."

Chen Shi was so angry that he forgot what he had just finished saying. He paused and said, "There are several flaws in the case right now. First, the doctor obviously lied. The operation record was forged, but why did he lie? Does he have a deal with Yi Qing? Little Worm, you can handle this!"

Sun Zhen nodded. "As long as they have contacted each other on any social software, I can find it out."

Chen Shi went on to say, "Second is the little girl. She showed great reliance on Yi Qing. I suspect she was the murderer A. After all, their alibis were together, but she lived in an orphanage with almost no information that could be found. Gu You, you should use your psychological methods to go on the offense with her!"

Gu You said, "It's a bit difficult, but I’ll try."

Chen Shi turned to kk. Because of the glass of water just now, kk looked a little scared. "kk, you’re responsible for tracking Yi Qing and obtaining evidence."

kk clapped. "What a relaxing job! Brother, what will you do?"

"I still have to go with the police! After all, our means are underground. Even if we get evidence, we can't show it to the police. I need to use legal means to turn them into real evidence..." Chen Shi looked around at everyone around him. His attitude warmed up. "Another thing. Since we’re old friends reuniting, I’ll invite you all to dinner tonight.”

kk smacked on his thigh. "Why didn’t you say so sooner? I fucking ate before I got here."

Sun Zhen said, "I'm okay. I just woke up."

"Where are we going to eat?" kk asked.

"Right here!"

Chen Shi prepared some meals. Although he made them by himself, it was not worse than restaurant food. He heated them up in the microwave.

Sun Zhen got to work on his computer while kk was chatting with Tao Yueyue and asked her how she was doing at school. When he learned that she was in the top ten at school, kk suddenly changed the topic. "Do you want to learn a few skills with your uncle here?"

"Okay!" Tao Yueyue said happily.

"Don't teach her strange things!" Chen Shi roared from the kitchen.

"Look at you. You’re not encouraging her even though she wants to learn things..." Then, he whispered to Tao Yueyue, "Go to the basin and get a bar of soap. I will teach you some basic skills in stealing."

Sun Zhen said disdainfully, "You can only teach her that kind of stuff."

"Believe it or not, I can steal your underwear right now."

"Try it then!"

kk quickly pulled Sun Zhen's pants. Sun Zhen didn't feel anything at first, but then he jumped up and shouted. He shook out a cigarette butt from his trouser legs and was so furious that the crown of his head was steaming.

"Come on, come on!" kk ran around the table, hooking his fingers to provoke him.

Gu You suddenly squeezed kk's neck and stared into his eyes. "You can only hear my voice now. You feel very sleepy..."

After a few short and powerful guiding sentences, kk fell to the ground softly and entered a hypnotic state. Chen Shi came out of the kitchen and said in shock, "When did you learn this trick?"

"Recently!" Gu You smiled. "This guy is finally normal now."

Tao Yueyue looked at this group of people with extraordinary ability and laughed happily.

1. Referring to League of Legends which is a game. 


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