Chapter 338: Beautiful Childcare Worker

Lin Dongxue showed her badge. "We are looking for Teacher Yi Qing."

When the other party saw the document, they acted calmly. "I don’t count as a teacher. I'm just a childcare worker. What would you be needing me for?"

"It's a bit offensive to talk about this actually. Would you mind changing places to talk about this?"

"Okay, please follow me."

The three got to the lounge and Chen Shi looked around. He found that the woman had a good taste in life. She put bright and clean bone China tea sets on the shelves. The flowers and pot plants on the windowsill seemed to be looked after every day. On top of the table that was close to the wall, a lot of classic and philosophy books were placed on top of it.

Lin Dongxue expressed, "The environment is really elegant. This welfare institution gives me a feeling that’s different from the others."

"We are privately run and our facilities are better than the public ones."

"Is there a profit channel?"

"Officer, you must be joking. How could an orphanage have a profit channel? Of course, if we have to, we will sell some handmade works made by the children to subsidize daily expenses... Would you like some tea?"

"Just water would be fine."

Yi Qing poured tea for the two of them and Chen Shi admired her posture, thinking that she was an elegant woman. At the same time, he felt like danger was hidden under this woman’s elegance.

Yi Qing sat down and crossed her hands on her skirt. "What would you like to talk to me about?"

Lin Dongxue explained her intentions. Chen Shi had been observing Yi Qing and when her sexual assault was mentioned, she was too calm.

Yi Qing responded, "You’ve investigated very deeply. My father pushed me into the fire pit ten years ago. That night has been unforgettable for me, which has led me to have a strong sense of insecurity and distrust towards adults... I often think that an old man can easily ruin another person's life if he just sought pleasure for one night. The other person would feel like they were living in hell. The world is really unfair, but I have always endured it in silence and have never thought of using violence to solve it. Even if he’s dead, my psychological trauma won’t disappear."

"Do you have a car?"


"Do you know how to drive?"

Yi Qing shook her head. "No."

"Where were you from noon to 6:00PM on May 20th? This is just some standard questioning."

"I took a child to the hospital. The doctor can testify to this."

"Do you have the contact information for him?"

Yi Qing gave Lin Dongxue a contact method and Chen Shi interjected, "We want to meet that child."

"She’s quite scared of strangers. I'm afraid she won't cooperate."

"It doesn't matter."

"Come with me."

Yi Qing took them to the courtyard and pointed to a girl who was playing alone in the corner. The girl was about twelve years old. The content of what she was playing was quite "novel". She was sharpening branches with a knife and inserting them into small soil mounds, as if building small graves.

"Her name is Zhao Puyang. Her parents died in a car accident, so her personality is quite introverted."

"What sickness did she have?”

"Appendicitis. It has already been operated on, so she’s fine now."

Chen Shi used his eyes to motion Lin Dongxue to head over. The two went over to Zhao Puyang and Lin Dongxue squatted down and smiled. "Zhao Puyang, would you mind talking to this police sister here?"

Zhao Puyang gave her a very hostile look, stood up, and left. She went up to Yi Qing and hugged her.

Yi Qing stroked Zhao Puyang's head and said, "I'm so sorry. She only talks to me. If you want to ask anything, I can convey it to her."

"It seems she’s very dependent on you." Lin Dongxue smiled bitterly. She didn't know what to ask.

Chen Shi said, "I want a copy of her information."

"Is that necessary? Do you suspect her?"

"It's just part of the investigation process."

"Okay then..." Yi Qing whispered a few words to Zhao Puyang, and then took Lin Dongxue to take Zhao Puyang's information and give her a copy.

When Lin Dongxue came out, she saw Chen Shi grabbing Zhao Puyang's sleeve while Zhao Puyang kicked him angrily. She broke his hand away and ran to Yi Qing. Yi Qing said slightly angrily, "What are you doing?"

"I just asked a few questions. How would I know that this child is so rebellious?" Chen Shi said innocently.

"The police should have the qualities of a police officer. I hope you can be more civilized."

"I'm very civilized."

"Okay, let's go!" Lin Dongxue yanked Chen Shi's clothes.

Chen Shi glanced at the shoe prints on his pants and thought that he finally got them. When he went back, he could compare them with the footprints at the crime scene.

He had intentionally made Zhao Puyang angry. He just needed to get her to kick him. Children are indeed very easy to trick.

At this moment, Yi Qing suddenly caught up and helped Chen Shi wipe the footprints away from his pants. She straightened up and said, "Puyang isn’t sensible, so I’ll apologize on her behalf."

This move surprised Chen Shi for a full five seconds. He said to Lin Dongxue sternly, "You go out first."


"I'll be right there."

Seeing Chen Shi's tone being so serious, Lin Dongxue could only take her leave first.

As soon as Lin Dongxue left, Chen Shi immediately smiled slightly, "Let’s exchange WeChat information!"

Yi Qing sneered, "She's your girlfriend. Is that appropriate of you?"

"I think we have something in common. Ms. Yi is very fond of reading. I noticed that there were works from Xin Bai. I was wondering if you had his other work?"

"Which one?"

"Black Honey!" Chen Shi retracted his smile and stared straight at her.

These sudden words caught her off guard and Yi Qing's pupils contracted, before smiling, "I haven't heard of it. I'll go and search for it."

"You’re not going to leave down your WeChat details?" Chen Shi resumed his carefree expression.

"Forget it. I won’t see you off."

After Chen Shi came out, Lin Dongxue asked, "What questions do you have that you can't ask in front of me?"

"It's quite private. Like, does she have a boyfriend?"

"I can’t believe you!" Of course, Lin Dongxue knew that he was joking, but she lifted her fist up symbolically.

Chen Shi immediately switched the topic. "Did you notice her actions earlier? She was blaming me one minute and then wiping off my pants in the next.”


"She doesn't want me to take this shoe print away. What an intelligent woman!"

"Are you suspecting her?"

"What do you think about this woman?"

"She’s intellectual, beautiful, charismatic, and her figure is so nice!"

"Very comprehensive and perceptive observations!" Chen Shi forced a smile.

"But... If we’re talking about doubt, she does give off a feeling of hiding a secret. Are we going to see the doctor?"


The two arrived in time before they finished work at the hospital. They met Dr. Li, who performed an appendix surgery on Zhao Puyang on May 20th. He was very sure of the incident and showed them the operation records.

Chen Shi asked, "The surgery lasted all afternoon?"

"It didn't take that long, but there were a few surgeries ahead of theirs. They waited in the ward all afternoon."

"Why did you say that they were here all afternoon?" Chen Shi asked keenly.

"Uh..." After a moment of panic, the doctor said, "Just stating the facts."

"They didn’t leave your sight the whole time?"

"I don't know what you're investigating, but obviously that wasn’t the case. The child was in so much pain, so Ms. Yi would ask me frequently when the surgery would be conducted.”

"What was she wearing that day?"

"How would I know? I see a lot of patients every day... It's getting late. I should get off work. Is there anything else you want to ask?"

"Thank you!"

After leaving the hospital, Chen Shi laughed at the evening sky. Lin Dongxue asked what he was laughing about. Chen Shi said, "The doctor is lying. The alibi is fake!”


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