Chapter 339: Black Honey

Chen Shi had major suspicions towards Yi Qing. As a result, the task force stopped investigating the other angles and began a full-scale investigation on her.

The first thing they investigated was the hospital. Except for Dr. Li, they questioned all the other medical staff who participated in the operation that day. They either said that they saw Zhao Puyang that day, or they couldn’t remember it because the patient’s body was almost always covered at the time of the operation. Furthermore, there were so many operations in a day, so it was hard to remember.

Then, there was Zhao Puyang. She had been living in the orphanage and the only information they could find were the pages of paper given to them by Yi Qing.

The police also investigated Yi Qing's online shopping records and travel records and went to the orphanage several times to see her, but the woman didn’t leak a single drop of water[1] and there were no flaws in her words. It made all the police return with broken wings[2].

On Chen Shi's suggestion, the police also checked the welfare institution and found that it was sponsored by a listed company. Since the company's new president took office, it has continued to sponsor the home for ten years.

But the young president didn’t have any private encounters with Yi Qing or the welfare institution.

The investigation gradually became stagnant. Some members of the task force felt that Yi Qing might not be suspicious and began to turn towards other directions. After all, there were still many people to be investigated. Only Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue remained insistent on investigating this angle.

On May 31st, Gu You gave Tao Yueyue the second envelope, smiled, and said, “This is your second mission!”

Tao Yueyue said, “Sister Gu, but my hacking skills aren’t that good yet.”

“You can take your time with those. The task tonight is very interesting. It should be easy... It’s still the same - don't be found out.”

“Will you come?”

“I'm not coming tonight. Be careful by yourself.”

Tao Yueyue was very happy thinking about single-handedly doing such exciting tasks. At this moment, Chen Shi called her and asked her to return quickly with a serious tone.

Tao Yueyue put the envelope in her school bag and returned to the house. There was the sound of cooking in the kitchen. Chen Shi wore an apron and came out saying, “Did you go to sister Gu’s house again to do homework? Hurry, I've run out of dark soy sauce. I need the xx brand.”

Tao Yueyue stuck her tongue out. “And I was thinking what was wrong!”

“Go and hurry back.”

Tao Yueyue went out and Chen Shi opened her school bag on the chair, took the envelope out of it, and sneered, “Little bastard!”

Chen Shi hid the envelope, put another identical envelope into the schoolbag, and fastened the straps.

Then, he walked to the kitchen and poured the rest of the bottle of dark soy sauce into the sink...

When the food was ready, the two ate calmly. Tao Yueyue asked, “Would you like to drink some alcohol?”

“Why are you trying to win my favor today? What’s your motive?”

“No, I just think Uncle Chen seems a bit depressed recently.”

“The case is not going smoothly, but that’s normal. Many cases take a long time to be solved. You must not commit a crime. You are so smart that the police wouldn’t be able to solve the crime.”

Tao Yueyue said with a smile, “If I commit a crime, I definitely wouldn’t be found out.”

“Oh, really?” Chen Shi raised his volume. “You can do it! But don't lose to my hands.”

After eating, Tao Yueyue returned to the room to study and Chen Shi went online in the living room. At 11:00PM, Chen Shi went to sleep. Tao Yueyue left the bedroom quietly, confirmed that she had the tools to commit the crime, and left the house.

When she got outside, she was as happy as a bird out of a cage. After tasting that kind of fun, she finally found what she wanted.

She went to the target’s community, looked around, and found a place to climb over, avoiding the surveillance cameras perfectly.

She came to the target apartment like a cat and unlocked the lock in only twenty seconds. The room was dark. The goal tonight was to paint a beard on the statue in the bedroom cabinet. The thought of the owner waking up tomorrow and seeing their beloved statue with a beard made her want to laugh.

There seemed to be a person sleeping on the bed in the bedroom. Tao Yueyue walked in carefully, looked around, and found that there were no cabinets or statues.

At this moment, the light in the living room suddenly turned on. Tao Yueyue realized that things weren’t good for her. She rushed into the living room and found that a man in a black hood had locked the door. The man in black said with a low voice, “Without a means of withdrawing, you dared to run into someone’s house? How brave you are!”

Tao Yueyue was so scared that her hands and feet went cold. This is a trap. This is a trap. Was it Gu You?

The man in black took out a knife and said coldly, “Don't move! When you came in, you were not monitored or photographed. Even if I kill you, no one will know.”

Tao Yueyue kept backing up into the wall. She bit her lip and almost wanted to cry.

Footsteps came from the outside. Tao Yueyue thought that it was probably the accomplice of the bad guy. The man in black opened the door and a startled Gu You appeared. Gu You reached into her pocket and asked nervously, “Who are you? Why did you steal and change the mission letter?”

“Steal and change?” Tao Yueyue was confused.

“The task I gave you was not here at all. I found that you entered the wrong community and immediately chased after you...” Gu You turned to the man in black. “Tell me what you’re after. Don't hurt her!”

“Idiot.” The man in black laughed. His voice seemed a little familiar. When he pulled down his mask Chen Shi's face was revealed. “Do you think you’re very bright? You didn’t even know that you were being ambushed.”

“Uncle Chen!” Tao Yueyue was so agitated that her beating heart finally calmed down.

“Miss Gu, come in here first. Rest assured, this is not illegally entering a private house. I rented the house in advance.”

Gu You looked at Chen Shi with disbelief, “How did you...”

“How did I do that?” Chen Shi finished her question. “I found that Yueyue has been very close to you recently. I was a bit suspicious that you were bringing her to do bad things, so I installed a wiretap in your house. I knew about your game last time and your game tonight.”

“How did you get into my house?”

“Do you think that only you know how to lockpick?”

“Suddenly installing a wiretap?! You’re despicable!” Gu You had deceitful anger welling up inside her.

“It’s just that you’re stupid! You think you’re a criminal mastermind, but you didn't even notice this... Okay, don't look at me with that expression. In order to show my sincerity, I will tell you who I am... My net name eight years ago was 'Steel Snail'.”

Gu You’s mouth hung wide open and Tao Yueyue asked, “What do you mean? Is Uncle Chen famous?”

“Remember what I told you? There was once a group of young people who learned the skills to commit a crime and played this crime simulation game. Rather than calling it a mysterious organization, it was more like an interest group. This interest group’s name was 'Black Honey'“

“So, Uncle Chen is also...”

Chen Shi smiled and nodded. “I was a member of 'Black Honey' while I was at school. I was a born criminal like you. A saboteur. I don’t know how many meaningless games I’ve played like this. I learned how to commit a crime trying to figure out the mentality of criminals. The purpose was to overcome crime!”

Chen Shi went over and patted Tao Yueyue's head. “I think it's almost time to tell you the truth to prevent you from going down the wrong path.”

1. Popular expression that means that they couldn’t find any flaws and nothing, not even a drop, was leaked from her words. 

2. An expression meaning they suffered great failure and returning with shame. 


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